Unlock every level and defeat the final boss.


    There are 12 levels in Ghostbuster: SoS, this is during the last level, which is a boss fight only. Beat the final boss and the achievement is yours. You can shoot him in 3 different places, the arm, the chest and the head, and you need to use the 3 different guns for each body part, switch it up from time to time and it will go easier, be aware of his lasers and watch out for the mortars.

    If you're having trouble beating any of these level by yourself just post in The Achievement Trading thread too find someone to play with since the AI in this game is not to be trusted on most of the time.

    If you want a Video on how to beat him:

  • Can someone help me out with this achievement? Send a message to HALFDEAD HITMAN on XBOX 360
  • This game is so freakin' hard. I can't get out of the cemetary in level 10.
  • I agree; this game can be pretty unforgiving. Sometimes I forget I even have a life bar. Most enemies drop you in 2-3 hits, and that's just too unforgiving for the number of enemies and level of onscreen chaos this game puts the player through.
  • Anyone want to team up and kick the crap out of this game?
  • How many levels?
  • @#4 I would love to kick the crap out of this game. Also looking for some friends to play this game with.

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