COLORBLIND Achievement




    Kill a Slime Abomination with the wrong weapon.


    Slime Abomination is these big ghost that rushes you and vomits at you and leaves a big trail of slime behind them. You'll first encounter one on the 3rd level. Be careful when facing them, because they only need one hit to down you. Too get this you need to kill a Slime Abomination with the wrong weapon, for example if the Slime Abomination is yellow you have to kill it with the Blue or Red laser. You can attack it with the right weapon at first, as they do more damage to him, and then finish him of with the wrong weapon when he is low on health.

  • The Only way to get this achievement is if You Specifically Kill the Slime Abomination, if you don't get points don't flash above its corpse then you didn't get the kill! Ive killed over 10 so far and haven't gotten the a achievement so Make sure if your playing with CPU that you get the kill if your playing with friends get the health down low and make them let you kill it! Now That Being said Check out Demon Hunters "The Wind" Its awesome especially if your looking for good music to game to!
  • I've gotten COLORBLIND on the graveyard level.The first red monster/ghost that runs threw Through the gate,just his energy down to about 3 switch to your blue or yellow blaster...Achievement Unlocked
  • Sorry guys this phone sucks...basically get his energy down to 3% switch to blue/yellow blaster.Achievement Unlocked
  • I got it on the second car chase level. All the CPUs went down, and I certainly couldn't sit still to revive them (two blue Abominations coming after me). So I took advantage of the situation. I would love to give a hardy FU to the developers of this game, and the person behind these achievements.
  • Good tip

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