- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 38 [960]
- Online: 2 [40]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 35 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 playthroughs
- Missable achievements: No [Level Select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: No

Combining drama and shooting together, Ginga Force is an original STG by Qute Corporation. The two main characters Alex and Margaret are pilots for the Mitsurugi Security System [abbreviated to MSS]. Their task is to keep Seventier at peace, but what awaits them is more than they expected...

Official Homepage (Japanese)

Note Point 1:
The names of some characters have no English translation, so until then, the following interpretations are based on my own readings.

Note Point 2:
All achievement titles have an English translation (once again, not official), and all descriptions have been translated to English.

Note Point 3:
Mission Achievements do not unlock until the end of a stage, so even if you fulfill the criteria for each mission task, you'll need to defeat the boss to unlock it.

[XBA would like to thank hoshinosenshi for this Roadmap]

Ginga Force Achievement Guide

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There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • ストーリーモードでチャプター1をクリア

    Translation - Jack Secured

    Clear Story Mode Chapter 1

    You'll unlock this by natural progression through the game. It can be done on any difficulty, so if you get overwhelmed, switch to Easy, collecting extra lives to help out.

  • ストーリーモードでチャプター2をクリア

    Translation - Teeny Secured

    Clear Story Mode Chapter 2

    See "Jack Secured" for more info.

  • ストーリーモードでチャプター3をクリア

    Translation - Gahna Secured

    Clear Story Mode Chapter 3

    See "Jack Secured" for more info.

  • ストーリーモードでチャプター4をクリア

    Translation - Selam Secured

    Clear Story Mode Chapter 4

    See "Jack Secured" for more info.

  • ストーリーモードでチャプター5をクリア

    Translation - Genzou Secured

    Clear Story Mode Chapter 5

    See "Jack Secured" for more info.

  • ストーリーモードでチャプター6をクリア

    Translation - Fuan Secured

    Clear Story Mode Chapter 6

    See "Jack Secured" for more info.

  • ストーリーモードでチャプター7をクリア

    Translation - Old Truth

    Clear Story Mode Chapter 7

    See "Jack Secured" for more info.

  • ストーリーモードでチャプター8をクリア

    Translation - United Front

    Clear Story Chapter 8

    See "Jack Secured" for more info.

  • ストーリーモードでチャプター9をクリア

    Translation - Suppression Of A Last Hurrah

    Clear Story Mode Chapter 9

    See "Jack Secured" for more info.

  • ストーリーモード イージーをクリア

    Translation - Easy Clear

    Story Mode Clear on Easy

    Finish all 10 chapters. Basic rules to clearing the later levels is to use a good combo that can take down enemy health at a faster rate in exchange for high score runs. Counter Shield II is a must as it can save you if you're using it and get hit by a bullet or projectile. If you still have trouble, collect lives on the stage (appear randomly) and fail soon after to keep it in your total.

    For Hard mode, after 30 hours of total play, you'll unlock an Extra Item called God/Mode which will allow you to pass through harder stages with permanent invincibility. You can use this all the way up to Chapter 10, and then farm the final boss for as many lives as you need to beat him.

    By this time, you should have enough to buy Demolish Ion Gun (120000CR) and Option Bit IV Quadral 2 (80000CR) which are the most powerful direct shot weapons. Ultimate Charge Bomb (80000CR) should be your Special Weapon as it can stop bullets that come into contact with it, and has an auto barrier.

  • ストーリーモード ノーマルをクリア

    Translation - Normal Clear

    Clear Story Mode on Normal

    See "Easy Clear" for more info.

  • 特定の装備(ヘヴィレーザーガン、ホーミングミサイル、カウンターシールド)をセレクトした

    Translation - Custom Coordinate

    Selected specific equipment (Heavy Laser Gun, Homing Missile, Counter Shield)

  • ショップの全てのアイテムを購入(追加コンテンツは含まない)

    Translation - Sold Out

    Purchase all items from the Shop (Additional content not included)

    Even after finishing Hard, you will still not be able to buy everything. You'll need to grind CR by replaying chapters. You can get a lot playing through Hard with God/Mode equipped. Having one of the auto CR pickup items will help.

  • ボスのパーツ破壊数を最高ランクでクリア(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Chapter 1 Mission Accomplished

    Clear with a High Rank for Boss parts destruction rate (Story Mode only)

    There are three parts you need to destroy during the boss fight, you shouldn't have any problems getting this with starting weapons.

  • サーチライトでボスを完全に暴いてクリア(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Chapter 2 Mission Accomplished

    Clear with the searchlight exposed on the boss completely (Story Mode only)

    You'll need to shoot the searchlights that appear from the right, left and center until the boss ship is no longer transparent. This will need to be done in two sections through the stage.

  • ミサイルを2発とも撃墜してクリア(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Chapter 3 Mission Accomplished

    Clear while shooting down both missiles (Story Mode only)

    The boss ship will fire two missiles. You'll have 60 seconds to take them both down before they hit the tower.

  • ボスのパーツ破壊数を最高ランクでクリア(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Chapter 4 Mission Accomplished

    Clear with a High Rank for Boss parts destruction rate (Story Mode only)

    There are eight parts you need to destroy throughout the stage while fighting the large ship. The ship itself doesn't count towards the total.

  • セプトニウム回収を最高ランクでクリア(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Chapter 5 Mission Accomplished

    Clear with a High Rank for Septonium collection (Story Mode only)

    Septonium are the blue crystals that are carried by the rail cars. One of the carts has a yellow shell, this is what holds the carts together. When you destroy this part, the Septonium from the other carts are drawn to your ship. You'll need at least 150 pieces by the end of the stage to earn High Rank.

  • シャトルの護衛を成功させてクリア(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Chapter 6 Mission Accomplished

    Clear while successful on escort of the shuttle (Story Mode only)

    Once you reach the boss at the top of the shuttle, shoot him off before the time expires.

  • 2基のエレベータを破壊してクリア(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Chapter 7 Mission Accomplished

    Clear while destroying the two elevators (Story Mode only)

    The elevator is a cylinder crafted of blocks, which is protected by gun turrets. You'll need to shoot them all down before the time expires for both of them.

  • 後半の敵の撃墜数を最高ランクでクリア(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Chapter 8 Mission Accomplished

    Clear with a High Rank for shot down rate on enemies in the second half (Story Mode only)

    After the cutscene where you enter the tunnel, you'll have to defeat the legged machines here. By this point, you should have much stronger weapons to take them down before they go off screen. The minimal amount you need to destroy for High Rank is 30.

  • ボスのパーツ破壊数を最高ランクでクリア(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Chapter 9 Mission Accomplished

    Clear with a High Rank for Boss parts destruction rate (Story Mode only)

    Before attempting this, you'll need a weapon capable of shooting to the side, as there are two laser guns each on the left and right side of the ship which can be hard to hit directly. The minimum amount of parts you need to destroy for High Rank is 30.

  • ストーリーモードで全てのチャプターをプレイした

    Translation - Story Mode Entire Chapter Play

    Played all chapters within Story Mode

    This includes the X and Y Training stages. You do not have to finish these or Chapter 10 to the end, just start them and get to the result screen.

  • スコアアタックで全てのチャプターをプレイした

    Translation - Score Attack Entire Chapter Play

    Played all chapters within Score Attack

    You don't need to clear every chapter to the end, so if you want to get this quickly, crash into enemies for each chapter to reach the result screen. Chapter X and Y are included.

  • オンラインランキングにスコアをアップロードした!

    Traslation - Online Ranking Entry

    Uploaded a score to the online rankings!

    Finish any stage in Score Attack, after the final score, you'll be asked if you want to upload your score.

  • 累計100万クレジット到達(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Huge Earning

    Accumulative total 1,000,000 Credits reached (Story Mode only)

    Self explanatory. You'll earn this while playing, for a more estimated time, most likely while playing through Normal difficulty after finishing Easy.

  • 鑑賞




    Translation - Appreciation

    Playback a rival's replay

    Under Score Attack, choose the Leaderboards option, and then browse an individual chapter in the option. Any score with a paperclip by the player's name contains a replay. Press Y and then choose OK on the prompt to download the replay.

    Next, go to Gallery Mode at the main menu, then select Replay Theater. Load the data with A button.


Secret achievements

  • ストーリーモードでチャプター10をクリア

    Translation - Sevetier's Daybreak

    Clear Story Mode Chapter 10

    See "Jack Secured" for more info.

  • ストーリーモードでチャプターXをクリア

    Translation - Judgement Force Tiger

    Clear Story Mode Chapter X

    This mission has you running through an assortment of enemies, testing your skills with three different ships to choose from. If you're comfortable with the game, and feel like you can plan accordingly, you'll be glad to know on Easy difficulty, this isn't too bad. You'll have to run through 32 levels to reach the end. You earn an Extend every five levels.

  • ストーリーモードでチャプターYをクリア

    Translation - Judgement Force Dragon

    Clear Story Mode Chapter Y

    This is a bit harder as the enemies are no longer stationary. It's a bit like Asteroids, except with bullets and homing enemies to liven things up. Enemies can appear on the opposite side of where there were, so be cautious about your surroundings, and use everything you can to survive. There are 32 levels, with a 'boss' appearing at 16 and 32. Ship B is my recommended choice, as the bomb ability combined with the 'rescue shield' will save you in many delicate situations.

  • ストーリーモード ハードをクリア

    Translation - Hard Clear

    Story Mode Clear on Hard

    See "Easy Clear" for more info.

  • チャプター9のルートを真ん中→左→右の順で攻略(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Sequence of Destruction

    Took the strategic turn of center→left→right for Chapter 9's path (Story Mode only)

    You'll have to destroy the engines in the specific order as mentioned in the description.

  • いずれかのチャプターの初期残機数を最大(30機)まで増やした!(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Maximum Defence

    Increased upto max (30 stock) for your initial lives on any chapter! (Story Mode only)

    This may be better to go for while playing Hard, as you may need as many lives as you can get. Extend items drop from enemies randomly, and will save to your overall stock when you reach the result screen.

  • チャプター1の最初の戦闘シーンで強制的に振り切られた!(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Anchi Detected!?

    Chapter 1's starting battle scene was broken with force! (Story Mode only)

  • チャプター2でジャミングユニット未使用でサーチライトに発見されずにクリア!(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - Security Breach

    Clear while undetected by searchlight with no Jamming Unit usage during Chapter 2! (Story Mode only)

    After the first part where you need to shoot the searchlights to reveal the boss, you'll come across a section with moving lights. Avoid coming into contact with them for about a minute. If you get trapped in a corner, you can run into enemies to respawn with the added bonus of not being able to set the alarm off for a few seconds.

    You can use the Slow ability to make this section easier to move through.

  • ゲームオーバー間際にエクステンドアイテムを取得して復活した!

    Translation - Revived by acquiring an Extend Item just before a Game Over!

    You can do this anywhere, so you'll likely get it by playing eventually. If you do want it quickly, load up Chapter 1 on Easy with no lives set and then destroy your ship as soon as you see an Extend pickup.

  • 累計スコアが5億点を超えた!(ストーリーモードのみ)

    Translation - And So We Went To Veteran

    Accumulative score has exceeded 500 million! (Story Mode only)

    This will probably be one of the last achievements you'll need, as you will not have enough points after finishing Hard difficulty, but should have at least 300 million by then. You'll have to keep playing through stages to increase the remaining amount of points needed for the total score. You can play Chapter 10 on Easy, and get anything between two and three million points in under a minute.

  • いずれかの難易度の全チャプタークリア合計が1時間を切った!(ストーリーモードのみ。スペシャルチャプターも含む)

    Translation - Time Attacker

    The total time for every chapter cleared on any difficulty had come under an hour! (Story Mode only. Special Chapter included)

    This will end up being difficult, almost impossible from the start, as you'll need to unlock stronger weapons by playing through the higher difficulties. Ultimate Charge Bomb is the best special weapon to have as it can do quite a lot of damage when fully charged, which will cut time during boss fights. The main and sub weapons are mostly a matter of choice.

    Your total time can be found under the Report option in Story Mode.

  • スピード切替時のバックファイアで敵を破壊した!

    Translation - Back Attack Reversal

    Destroy an enemy with backfire from switchover time!

    This isn't possible with the Uni Engine, as it has a fixed speed.

  • スコアアタックのプレイ回数が100回を超えた!

    Translation - 100 Times Played

    Play count for Score Attack has exceeded to 100 times!

    As mentioned above, you can lose all your ships at the start and this will count as one play. This should take around a minute each time, meaning this will take under two hours if you want to boost it that way.

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