Went Better Than Expected Achievement

  • Went Better Than Expected



    Break a Mystery Power Tile and gain a Large Bonus Power Tile


    This achievement requires that you break a Mystery Power Tile and earn a Large Bonus Power Tile. Mystery Tiles are those that have a question mark on them. When broken, they reveal another Power Tile that breaks. Large Bonus Power Tiles have a big star on them (as opposed to a Small Bonus Power Tiles, which have a small star) and award extra score to the player that breaks them. You need to break a Mystery Tile that reveals a Large Bonus Power Tile. This is somewhat luck dependent, as you can never see which tile the Mystery Tile is hiding. Your best bet is to keep loading up Quick Feud matches against the AI and work on destroying all the Mystery Power Tiles. Once they are all destroyed, quit and repeat until you finally get a Large Bonus Power Tile. Having a boosting partner is helpful to break the ice coating on the tiles so you can destroy them.


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