Can't Stop Me Achievement

  • Can't Stop Me



    Finish in first place in a multiplayer match without owning any tile.


    This achievement requires that you win a multiplayer match without having any tiles of your color left on the board (ducks, gems, shields, etc.). The hardest part for most of you will actually be winning a game. The computer is unforgiving and plays lightning quick, especially in Quick Feud. For this reason, it is recommended you play Feud. For this achievement it is advised to boost with at least one other player. This will increase your odds of winning. In the later rounds, if you are in the lead and you still have some colored tiles, use your last few turns to destroy them. If you are playing with a friend or yourself, that player can focus on destroying your tiles as well. To win, focus on getting 4 blocks with each breaker and aim first for the Large and Small Score Power Tiles. Also, it is sometimes best to let the other players go first in a round, especially near the beginning of the game, so they can break the ice coating the tiles.


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