Sapere Aude! Achievement

  • Sapere Aude!



    Earn at least a thousand points in a single movement of a puzzle.


    This achievement requires that you earn 1000+ points with the play of a single breaker. This can most easily be earned in the fifth world, "Trial of Bravery", sixth level. You will need to earn 70 stars to unlock the fifth world, and 80 stars to unlock the sixthlevel thereof. The first two worlds are ridiculously easy and you should be able to earn 60/60 stars there. Earning the last 20 stars should be no problem, even if you just spam breakers to clear the boards. 

    Once you unlock the specified level, fire it up. Immediately use the one breaker to the left. Place it in the location seen below. You will score 1100 points and immediately unlock this achievement. Thanks to R00ney 1988 for this method!


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