Duck and Cover Achievement

  • Duck and Cover



    Have three of your tiles protected, at the same time, in a multiplayer match.


    This achievement requires that you encase three of your colored tiles in ice simultaneously. To protect your colored tiles with ice, you must destroy a Healer Power Tile (looks like a medical cross). When you do this, one of your colored tiles will get glazed over with ice, protecting it from a single enemy attack. This achievement is much easier if boosted with another player in Feud mode, but is possible offline against the AI as well.

    Load up the match. Look at the board to first make sure it has at least three Healer Power Tiles. If it doesn't, you might as well restart as you cannot get this achievement in that game. Once you have a game with three tiles, have your boosting partner destroy the ice casing on the first Healer Power Tile. Then immediately play your turn to destroy the tile. Repeat this step two more times. You also need to be cautious that the other players are not destroying the ice as you are forming it. You must have three ice coatings on your colored tiles active AT THE SAME TIME at the BEGINNING OF A ROUND.


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