Lead by Example Achievement

  • Lead by Example



    Earn 150 points in the first round of a multiplayer match.


    This achievement requires that you earn a score of 150 in the first round of a multiplayer match. This also may require some boosting. The easiest way to unlock this achievement is to break a Large Score Bonus Power Tile in combination with a high block multiplier. Use the boosting account to destroy the ice from the Large Score Tile and several nearby blocks. Then hit the same pattern and break the Bonus Tile and three other blocks (four blocks total) to give you all that score plus the 4x multiplier. An alternative solo method involves hitting 4 enemy unprotected colored blocks at the start of the game. This will require some luck to get your starting patterns to match the colored tiles of the board. When it does line up, each one is worth 10 points (40 total) and you will get a 4x multiplier, scoring you 160 points.


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