Chosen One! Achievement

  • Chosen One!



    Change a power tile to your color then have it destroyed by an opponent the same turn.


    This achievement requires that you change a Power Tile to your color and have it destroyed in the same turn. There are two Power Tiles that can be used to earn this achievement. The first is the Care Tile, which looks like a heart. When broken, it turns to the color of the 4th place player. So to use this tile, you must first be in 4th place, then break a Care Tile to have it turn your color. In the same turn, another player must destroy the newly formed tile of your color. The second kind of Power Tile that can be used is the Changer Tile, which looks like two arrows making a circular shape. This tile acts like the Care Tile, but it doesn't change to the last place player's color, it changes to the color of the player that destroys it.

    Having another account helps again with this achievement. Play a Feud match. Use the other account to break the ice coating, then quickly break the tile you need. You then have to hope that a AI player breaks the tile afterwords in the same round. If there is no ice coating at the beginning of the round on a tile you need, break it yourself, then use the other account to break your colored tile that has just been formed.


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