Precise Destruction Achievement

  • Precise Destruction



    Break four or more tiles owned by opponents, and none of yours, with one breaker.


    This achievement requires that you break four colored tiles owned by your opponents in the same turn. This can easily be done against three AI opponents in Feud mode. It will require a bit of luck however as you need to get a breaker pattern that matches the pattern of colored tiles on the board. Just look around and try to fit one of your three breakers on the board so that it hits a colored tile with each of its squares. You dont have to destroy the same opponent's tiles, it can be any combination of opponent's tiles. As long as you get four of them and none of those four are yours. This will usually only be possible in the first few rounds of a game when there are ample colored tiles in play. If you manage to pull this off in the first round, you will also unlock "Lead by Example."


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