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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete a Feud or Quick Feud! match without missing a round.

  • Remove the last tile of an opponent player in a multiplayer match.

  • Earn a tile after breaking a Care Power Tile.

  • Break a Mystery Power Tile and gain a Large Bonus Power Tile

  • Be the last to place a breaker before the end of a match.

  • Finish in first place in a multiplayer match without owning any tile.

  • Earn ten stars in Puzzle matches.

  • Earn twenty stars in Puzzle matches.

  • Complete a Puzzle match by using all available breakers.

  • Earn at least a thousand points in a single movement of a puzzle.

  • Have three of your tiles protected, at the same time, in a multiplayer match.

  • Earn 150 points in the first round of a multiplayer match.

  • Be the first to place a breaker in each round of a Quick Feud! match.

  • Change a power tile to your color then have it destroyed by an opponent the same turn.

  • Break four or more tiles owned by opponents, and none of yours, with one breaker.

  • Break three tiles belonging to the same opponent in a single turn.

  • Complete a multiplayer match without having one of the players left tileless.

  • Break a hundred Feud or Quick Feud! tiles.

  • Break three hundred Puzzle tiles.

  • Break more tiles belonging to you than to your opponents in a single turn.


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Glacier Blast Achievements FAQ

  • How many Glacier Blast achievements are there?
    There are 20 achievements to unlock in Glacier Blast worth a total of 200 gamerscore.

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