- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 If playing solo, 2/10 If playing Co-Op.
- Offline: 20/20 [400/400]
- Online: 0/20 [0/400(All of the achievements can be done online through Co-Op, but it isn't necessary).
- Approximate amount of time to 40025+ hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes ("Sweetest Curse," "Odyssey").
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Yes ("Nothing Safe," "Sweetest Curse," and "Heaven Beside You").
- Extra equipment needed?: None

God Mode is a throwback third person shooter brought to us by Old School Games and Atlus. It features hordes of enemies on screen at a time, levels, customization, and awesome visuals. Most of the achievements come quickly, even the hard difficulty isn't that bad and can be done solo! The real grind and time consumption comes from purchasing all the upgrades. With some time and effort, you can truly feel like a God with the 400 in your pocket.

Step 1 - Start Playing the Game:
This game has no story and no structure to speak of. It is purely a horde defense game and you can choose any of the five maps from the beginning. All you do is kill the enemies, advance to the next stage of the map and repeat until you have killed everything. If you are successful in defeating all of the waves, you get a thirty second dash around a small room collecting as much money as possible. Completing the map and getting to this money room will help you collect as much money as possible in good time, although it will still take a while. If you fail a wave, you will only have the money you collected from killing enemies. 

The easiest map to complete is 'Hades Moon.' There is no end of level boss and it is one of the shortest and quickest maps to complete. You can earn 19 of the 20 achievements just by playing on this map repeatedly.

The game can be somewhat difficult on your own, especially at the beginning when you have no upgrades, but you will find it gets easier the more you spend on upgrades for your weapons. You may still find it difficult on the Gold difficulty, so if you would like to find people to play this with, please consult THIS thread.

Glitches and Freezing:
It has been reported that the three Oath-related achievements may glitch on your profile. It is unknown what triggers the glitch to occur. If this happens, you may need to reset your profile's in-game stats. It is HIGHLY recommended that you attempt to unlock "Nothing Safe" before indulging yourself in this game. If it unlocks, you are in good shape and feel free to keep playing. If not, refer to THIS post on how to reset your in-game stats and unlock the achievements.

Also, there seems to be a slight freezing issue with this game. It seems to occur randomly, but in my experience it only occurs after extended sessions of playing with no dashboarding out. We're talking hours of continuous play. The first time it froze on me, I hadn't stopped playing for a good six hours. Second time it froze, same situation. Solo or co-op doesn't effect it.

An excellent game well worth your time and effort, and an easy completion if you can play with friends. It takes a bit of grinding to earn enough money to buy all of the upgrades, but it is a fun grind nonetheless. 

If you like third-person shooters or horde defense games then this is definitely a game for you.


  • Shiftie for Embryo and Nothing Safe tips.
  • Anubit3Blad3 for the second ability upgrade cost.
  • K4rn4ge for posting up the method to reset your profile in case the Oath achievements bug out on you and for total gold required for all upgrades.
  • WORLDEATER for tips regarding Test of Faiths for achievements.
  • Mister Buds for general tips and notes.
  • xhunterrrr for the best gold farming method.

[XBA would like to thank Nevander & Scotty for this RoadMap]

God Mode Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Enrage 10 Cyclops

    To enrage a Cyclops, you need to hit him in his eye. It may be quite difficult to hit his eye, but you will know if you do because he will either cover his eye with his hand and then swing his club around like a madman or just act unstable in general.

    If you are unsure what a Cyclops is or what it looks like, you can visit the bestiary in the main menu and see one.

  • Rune



    Trigger 20 Mage seals


    Mages are floating enemies in silver shining armor. They launch out runes every once in a while which will be placed on the floor and be the same color as the Mage that used it. All you must do is purposefully walk over top of them until the achievement pops.

    If you are unsure what Mages are or what they look like, you can visit the bestiary in the main menu and see them.

    Seals stepped on during the "Trap" Test of Faith will also count towards this, so if this test shows up, make sure to take advantage of it.

  • Decapitate 100 Skeletons


    This should come naturally through your time playing the game. In case you are having trouble, just make sure to keep aiming for the head and send the skeleton heads flying.

  • Kill 50 enemies using melee


    Melee is very strong and you can get 50 kills easy on practically any map. Just keep spamming the melee button and this one will be yours before the end of the level. 

    There will also be a melee based Test of Faith that grants you some health for every enemy you kill with a melee attack. The melee attack during this Test of Faith will also be stronger than usual and will kill smaller enemies in a single hit on the Bronze difficulty. Be sure to take advantage of this Test of Faith should it arise before you have this achievement.

  • Grind 50 creatures using the Buzzsaw melee attack


    The Buzzsaw is a weapon but one that doesn't become unlockable until level 18, so there will be some time before you can even attempt to get this one. You will also need 250,000 gold, so you need to save up some to be ready to afford this.

    The melee attack is done by holding the right trigger in front of enemies, much like normal melee kills. Repeat the same procedure you did for "Hand of Doom," and this one will also be yours

    Kills from the "Dice" Test of Faith will also count towards this, so if this test shows up, make sure to take advantage of it.

  • Reach the final level and attain God Mode


    This achievement requires you to reach the highest level in the game, level 24, and attain the 'God Mode' ability. It takes exactly 240,000 XP to reach level 24. Refer to "Blow Up The Underworld" for a good method to obtain easy/quick XP and gold.

  • Survive the "Death" Test of Faith


    The "Death" Test of Faith is a random Test of Faith in which you one shot all enemies, but they also can one shot you. You must complete one of these tests without being killed.

    There is no sure fire way to get one of these tests to show up as they are randomly assigned as you begin each wave, so your best bet is to just keep playing until it shows up and then pray that you don't get hit.

  • Complete your first Oath


    *Reported to be glitched/bugged. Refer to the Roadmap for information.

    Oaths can be activated before you begin playing one of the maps and they essentially give you an added challenge but also give more XP or gold depending on which ones are chosen. Simply pick any Oath (Sword being the least troublesome) and complete a map with it on.

  • Purchase all upgrades


    This is the big one. For this one, you are going to need to first of all reach level 24 and then amass loads of gold. Not only must you purchase all abilities and guns, but also all the upgrades for them as well. Do not fret, as gold is not that hard to come by. It can even be farmed.

    The best way that I have found for getting as much gold as possible in a single game would be by making good use of the Salvage ability combined with Oaths. By replaying any level (Hades Moon or Basilisk Pit would be best) in solo on Bronze difficulty, and by putting on a couple easy Oaths, you can maximize the gold you get in a single run. Simply upgrade Salvage all the way and then use the ability around a huge group of bodies.

    You can make anywhere from 50,000 to almost 110,000 gold easy before even adding the Oath percentage bonus! I have even made about 170,000 gold solo in one game with this method (xhunterrr was the first to notify me of this method).

    Each ability has two upgrades worth 10,000 gold and 20,000 gold respectively. Each weapon has seven upgrades with the lower tier upgrades costing 10,000 gold and the higher tier upgrades costing 20,000 gold. There is also a single final upgrade for each gun for 30,000 gold.

    You DO NOT need to purchase all the appearance items for your character.

    Once ALL has been bought, and all progress bars are maxed, this one will be yours. It will take over two million gold for all guns, abilities, and upgrades (not including customization items). With customization items, it will take an extra 165,000 gold.

    You will also most likely have the 400 at this point.

  • Fully upgrade one weapon


    You will need to be level 8 before you can fully upgrade any gun. To upgrade a gun, while in the party screen before a game, choose CADAVER GEAR and then choose a weapon and choose MODIFICATION.

    The best gun to start out with upgrading would be the SMG. This is also one of the best guns to use altogether. Simply purchase all seven upgrades for it and this one is done.

    It will cost you a total of 120,000 gold to fully upgrade any one gun. You will of course unlock this achievement on your way towards unlocking "Blow Up The Underworld."

  • Finish any map with 3 or more active Oaths


    *Reported to be glitched/bugged. Refer to the Roadmap for information.

    All you need to do for this one is finish any map with the three least troublesome Oaths activated. Chose Hades Moon on Bronze difficulty and select the Oaths: Serpent, Sword, and Spider. Complete the map and it should unlock.

  • Finish any map with 6 active Oaths on hardest difficulty


    *Reported to be glitched/bugged. Refer to the Roadmap for information.

    This achievement is not as hard as it sounds. Just get a friend with you and set up a custom lobby and make sure the host chooses Hades Moon set to Gold difficulty. Now the person who needs the achievement puts on all Oaths EXCEPT Thief since that oath is the most unforgiving, the rest are at least manageable.

    Start the game up and just obliterate everything. It is recommended that you have at least the SMG upgraded and you have your friend use healing on you when you need it.

    Hope that you get good Tests of Faith and also remember that your lives are in a pool, so the person who should be dying (if at all) should be the person with the Oaths activated. Once you are done and the game leaves the gold room, the person with all the oaths activated should get this achievement.

  • Kill 100 creatures


    Refer to "Demon Cleaner."

  • Kill 2500 creatures


    Killing 2,500 creatures will not take long at all. You will get this fairly quickly before you are even into the meat of the game. It has been reported that it may take over 2,500 kills for this one to properly unlock, but keep at it and it will eventually unlock.

  • Embryo



    Destroy 50 scarab eggs before they hatch


    Scarab eggs are green and black eggs which will eventually hatch out enemies known as scarabs. Simply destroy them in the egg state until it pops (no pun intended). A good map for this one would be either Fortress or Basilisk Pit. Scarab eggs can also be sent out via Breeder enemies. There is a Breeder on the map 'Basilisk Pit,' and if you can manage it you can avoid killing it and let it keep shooting the eggs onto the floor, at which point you can shoot and destroy them. 

    If you are unsure what Scarabs or Breeders are or what they look like, you can visit the bestiary in the main menu and see them.

  • Kill 20 creatures using the Hammer ability


    The Hammer ability becomes available to buy at level 14 and it costs 150,000 gold. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, equip this ability and then go into any map and just start whacking enemies away.

    Kills from the "Hammer of the Gods" Test of Faith will also count towards this, so if this test shows up make sure to take advantage of it.

  • Finish any map on any difficulty


    Refer to 'Odyssey.'

  • Complete all maps on hardest difficulty


    The hardest difficulty in this game is called Gold difficulty, and it isn't as hard as you'd think.

    Before you attempt it (in solo or co-op) you will want to upgrade at least two guns of your choice (I suggest the SMG and Assault Rifle personally) and have already played through each level at least once on Bronze to know what's coming.

    The game does not keep track of which ones you have already done on Gold, so it would be best for you to keep track yourself somewhere. There are five maps available in the game. Each level has a boss at the end except for Basilisk Pit and Hades Moon. The bosses are nothing fancy. Shoot until dead.

    Note that if your game freezes at the scoreboard screen before you return to the main menu, you will have to complete the level again on Gold.

    In case you are having trouble, here are some general tips:

    • Use pickups wisely. Do not waste health or armor pickups if your health or armor is already near 100. Only use them in dire circumstances.
    • Ammo conservation. Ammo isn't a huge deal in this game, but it is still good practice to conserve what you can.
    • Oaths. Do not even think about using any on Gold difficulty.
    • Sprinting. Using sprint is vital in this game. You will need to herd enemies together and then take them out in groups.
    • Use the roll ability. Rolling is vital for dodging Minotaur attacks, and various other enemy attacks.
    • Save your ability charges. If you are using Healing (which is what I suggest to use), save it for when you need it.
  • Purchase your first weapon upgrade


    Refer to "Burden In My Holster."

  • Complete any map without dying


    This is easiest done on Hades Moon on Bronze difficulty, with no Oaths. Make sure you are familiar with the game before attempting. It would be best to have an upgraded weapon, with the SMG being one of the best. This achievement may even come naturally.

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