- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 11 [190]
- Online: 1 [10]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 2-3 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats

The perfect game for anyone old enough to remember it. The achievements in this game are pretty simple except for "Perfect Win" but can be done in co-op which simplifies things a lot.

Step 1: Three plays.
It's recommended you complete the game at least once to learn what the bosses do, how to take/avoid dragons etc. First of all, you'll want to start a new game with each character. With each character, fill up your potion slots to the maximum and use your magic when you've done so. Now you can either carry on or die, either way you'll get the three spell achievements and on your third go you'll get the "Omni Character" achievement.

You should also pick up:
"Cockatrice" - 5
"Potion" - 15

And if you chose to finish the game with a character, you'll get the "Win" achievement for 35.

Step 2: Co-op.
Now use a second controller to go into local co-op and on the first level die. Or if you wish of course, complete the game in co-op. For the second co-op achievement go here and find someone willing to play it with you. Again you can die right away or complete it.

Step 3: Perfect Win
The only achievements left to get should be:
"Turtle Village" - 10
"Survivor" - 20
"Perfect Win" - 50

These should all be earned in your final playthrough in which you should put the health/lives up to 5 each. I suggest going here again and asking somebody to help you get "Perfect Win", and you'll get "Turtle Village" and "Survivor" on the way.
Use your buddy to take hits for you and generally protect you, this achievement will come easily if the person protecting you is 'okay' at the game. Meaning, they won't hit you instead of the enemies or head butt you off a cliff.

I said that the minimum plays is only three but listed six. This is because you can combine each play with each character for different achievements.
For example:
Play one - Barbarian, online.
Play two - Amazonian, local co-op.
Play three - Dwarf, Perfect Win.
That being said, I recommend doing the six plays to get good at the game to prepare for the Perfect Win, you don't want to get on the final boss only to die lots and use a continue. The plays don't take too long and it's a fun game so it won't feel like a chore.

[XBA would like to thank chrisnottm for this Roadmap]

Golden Axe Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Ride the cockatrice.


    Defeat the rider of the Cockatrice in the first stage, and walk up to it to hop on.

  • Play as every character.


    Play as all three characters. Just start the game up using that character.

  • Choose any character and reach Turtle Village (Stage 3) without dying once.


    See "Survivor".

  • Perform the Level 6 magic attack with the Amazon.


    See "Barbarian Magic".

  • Perform the Level 3 magic attack with the Dwarf.


    See "Barbarian Magic".

  • Perform the Level 4 magic attack with the Barbarian.


    Save up potions until your respective magic slot is full. Use your magic by pressing the Y button.

  • Potion



    Collect three potions from a thief or party of thieves.


    Hit a little blue dwarf three times and collection the potions he drops to achieve this one.

  • Choose any character and reach "Across the Sea" (Stage 5) without dying once.


    Put the max energy to 5, and play with a friend. Use the Dwarf, who has the best weapon range, and use jump attacks to hit anything that gets near you. If you're caught in a combo, have your partner (who should be doing most of the work) hit the enemy to break it up and thus save your health bar.

  • Beat the game in local Co-op mode.

    Beat the final stage with another person on your 360.

  • Complete an online co-op game.

    Simply die enough to continue in an online co-op game to unlock this one. Note that you do not have to win the game or even complete one stage.

  • Win



    Beat the game.


    Beat the game. Boost lives and health, if need be.

  • Beat the game without continuing.


    Boost the lives up to 5 and health bar up to 5 in the custom match options and play with a friend. Use the same strategy as Survivor to prolong your lives. Conserve those magic pots for the final boss or any tricky situation.

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