-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 10 (160 )
-Online: 2 (40 )
-Approximate amount of time to 200 : 3 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

This is my road map to 200 in the game golf tee it up. It should take three hours because the multiplayer doesn't usually have that many people playing. This is one of the easiest golf games you can play, so you shouldn’t have too big of a problem getting all the achievements.

There is the Caribbean course that you have to beat under par, which is 75 strokes. Then the other course is Parkland course that you have to beat under par, which is 90 strokes. Don’t just hit the golf ball - aim and get where you need it to go. If you’re about to get in the hole, but it going to miss by a little, that’s where the slow motion comes in handy to change the direction of the golf ball.

Online Achievements
One of the achievements requires you to play a game online - just get in a match and finish it and the achievement will unlock. The other achievement requires you to beat ten other people, so just start a match with four people and win. You'll get credited for beating three people. If you play online for awhile, don’t worry, you will get the achievement.

Other Achievements
One of the achievements require you to play cup mode and win. Just play four holes, as it is the shortest amount of holes you can do. One of the secret achievements is to be wearing bunny ears and lucky bunny feet and see a bunny while wearing those two things. The other secret achievement is to finish a hole only using iron clubs which are the 9I, 8I, 7I, 6I, 5I, 4I, and 3I. One of the other achievements requires you to swing at the golf ball 1000 times all you have to do is keeping pressing and you should get about ten swings per hole. Rinse and repeat and you should get it quickly. The other few achievements require you to hit the ball in for a birdie (one below par), eagle (two below par). The hardest one is to get a hole-in-one I recommend doing it on a hole that requires you to have a par 3 because that means it is a short hole, so it should be easier to get a hole-in-one.

This is my road map for 200 . I hope i helped you out in some way.


x360a would like to thank PMILL69 for this Road Map

Golf: Tee It Up Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete the Caribbean course under par.


    After selecting a game type (quick play, cup, stroke play, etc.) select the course "Caribbean" and then select "All Holes" as the holes you want to play. There are 18 holes total, you won't have to be under par on all of them but at the end of the 18th you'll have to be under par.

    For those of you who don't know how golf works, your aim is to stay as far under par as possible by taking as few strokes as possible to get your golf ball into the hole. You're expected to get your golf ball onto the green by using woods (drivers) and irons. The game plays mostly by asking you to aim your ball and then you'll hit to start your swing. Hit again when the bar is as close to full (or wherever you want to hit it) to control the power and distance of your swing. Once the bar comes back to the other side you'll have to hit again as you pass over the white bar that marked where you began.

    Finishing under par means that you have a score of at most -1 (0 is par and doesn't count.)

    The Caribbean is the easier of the two courses. It's mainly a forest-ish course with a lot of water in most of the levels. Sometimes you'll be expected to hit over the water so keep your shots sensible and avoid falling into the rough or water.

    Here are the par scores for all the holes in the Caribbean course.

    Front Nine

    36 total

    Back Nine

    39 total

    Par over all 18 holes is a total of 75 strokes. So you'll have to take only 74 or fewer to pick up the achievement.

    See the achievement "Parkland Challenge" for some general tips on how to play the game.

  • Complete the Parkland course under par.


    After selecting a game type (quick play, cup, stroke play, etc.) select the course "Parkland" and then select "All Holes" as the holes you want to play. There are 18 holes total, you won't have to be under par on all of them but at the end of the 18th you'll have to be under par.

    The Parkland course is much harder than the Caribbean and is actually rather difficult to score under par on unless you know how to play the game well. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you out.

    • First off, the computer usually makes good choices on where to shoot the ball. If you don't know what to do just trust what the computer gives you and try to take your shot.
    • Second, while trying to get the best power for your shot you can allow the meter to fall back all the way to the left and it'll reset everything so if you mess up and don't manage to get the maximum power you wanted you can go ahead and try again.
    • Third, try to get the accuracy as close to the white bar as possible when hitting. It doesn't really affect your shot if it's a little off but if it's too far off you'll make a divot in the ground and your shot won't go very far.
    • Fourth, notice the wind direction and speed. Wind isn't going to turn your ball around a 90 degree corner but it will mess up your shot if you aren't paying attention to it. Especially when you're chipping a ball into the hole you need to pay attention to where it's going to be headed so you can use your bullet time more effectively.
    • Fifth, use the specified hitting on your ball. You can control this with your and it'll allow you to curve the ball around trees, hit further, hit higher, or hit lower. It's possibly one of the most useful things in the game.
    • Sixth, use the different views to get a good eye on your ball. Hit to zoom in to it and see exactly where it's expected to land and use to see if there are any better routes to the hole than the one you're currently taking.
    • Seventh, use your bullet time wisely. Don't waste it trying to get your ball into the dead center of the fairway, use it for chipping the ball into the hole, putting, and keeping your ball out of the rough. You'll get 4 seconds of it at the start of every hole and if you don't use some during one hole it'll carry onto the next hole. The maximum amount of time you can have at once is 20 seconds.
    • Finally, use the terrain guide on your power meter when hitting the ball. The flag indicates the hole, light green indicates the putting green, green indicates fairway, dark green is rough, blue is water, grey is rock/sand, and red is a gorge. Make sure to try to hit onto the fairway with this but don't hit to the very end of the fairway as your ball will probably roll into the rough.

    That's about all I can tell you in terms of general tips. As you play through the holes you will become a better player and eventually getting birdies on most of the holes and eagles on the rest will be a cakewalk.

    As far as par goes here are the par scores for the different holes.

    Front Nine

    46 total

    Back Nine

    44 total

    Par over all 18 holes is a total of 90 strokes. So you'll have to take only 89 or fewer to pick up the achievement.

    See the achievement "Caribbean Challenge" for info on how to play golf.

  • Win a game in cup mode.


    From the main menu go to "Play" and then select "Cup" to start a cup match. From here select whichever level you want (I prefer Caribbean as it's easier) and then select however many holes you want to play (select random and set it to four if you want to finish faster.)

    Cup is played like a normal golf championship. There are 10 golfers who will all compete to get the lowest score over the course of however many holes you picked to play. For the most part it's just like playing by yourself and trying to score under par except now you have to score under whatever the best guy has. Usually the computer players will never end up with anything better than -2 so as long as you play well enough to get a few birdies you should be fine.

    See the achievements "Caribbean Challenge" for how to play golf and "Parkland Challenge" for how to play golf well.

  • Hit a birdie (one below par) on any hole.


    A birdie really shouldn't be any problem for you to get, ever, on any hole.

    If you are having trouble though here's a quick mini-walkthrough.

    Load up the first hole of the Caribbean course.
    First Shot: The computer has chosen a pretty good place for you to hit so go ahead and try to hit it as hard as possible and as straight as possible. It'll land near the small moat between you and the hole, if it's on the fairway that's good, if it's in the rough it's fine.

    Second Shot: The computer will (or at least should if you're close enough) give you a fine shot that should aim near the hole. Go ahead and hit as hard and straight as possible towards the hole. You should land on the green if you aren't already in the hole.

    Third Shot: Now it's time to putt. If you've still got your four seconds of bullet time left this'll be a piece of cake. Use the power meter and try to aim it a little past the flag on the meter. Try to hit it as straight as possible and use the bullet time to maneuver your ball into the hole. If you made the shot you got a birdie, good job.

    If you happened to get an eagle (or better) this achievement won't unlock with it.

  • Hit an eagle (two below par) on a par 4 or higher hole.


    Hitting an eagle really isn't all that hard, you should get at least one over the course of your golf career but if you don't happen to here's a video that should help you out.

    For the most part eagles' are going to be hitting the ball as far as possible to make your next shot as close to the hole as possible and then trying to get a "Chip In" score on the next shot. Use your bullet time during the second shot to try and guide the ball into the hole.
  • Hit the ball in the hole from outside of the green with any other club than the putter.


    Getting a "Chip In" is actually rather simple as long as you have bullet time. Get the ball as close to the green as possible without actually going on to it, then use one of your clubs (most likely going to be a pitching wedge) to hit the ball into the hole.

    Try to accommodate for the wind and get the ball in off the fly rather than trying to roll it in. Use the to control the area you hit the ball in and try to get the indicator to be right on top of the hole. You might want to wait a couple levels before going after this one and building up some bullet time to use during the chip.

    Chances are you'll unlock this when you get the achievements "Hole in One!," "Eagle Eye," and "Ironman."

  • Hit the ball in the hole with one stroke.


    The only two levels I've found this to be possible on have been level 5 and 18 on the Caribbean course. Since 18 takes longer to reach and is a little more difficult I recommend just shooting for 5.

    Start off by picking the Caribbean course and then playing until you reach the 5th hole. I recommend not using any of your bullet time as your score on the first three holes is inconsequential and the bullet time with help with the hole in one later.

    Once you do reach the fifth hole you'll have around 20 seconds of bullet time (the maximum) if you didn't use any. The hole here isn't hard to reach but the main problem you're going to have is the lone tree in your way.

    When you start the hole you're automatically given the 5W (5 Wood) but I find that the 3I (3 Iron) is slightly better suited for this. Give your ball a right curve so that you can go on the left side of the tree and then curve back to the hole.

    Use the view to try and get your shot lined up perfectly with the hole and then take the shot. You should have more than enough bullet time to make your ball curve around the tree and hit the flag.

    Here's a video to help you out.

    This will also unlock the achievement "Ironman" if you didn't already have it.
  • Complete one course in any mode online.

    Select "Play" from the main menu and select the option Xbox Live. From here select player or ranked match and then find and finish a match with at least one other person in it.

    If the other person quits the match will automatically end but won't give you credit for playing that match.

  • Play online modes and beat a total of 10 other players.

    From the Xbox Live multiplayer options I recommend creating your own game on either course with random levels and set to 4. This will make the matches go much quicker as you'll be playing on only 4 holes rather than 9 or 18. I also recommend doing it on the Caribbean as they tend to shorter holes and thus end faster.

    When it says to beat 10 other playes it doesn't mean win in 10 seperate matches, it means to be better than 10 players total (can be the same person.)
    E.g. if you play a four person match and get second you beat the third and fourth placed people and get two of the ten necessary wins.

    Good luck and see the achievement "Parkland Challenge" for general tips on how to play the game well.

    Also, if you've got extra controllers you can simply sign them in as guests and then beat them for a quick win in the online.

  • Swing 1000 times.


    When it says to swing 1000 times that doesn't count the extra swings you get added on if your ball goes out of bounds or anything like that.

    I recommend going after this one after you've finished all the other achievements as it will take more time than anyother one and will most likely be your last anyway.

    Although 1000 sounds like a lot it isn't too much when you use a simple tactic. Select whichever course you want and then choose to play on the full course. From here you'll simply want to keep making bad swings and making divits in the ground. This is done simply by pushing quickly three times.

    This will cause your player to make a crappy swing, knock a lot of dirt into the air, and have the ball go no where. Thankfully when the ball goes no where it takes no time for you to get to your next swing and the whole process is speed up quite a bit.

    Unfortunatly you can only get 5 more swings per hole than the par. For instance level 1 on Caribbean is a par 4 so you can only swing 9 times before you're forced to continue. I reccomend doing the Parkland course as it's longer and you'll be able to squeeze a total of 375 swings out the 18 holes.

    You can also do something else while you do this. I for instance started writing this guide while I played the game with my feet.


Secret achievements

  • Wear a bunny accessory in game when there is a bunny close by.


    There are two accessories in the game that are considered bunny accessories: The "Lucky Rabbits Feet" and the "Bunny Ears." You can equip accessories onto your character right before you begin playing on the course you've chosen.

    As long as you're wearing the "Lucky Rabbits Feet" or the "Bunny Ears" the achievement will pretty much just pop up on its own. Simply play through the courses and you'll come across rabbits hopping around inside of the grass on the courses, if you happen to hit a ball near them a short cut scene will trigger and the achievement will unlock.

    I unlocked the achievement before I even had a chance to tee off on the first level of the Caribbean course.

  • Complete one hole with only iron clubs.


    While you're playing on a course you can manually switch your clubs by using the and . For this achievement you're only allowed to use the clubs 9I, 8I, 7I, 6I, 5I, 4I, 3I which are your irons. You aren't allowed to use the sand wedge (SW) or pitching wedge (PW.)

    Pick any level you want to play on and then start off by switching your driver to an iron, continue playing using just irons and remember to switch your club to an iron every time before hitting as the game will automatically pick a club for you after each hit.

    When you have to finally hit the ball into the hole you'll have to get a "Chip In" as you're only allowed to use a putter on the green. See the achievement "Chip In" for help with this.

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