Pool Shark Achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Pool Shark



    Beat a friend at pool.

  • How to unlock Pool Shark

    The quickest way to get this started is call up a friend and ask to play some pool. This can be done while you're working for any of the friend achievements, such as "Dial B for Bomb" and also when you're trying to pick up a girl for "Warm Coffee."

    After you pick your friend up, the location will be on your radar. Once at the pub, walk up to the table and start the game with . Billiards can be a rather complex game, but GTA has done a fairly good job of simplifying it. In essence, one player shoots the striped balls in, the other shoots the solids, and once a player has their balls sunk, they may shoot for the 8-ball. When the 8 is pocketed after all other balls are, that player wins. However, if the 8 is pocketed before the rest of your balls, you lose.

    When it's your turn, you will see a dotted white line coming from your ball. This is the path your ball will take when you shoot. The computer actually does a very good job of lining the shots up for you. If you do no aiming, take the shot that it gives you, you should make the ball almost every time.

    When you are looking down the path your ball will take, press to enter shooting mode. Now pull back to pull the stick back, and push it forward to shoot. Those are the basics you will need to win the game. Almost all advanced billiards mechanics such as English are included in the game, but to obtain the achievement you shouldn't need to worry about those things.

    If you find yourself struggling, as is stated, one of the main rules of billiards is if you shoot the 8 ball early, you lose, so wait and eventually an opponent may shoot that ball in for you, granting you an automatic win.

    **Can be done after completing story mode**

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  • Surprisingly difficult for me
  • yea i dont know why but it took me 10 tries to get this...
  • you have to be used to this kind of pool (gta 4 pool in general)
  • Thats so simple, u dont have to even change places when Nico target after ur rival all u got to do just hit the white ball and u will win that shit ;0
  • seems like i beat the guy there at pool and it didnt unlock , dont know what to do !
  • BTW this has to be with a friend on a date, It can't be with a "stranger".
  • Ha. I got this one completely by luck. Roman hit the 8 ball in too early and lost, so I unlocked it.
  • haha same I kept losing every game to Roman and I kept playing and playing and Roman just knocked the 8 ball in so I got it lol
  • I can't get this one.
  • Ok so i thought id kick my dates ass in a game and apparently she was this champion pool shark so it to ok me all night to kick her ass in a game! Fun but challenging:)
  • Heh, Roman pocketed the 8 ball on the second go
  • I got hustled by Little Jacob about 5 times in a row...
  • easy :)
  • This took me three tries to get
  • @ Buck Hart. You can't go for this achivement with you're girlfriend. It has to be a friend,either Dwayne,Little Jacob,Roman,Packie,or Brucie. I first got this achivement when I couldn't beat Roman then finnally he sunk the 8 ball in with the white ball,so he lost. After I lost my old 360 and account,no live on it :( I made a new one and played Little Jacob hes not as annoying as Roman so I can play pool in peace. I own at IV's pool now. :)
  • i got this when i was playing packie and he shot the black one in haha
  • Ok, I beat Roman twice...still no achievement?
  • I was having a badtime trying to defeat Packie, he's really god. It was easier for me defeat Little jacob
  • 2 Chainzzz.... I mean Little Jacob had one ball to my six and hit the 8-ball in. I never felt so guilty in earning an achievement in my life
  • I got lucky and had my friend sink the eight ball when I went for this a while ago. lol
  • first try he hit the 8 ball in on his first turn and i won luckey
  • this achievement blows. its so stupid
  • This is harder then playing pool in real life

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