A Fair Day's Pay Achievement

  • A Fair Day's Pay



    It's time for a little getaway.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You will obtain this achievement once you finish the mission “Caida Libre.”

  • what missions is this for please hellp?
  • yeah, can anyone help please? ive noticed some people have it as their THIRD achievement! so im guessing a replay is in order as im on my 2nd heist. ill be replaying most missions anyway cos i keep missing out on gold medals due to mission time cos the dialogue cracks me up and i have to hear it all! but does anyone know which specific mission i need to replay and what ive missed? TA :)
  • This comes naturally through the story. I would say this is past half the story and 3/4 of the story. A mission will pop up where you have to talk to Martin Madruzo (I think)(Mexican Mob Boss) He will tell you to take out a jet with a person carrying files that he needs. You will play as Michael. Drive up to the observatory and there will be a van with a gun in the back on the cliff. Get in the van and take control of the gun. When you see the jet, make sure to shoot in the red box or you won't hit it. Once you have hit it 3 times, you will switch to Trevor on a motorbike, keep following the jet. You will be in Blaine County. When the plane crashes, kill the guy that comes out. Once you get the files, it should switch to Michael. You need to leave the area and then destroy the van. For me,
  • I think this achievement might be glitched. I've finished the main story, yet this achievement is still locked for me :(
  • The name of this mission is Caida Libre

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