The Moment of Truth Achievement

  • The Moment of Truth



    You have uncovered the truth about Brad.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You will obtain this achievement once you finish the mission “Bury the Hatchet.”

  • Story related cannot be missed
  • This one didn't unlock for me. I have the rest of the secret achievements, including 'To Live or Die in Los Santos', but not this one.
  • @2 play the mission again and see if you get it that time
  • @3 Thanks, that worked for me.
  • can anyone tell me what mission this is asscoiated with i beat the game and never got this?
  • I had the same problem just replay the mission and it popped up afterwards btw u won't get it if u skip forward in the mission.
  • It's the mission when Trevor finds out that Brad is the one who was buried in Michaels place
  • I missed it because I skipped that part after 3 tries, F**k!!!
  • does anyone know what the mission is called?
  • got it...its called bury the hatchet for anyone else :)
  • Make sure you don't skip and all should be dandy. Also anyone confused as to how he is recognisable after 9 years, I'm no scientist but am assuming it could be immpossible, Also (sorry I'm ranting) but couldn't Dave have just buried a dead cop or at least done something to brads appearance in case this situation came to be.

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