To Live or Die in Los Santos Achievement

  • To Live or Die in Los Santos



    Completed the final mission.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You will obtain this achievement once you finish the final story mission in the game.

  • R.I.P 2 Pac
  • wat ending did u guys choose? i choose C.
  • I chose Option A, although I regret selecting it now. I wonder if there's any possible way to revert your choice, other than to restart the entire story mode.
  • i chose C
  • #4 I did that and regretted it, luckily if you have a save file before the final mission you can just load it up and replay it and pick C if you wish. Thats what I did and I'm much happier with all 3 characters.
  • This is BS... Everyone got there cut for the heist except for franklin on my account... when I go to a ATM it say Lester deposited it but I've only got $1563 for Frank... WTF?
  • I chose C. Just out of interest, Can some who chose A or B enlighten me as to why you chose to do that? I just don't get it lol. Once you complete the final mission you can choose to play any of the 3 outcomes from the 'Replay Mission' screen. Which is pretty cool. Because you can see the 3 possible endings without affecting your 'after-story' game. Also, A and B are 2 'extra' easy, Gold medals. (Whereas C is pretty hard to get gold on).
  • @6 I killed Trevor because I saw a post that says that one person MUST die, they didn't say that you can save all 3. So i killed Trevor because I can still get 100% without him.
  • sorry my comment was for #8
  • Choose C awesome
  • Is anyone else having this problem? I beat the game using the deathwish option, and when I completed the game the achievement didn't show. I haven't used cheats since the beginning of the game, so that wasn't why it wasn't working. And I went back and played the whole mission again and watched through all the credits, but still nothing. It's a pretty big achievement with 40G so I don't want to miss out on it. If anyone knows why this isn't working send me a message on xbox GT: "Grumpy Gazelle". Thanks

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