The Big One! Achievement

  • The Big One!



    This ain't no dream no more.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You will obtain this achievement once you finish the mission “The Big Score."

  • Anyone else having trouble with this? Ive completed the story and haven't got it :-(
  • @#1 Complete the the union depository mission without skipping anything
  • Yeah, I got it right after the gold heist mission. Soon as the game loaded with me in the car on the freeway.
  • Which mission name is this one?
  • When do you get paid for the heist? None of the characters have received their payment.
  • some of the hiests needed a 'fence' or some other stuff to get paid so just continue playing and a message will po p up / the green money displays.
  • This will only be achieved if you do the choice death wish... If you choose to kill Michael "The Time's Come" or Trevor "Something Sensible" then this cannot be achieved... As you end the last mission death wish "The Big Score" the achievement pops up :)

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