San Andreas Sightseer Achievement

  • San Andreas Sightseer



    Explore all of Los Santos and Blaine County.

    The entire island of San Andreas is open from the start; however, the world will be hidden on your map by dark clouds of fog until you have explored that area. Once you have explored a certain section of the map, the fog will clear up and you can see the map as normal.

    Even though most of the map will be uncovered through natural story progression, the best way to uncover the map quickly would be to use a plane or helicopter. Unlike cars, aircraft will uncover the world much faster as opposed to maneuvering through every street, mountain pass or body of water. Once you have cleared up about 98% of the island and the surrounding waters, the achievement will unlock.

  • You think this will just be drive every road?
  • I say it will most likely be each district or county or city how ever they have it worded. But I like these type of achievements, I love to explore the vast world/environments.
  • Achievement: Be the first website to spoil the map of GTA V ;(
  • I remember an achievements like this being in RDR, and it was a BITCH. And with a map as huge as Los Santos, this will take a while.
  • The Icon is the outline of the map!!!
  • This will be my favourite.
  • @4, you could easily just buy the maps in RDR's general stores and read them to unlock the named locations. Wasn't that hard there, and shouldn't be too hard here either.
  • @4, hop in a plane or helicopter and just fly around? that's what i'm planning on doing. unless there's a complete the prologue or first mission achievement, this will the first thing i do when i pick up the game on the 17th.
  • @1 very strange, I had a few drinks the other night and thought it would be great if they had an achievement to explore everywhere in the game, and here it is. great minds think alike :P
  • Unless you can only unlock certain areas at a time like in past GTAs i'll be getting this within the first hour of getting it.
  • Lol discovering all locations in RDR was easy just buy the maps in each general store. I hope this achievement won't require every nook and cranny i hope the map is split up into districts and be like the saints row 3 achievement
  • I hope this isn't like Tales of Vesperia's Map Nerd Achievement ... that took a long time
  • I don't think this is the full map, San Andreas had Los santos and multiple county's not one
  • Yes, all of the map is unlocked when you start. I just hope it's like in SA where the parts you havent discovered are just overlayed with the transparent blue and you don't actually have to go through every road to unlock the achievement.
  • @7 Where is the fun in that? It feels like cheating just buying the map and looking to mark things off. I found the RDR one hard too because I missed one small spot and it took forever to finally happen upon it but I love ones like this. It makes a person make the effort to enjoy the full game by exploring instead of just focusing on the missions. Exploring on your own is one of the best parts of open world games :P
  • Please don't tell me the achievement is the map spoiled?
  • I wonder how they'll do this
  • The best Way to do this, is with a Airplane or Helicopter. In my Video you see the Mapexplore with the Achievement. Dont forget the Borders with there Isles and a "piece" from the Pacific
  • Easy with airplane or helicopter. Whole map must be discovered. even the water around the map, the reef. not under water. takes a little time..
  • Used the blimp/Took awhile but worth it!
  • I'm sick of your shitty spam azzurri, no i will not be checking out your youtube channel / vids.
  • yea this azzuri dude has posted on everyone nobody wants to look at your garbage gameplay anyway i just spent an hour getting this first used the jet then the heli i recommend the heli and you donthave to clear the map completely it kinda of like explore the are a little and you have to explore every area i was still filling in the map when i flew over a mountain and it unlocked real time consumer here
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  • Wonder if u can just hop into the blimp or plane and unlock this?
  • Kept crashing my plane so this took quite a while...
  • Easy when you have your own plane, just mark the blurred points and fly!
  • Easy when you have your own plane, just mark the blurred points and fly!
  • You don't need to get like the shady outline of the sea don't worry.
  • So you just have to explore until the whole map is visible?
  • @25 I used my blimp to unlock the map, I started with the water first you'll notice when flying there's two color tones of water the dark water is out of bounds so just stay within the light colored water. Once that's done just start filling in the middle. Like a jigsaw puzzle. Absolutely no black splotches left on map
  • helicopter, fly over every road. easiest, fastest way
  • easyyy shit lawllll ZZZZZZZZ
  • just remember to not press Y while flying like I did cuz you will go splat
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  • You don't have to drive every road - I jumped in the chopper and flew around until the chevo popped (all the map must be 'solid', not transparent, apart from the lakes). If you're having trouble getting the achievement trying flying over the islands on the east coastline; that's what was holding it up for me.
  • #37 is spot on, the roads alone are not enough. All blurred areas, all islands, all shallow water, etc. Just finally got it while slightly out over sea. Good luck.
  • Is this including underwater?
  • #39, No. Not including underwater. As stated, just make sure all the land has been discovered. It does include the mountains though. Just use a helicopter and fill in all of the missing parts of the map. You only actually have to reveal 95% of the map to get this.
  • Yeah that east coastline sucks without flying...
  • Do this last, I had almost everything but was missing a big chunk in the NE corner. I flew up there to finish it off and before I got 1/3 of it the achievement unlocked. You don't need the continental shelf though you will get most of it doing the nuclear waste and sub parts, and apparently you don't even need to get 100% of the land (more like 96-97%).
  • 95%... as I stated.
  • I used a jet and you DONT have to discover all of it. Only about 90%
  • I just got this achievement. You do *NOT* have to explore literally every square inch of the map, just most of it (90-95% ?). I still have a few unexplored gaps on my map.
  • I have done almost everything yet this still hasn't popped up, only the airforce base is uncovered for me yet I get shot down when I fly over it. I'm 64% game completion so I am hoping there is something which allows me to cover the airfore base in one of the final missions.
  • Helicopter or jet is best. Try and do this as early as possible as it makes playing story mode easier with everything visible
  • Thanks, wouldn't of realised you had to uncover the black :P
  • people in the comments didnt read the description You think this will just be drive every road? it says in the description what exactly to do
  • thank you
  • I had to get literally 100% of everything uncovered before it unlocked. Oh well, at least I got it.
  • I just stole the jet off the military base and flew that around!
  • I notice that it is hard to tell the difference between a lake, sea and undiscovered area. Because on the map they all look the same.
  • *Here's an easy way for you guys to get this* Go to army base or anywhere you can steal a jet/plane. Fly it around everywhere. Would be easier to have a map of the place so that you don't have to keep pulling it up. Twitter- @I_HaveToPee XBL- SuposatoryHeero
  • I got this through natural progression of the game, I went out of my way very few times to discover a new area. Actually, I'd say at least 5% of my map still isn't uncovered, but the achievement popped. Easy 30G
  • I just unlocked this. I found the most easy way to do it is play as Michael buy a Mallard stunt plane and just fly over all of the map. Its more easy then stealing a jet.
  • Helicopter or airplane is the best way to get this achievement...beautiful view, yall, especially at night time.
  • This for some reason isn't unlocking for me and I have covered every square inch of land :(
  • get plane or helicopter and fly around the map

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