All's Fare in Love and War Achievement

  • All's Fare in Love and War



    Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare.

    You will eventually come to a point in the main storyline where you can begin to purchase property around the city of Los Santos. Owning a piece of property not only allows you to use their services for free, but you will also net a substantial weekly income as well.

    For this achievement, you will want to purchase the Downtown Cab Company which is located on Tangerine Street in East Vinewood. This will set you back $200,000 and can only be bought as Franklin. Now, wait until the manager, Raul, calls you. When he does, he will have a private fare ready for you. Accept this job offer and the letter "P" will appear on the world map. Pick up the customer at the "P" icon and drive them to their destination. When you get there, they might need help with a small mission or they will simply get out of the car and pay you right away. Once you are paid, the achievement will unlock.

  • Finally taxi missions are back! Missed that in GTA IV.
  • *THUMBS UP* This is good. I just hope to see the return of ambulance, fire and vigilante missions.
  • get a private fare and hit a bunch of jumps.. gotta get them their moneys worth :p
  • Will the passenger stay in the cab if i'm wanted for a day? ;)
  • In memory of Roman.
  • YES buying businesses, reminds me of Kauffman kabs and the Malibu club from vice city !
  • @#5 No way did you kill roman! I kept him so I could recieve free cab rides everywhere haha
  • yes Crazy taxi style hitting jumps and dodge police
  • How do you get a private fair? I've done the regular pick ups.
  • How much is the cab company to buy? I can't see it in game.
  • It's 200,000$. All you have to do to get this achievement, is roam around in a taxi cab until you get a phone call from them, it will tell you where to go, pick em up, and take them to the location. Here's a video tut, I used.
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  • I bought the cab co then did a fare and didn't get the achievement
  • I got the call for the private fare while driving my normal car. You don't need to be driving a taxi, just buy the business and the call will come eventually.
  • #15 thanks, I was doing it with the taxi I took from the cab co
  • I wasn't even driving when I got the call, I had just called the cab company for a normal cab for myself though.
  • So I bought the taxi company but I was in the middle of doing something when I got the call and wasn't able to make it to the fare, will they call back later or is it once per game
  • Be careful not to click the left analogue stick when doing this. It starts a normal fare and cancels the private fare. Not had another call since either.
  • i have not gotten a single call played as franklin for over 4 hours RLT. so i might not get this :(
  • I was busy when the guy called me the first time but accepted anyway, then when I was about to do it the mission disappeared and the guy said he should not have called me and he could handle it himself, now I'm terrified that he will never call me again. For the love of God tell me he will.
  • Quoto - Be careful not to click the left analogue stick when doing this. It starts a normal fare and cancels the private fare. Not had another call since either. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- unquote same here, any news?
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  • Goddamnit!! After I save my game I usually just go somewhere and kill myself for the lulz, but just when I was about to jump off a small cliff, the Taxi boss called (and I answered) and started to talk about his request. The sad thing was that I suddenly tripped and F The Ragdoll fell down. I did survive my fall, but it interupted the call!! I tried to call back with no response, so I just fired an RPG into my feet and turned off the console. FML
  • Just wait till you get a phone call from the company after you purchase it. Private fares have qualifications you have to fulfill. The first I got was the guy who's nauseous. Just take your sweet time, drive slow and don't crash and you get the bonuses. As soon as you drop your fare off you get the achievement.
  • I got the call, picked up the guy and took him where he wanted to go, then I had to help him fight the lost but he got shot and no cheevo popped. Then the cab company texted me and said "don't think he will be coming back." Should I have got the achievement or does it have to be successful?
  • From what I can tell the "Private Fare" appears to be a specific mission. I missed the first call and used the left stick click thinking that I was doing it right, but found out that was wrong after not getting the achievo just driving that person to where they wanted to go. After awhile I got a call from the cab company and they put a mission on my map with the letter P. I went and picked up the lady and the story that happened in the mission fit the "Love and War" theme very much. I got the achievo when it ended. Check to see if you have a P on your map for a mission if you are waiting for a phone call. Maybe you completed the phone call and didn't realize this was added to your map.
  • This is so fucking glitched. Done it twice and both times game fucked up and the mission wouldnt end. GTA5 is full of glitches..........
  • @29 - so Gmaestop it and buy a better game
  • So I buy the cab company, get in a taxi, drive around, take a few fares out of boredom, buy the Hookies restaurant, get shot at by bikers, start shooting back, the guy calls, I accept, then the cops show up and shoot me in the face with a shot gun point blank.. no sign of the P I need & been driving around forever waiting for the damn call..
  • @29 Did somebody say yoga?
  • does anyone have a 2 day trial. I will return with a code from a game? if you do message me XxXELLIEXxX XD thankyou
  • Got this while I was cruising around in my regular car w/Franklin. Pretty sure my private fare was Derrick McReary and I helped him get away from a jewelry store robbery.
  • Do you buy the Cab company on the internet? It's not on my map to purchase.
  • I purchased the property, did a couple of normal taxi missions and then started driving around trying to get the private fare type. I drove around for 5 minutes in the city and never got it, so I got bored and just sat in a random parking lot in my taxi. After 5 minutes of sitting there, he calls me for a private fare.
  • Do you need to be in a taxi? I'm running out of ideas because they've not called me and I bought them days ago:(
  • Man waiting for that phone call is getting brutal...
  • So stupid driving around forever n no call I'm just going to kill myself
  • I still haven't got the call!
  • I was having the same problems as everyone else. I had 13 other saves (saved every 8% or so in case of corrupt files) so I loaded the one that was around 72%, which was before I bought the cab company. I bought the cab company, and continued to sleep until Sunday morning. Got in a car and within about 2 minutes got the call.
  • It took me about 3 days in real time playing the game before I got the call.
  • I had the same problem with the call not coming. I solved in this way: go home, sleep till Monday. As soon as you go out again you get a message from one of your properties. If it's not the taxi company just complete the mission and go back to bed. It took me 3 different missions (I bought almost everything with Franklin) but the 3rd was from the taxi company. I hope it helps.
  • Just got this. I went to an old save game before I bought any properties. ONLY bought cab company. Got call quickly. If it's your only company it helps I think.
  • I was on a mission when I got the first phone call, so I didn't accept it thinking it would come again. And that's been a week ago. Will I ever get a second call?
  • This is taking so long! Why wont he call! :P
  • Is anyone else still having a problem after having ignored the first call? When I first got it, I was in the middle of a mission, and I've completely beaten the story since then and still no new call.
  • I also can't get a second call...nobody knows how to trigger this?
  • I got the call but was killed in the meantime so the call ended. I haven't got a second call but now Franklin still shows one mission to do when I open character selection. When I open the map I see nothing though... This may the source of the glitch.
  • Piece of shit achievement...only need one more single player achievement and it's this one, i already have 100%, bought all properties, and no earlier saves..any other ways to do this? LAST ACHIEVEMENT ): GT: Dan B 697
  • For anyone that is still having trouble with this I found that the method that was mentioned in comment #43 to work wonderfully.
  • Hi. The guy hasn't called me either. It's been a week or so. I thought he would call when I do the stunt jumps but nothing yet. Anyone know why I'm not getting a call?
  • I feel ripped off because this is the last single player achievement that I need but there is no 100% way to trigger it like every other one. I hate that game developers feel they need a random ass achievement in their games.
  • This is the last hting I need to get the in-game 100% and it won't spawn for me. Ever. It's been like this for months. It would be nice is R* actually DID something about it. There is no way in hell I'm doing all that stuff again on a new file. Loved the game but I will not be doing those stunt jumps/threading the needle.
  • I got the first call (some guy looking for his daughter or niece, who was banging the biker club). Met up with bikers, guy wanted to kill them all, so I did, but never got the achievement. I think was because the guy might have dies or I did not grab all the money, as I was trying to get away from the cops. I played for a while and nothing, then I read #43, grabbed a cab parked it in my garage, went to sleep until Monday noon (skipped the 04:00am wake up), got in the cab and Boom got a second call. The second one was lame as the guy wanted me to take him somewhere, but when we got there he skipped paying, so I had to chase him. I finally popped a couple shots into him, and luckily I guess I never killed him, he dropped the money and was still alive. soon as I grabbed the money, the c
  • ^^^^^ chevo popped up.
  • Well I finally got this achievement a couple of months after buying the Cab company. I saw a tip elsewhere that said about buying the towing company. So I bought that shortly after completing all five of Tonya's towing missions. I then received a call for the private fare about a week in-game time later.
  • Haven't got this or the final parachute mission. Think both are glitched, so I can't 100% the game.
  • Had a problem with getting the call. In fact I wasn't getting calls from any of my owned properties. So I started a new file and got up to the point where I could free roam. I saved that file and then loaded up my main file. After that I went to my hideout while playing with Franklin, and slept until Monday in-game. I then received a call from Smoke on the Water. So I ignored that and slept again until I got to the following Monday and received the call from Downtown Cab Co. Hope this helps anyone stuck with not getting a phone call.
  • I purchased the company and still have not received the call, I must have spent like two in game weeks as Franklin waiting, during that time I purchased a bar and I immediately got a call there was a shootout and I had to kill some Ballas.
  • Got this and random means truely random I bought it at the end of the game and got the phone call several hours later when on the completion list for shit to collect in the world

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