TP Industries Arms Race Achievement

  • TP Industries Arms Race



    Purchase McKenzie Field Hangar and win the arms race.

    While playing as Trevor, you will need to complete the two story missions "Mr. Philips" and "Nervous Ron" before you can buy properties around San Andreas. Upon completing the latter mission, the game will inform you about property buying.

    You can actually purchase the McKenzie Field Hanger for $150,000 as soon as you finish the "Nervous Ron" mission, as you will have just enough cash and the mission ends right outside the hanger.

    Once purchased, you can begin undertaking trafficking missions for Oscar, who you meet after making the purchase. Arms Trafficking missions are performed in the Cuban 800 airplane parked in the hanger and in the BF Dune Buggy parked outside the hanger. Enter either vehicle in order to receive instructions from Oscar. After completing a mission, you will either need to travel some distance and return in order for the next mission to be available, or quick save and reload your saved file. All in all, there are five of each trafficking missions (air and ground) and the achievement will unlock once all ten are completed.

  • Just like the one in GTA SA? Great, maybe we'll also learn some flight lessons from there, of course, Trevor won't, but others will probably.
  • #1 Do... not... mention...Flight lessons.
  • I just am glad there is no cheevo / trophy for completing every race in first place online.. that one sucked for PS3 when I was platinuming it. I forget what the cheevo was called and am too lazy to look :p
  • Just do 5 Ground Runs and 5 Air runs. easy.
  • my trafficing dreams come true
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  • Make sure you get this before you beat the game, it isn't available afterwards
  • @8 It is still there depending on how you ended the game. I'm doing these now and i've been through it all.
  • Its also an Hommage to an early Rockstar game called "Smugglers Run". Same Buggy, same Mission Objective.
  • easily one of the most frustrating achievements simply because there are no checkpoints in the missions. about 5 times now ive completed the entire mission and fucked up the landing back at the hangar
  • I'm a good flyer and lander but the last air traffic mission is impossible. There is not enough time to go from one target to the next, even if you get a bullseye on both targets without missing. It's just the plane is not fast enough. What am I missing? My landing gear is up, my plane is level, I'm holding the right trigger down, and I'm not swerving around any mountains or anything. It's a straight shot from one target to next and I hit the first target fast with one bomb and yet I can't even get close to the next target before time runs out. I've even switched the order of targets and still can't do it. Thoughts?
  • Okay so adding to my above post about the last air dropping mission, I restarted my xbox and replayed the mission again but this time there was no time limit on taking out the targets. Weird, so be aware of the time limit glitch
  • I have ALWAYS HATED Gta flying mission. I can drive, kill and do anything, but don't give me planes or choppers. Fuck, this shit doesn't even have checkpoints, I do everything right then crash while landing.
  • This shit.. done them all... no cheevo :(
  • Join my crew, FiveJerks OneSquirt... Plenty of open spaces so have you and your friends join. Thanks... kram3r024
  • @8 I've beaten the game. After that, I went to go do this side mission and I got the Achievement. You can still do it after you had beaten the game.
  • Doing the drop offs 5 times only to fuck up on landing... Might be breaking a few controllers..
  • dunno whats going on, done these things like 10x and don't have the achievement, what am i missing
  • This shit is annoying no checkpoints so you have to start over a million times
  • Just got this and it was after I beat the game. I got it after finishing all of the missions given to you when you get in the dune buggy beside the mckenzie field hanger.
  • buggy runs were dope
  • You guys need to stop whining like little girls. Play some Ace Combat or something. I can understand if you said helicopters. they can be difficult. But airplanes? Just fly straight. and you dont even have to land right. just nose dive and pull up at the last second. then brake. Pretty simple. - Air force pilot lmao
  • Does the airfield ever actually give you any money or do you have to do jobs to get any moolah out of it?
  • I can't see any missions anymore, do I have to wait for it to pop up again or I'm missing something?
  • I have completed just 1 of both flying and ground missions, but now there is not next missions visible, do I have to wait to next missions come available or how i can get next missions?
  • @26 if you just quick save once you complete one of the missions and reload the save the missions will appear again
  • Quick saving is the quickest way to get this done.
  • thank you for this
  • After completing a Mission quicksave to trigger the next one. You need to complete 5 Land and 5 Flying Missions for this to Achievement.
  • How can you do this if you kill Trevor?
  • The plane controls like shit, made the air missions needlessly hard. 1 star
  • If you keep practising flying planes and choppers, you will have no problem getting this achievement.
  • Plane controls are shit, time limit is glitchy (fourth flight mission supposed to be complete in 3:20 to get a bonus. Not complete it in 2:15 or fail which is impossible). Bleh. No likey.
  • You just have to buy it complete 5 of each mission. Here is a guide
  • not too bad
  • Whatever you do, don't crash/destroy your plane/vehicle. There are no checkpoints for these missions, so when you fail you have to start all the way from the beginning. Even if you crash your plane while landing, you will still have to start over the mission entirely. Don't fuck up!

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