Multi-Disciplined Achievement

  • Multi-Disciplined



    Attain a gold medal in all applicable hobbies and pastimes.

    In GTA V, there are over 60 hobbies and pastimes available around San Andreas. Some of these include Taxi Missions, Races, Parachuting, Triathlons, Sports and more.

    For this achievement, you only have to worry about obtaining ONE Gold Medal in the following activities:

    • Flight School
    • Off-Road Race
    • Sea Race
    • Street Race
    • Shooting Range
    • Triathlon

    Franklin's very first Strangers & Freaks Mission, "Shift Work," will count as a Street Race for this achievement even if you did not get a Gold Medal on it. For the Triathlons, Sea Races and Off-Road Races, you only need to get 1st place to obtain a Gold Medal. For the Flight School and Shooting Range, you only have to worry about getting a Gold Medal in one of the many challenges available. This achievement can be done with any character, so don't worry about keeping track of who does what!

    A huge thanks to Callum x360a for confirmation on this achievement.

  • I know this game will be amazing but i fear the controls in some of the activities like gliding won't be the best and this achievement will be frustrating
  • can't wait too see what arcade machines will be in the game..!
  • This must include yoga and tennis... Not my favourite hobbies or pastimes I have to say!
  • Apparently it includes the flight school lessons and some of them golds (esp. 2 heli) are crazy hard to get.
  • This definitely seems like it's going to be one of, if not the hardest achievements in the game.
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  • What is the list of things? - Shooting Range - Yoga - Tennis ..?
  • One gold medal in Shooting Range Sea Races Street Races Off Road Races Triathlon Flight School (30G's)
  • Def. does work for me and i've done each one of them and gotten gold with all three characters.
  • do i have to do them with each character?
  • Nah homie, one character will suffice.
  • @no.7 No thanks you must be spamming every post because your videos are rubbish. I hate how these get filled with useless comments before the game is even out :/
  • #9 is spot on, just did them all with franklin in about 30 mins only need 1 gold medal in each
  • I can say that you do NOT have to get these gold metals with the same character. My achievement just unlocked after I won my first Sea Race. I won the Sea Race with Franklin, but I had never had him in a Triathlon, Flight School or the Shooting Range. I do know for sure that I had a gold metal in all of the other activities that #9 mentioned (the Seas Race was the last activity to become available), but I KNOW I got the gold metals with different characters. I can also confirm that a gold metal in Hunting is NOT needed (thank goodness).
  • Thank you so much #9, and those afterwards that have confirmed it. I was very worried about having to get all gold medals in everything... that would have been a bitch and a half.
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  • This was easy. It popped without me even realising i'd done it. You don't have to get gold on EVERY single challenge. Just at least one gold in each of the different categories.
  • Easy to do when you know how
  • Done everything with multiple characters not unlocked? Trying to do another street race but none appearing on map any ideas?!?
  • You have to do the street races at night.
  • Easy achievement, I got it randomly....
  • That last triathlon was A b**** 30 minutes of button mashing, took me several days. I suggest only trying to get it once or twice a day otherwise it becomes frustrating and ruins the game. I hope someday we will be rid of button mashing- just my opinion. Thanks for the list, cheers!
  • I did not get it. I did everything right. What am I missing? I got golds in every of that.
  • @23 holy shit that last one was a bitch!!!! I won first place but was ready for me thumb to fall off
  • I caught my skin getting a gold medal at Shooting range but I manage to pull it off and got this achievement.

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