From Beyond the Stars Achievement

  • From Beyond the Stars



    Collect and return all spaceship parts.


    While playing as Franklin, you will eventually encounter a mission called, “Far Out One”, which will be designated on your map by a green question mark icon. This mission will direct you to a man named Omega in east Sandy Shore. He will recount a ridiculous tale about an alien ship that crashed in San Andreas and it is up to you to recover all 50 space ship parts for him.

    Although this is a Franklin-only mission, you can still recover the ship parts while playing as Michael and Trevor. Each collectible will have a bright gold aura and emit a small humming sound when you are near them. Keep in mind that some parts can only be reached with a helicopter, but you can easily get one from the Los Santos Hospital helipad. If you don't know where that is, jump to 10:39 in the video below and you will see its location. Once you have collected all 50 parts, return them to Omega and the achievement, plus a very unique vehicle, will be yours.

    Refer to "A Mystery, Solved" for a great tip on how to collect the space ship parts quicker, using the taxis in the game, if you do not always have a helicopter.

  • Anyone who has played Bully will get this. I bet when you return all the parts the hobo behind the school bus appears.
  • Yeah Bully refrence lol. ^
  • HaHa yeah Bully Remember the Bigfoot myth in San Andreas,so Rockstar put one in the Red Dead Redemption DLC?..well in San Andreas there was also a myth that there was a spaceship in that(at the Military Base),so it could also be Rockstar acknowledging that as well
  • yeah nice links too both 'bully' and 'san ann'... im wondering how many parts there are too collect, 100/200 pieces..? please not 200 again
  • I love devoting an entire day to finding "hidden items" in rockstar games.
  • I hope theres a flyable UFO
  • Well, San Andreas had 200 collectables (100 spray tags, 50 invisible photo opportunities, 50 horse shoes and 50 underwater pearls), so it's entirely possible that there's going to be a few. Of course, 15G's for 200+ collectables... Didn't the hippy have a van he referred to as a UFO? It's been some years since I played that.
  • @7 The hippy dude (The Truth) called his van the Mothership which is kinda referable to a UFO.
  • Ahh, yes, Truth and his Mothership.
  • Sounds really cool
  • @ #4 "San Ann"? Did you just bloody call it "San Ann"?
  • @#11 blowfish what? would you rather me call it 'grand theft auto - san andreas'..? un-tuck your bloody shirt kid, this is grove slang 'san ann' what it is..!
  • I have a hunch that this could also be something like a trevor only thing considering he is the somewhat "crazy" one
  • Hopefully this achievement is one that you can jump into right away! I definitely want to do this first, if possible. Of course though, it probably doesn't get assigned as a mission/side quest until later in the game. Hopefully not though!
  • In GTA SA there was the Bigfoot myth and the spaceship myth.
  • 1: i hope we can fly that UFO 2: i hope rockstar added bigfoot in there somewhere =D 3: i wonder if we need to cooperate and create a map so we can fint all parts if they are well hidden..
  • If GTA does have UFO and aliens they will be stylin, unlike saints row nonsense
  • #7 - Failed maths? (Well, San Andreas had 200 collectables (100 spray tags, 50 invisible photo opportunities, 50 horse shoes and 50 underwater pearls). That's 250 collectibles.
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  • Here is a video guide of all Spaceship Parts needed to unlock the achievement:
  • i just spent my whole friggin afternoon collecting spaceship part and didnt get the goddamn acheivement waste of time piss me off
  • @ #22: did you take them back to Omega? Because you need to take them back to Omega.
  • ya i did i watched the end scene and waited but no cheevo, my guess was because i used the cheat for the buzzard to get the space parts from high spots. so i guess ill play the game to the end and start a new game just to collect the parts again
  • got them all in one video for ya!
  • Didn't pop for me, I'm absolutely fuming. What a load of bullshit.
  • @24 if you use any kind of cheat it automatically disables achievements for a gamesave.. so you are not going to be able to get it unless you start a new game and don't use any cheats.
  • man i hate this one finally got it though the one on the bridge is a mega troll from rockstar it cant be obtained by normal means
  • @28 You can, when you're far enough into the game. I flew over, jumped out, parachuted onto the bridge. Took a while, just quick save in the plane as you're facing the bridge, if you mess up, re-load.
  • lol at all of the people saying it didn't pop. It's because you used cheats, nobody else playing legit has had trouble with it popping.
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  • I don't wanna be 'that guy' but if anyone is looking to get all spaceship parts please check out my video. its my first one and want to know what everyone thinks. check out my channel and tell me if you like! many thanks!
  • Got a crew running El Passo Banditos open to everyone.
  • @20 - "Right now the only people that are getting higher ranks are my friends but if you preform good when online comes out you too can be promoted". So you have favouritism in your crew? Your friends gets promoted doing nothing but if we join we have to work for it? No thanks then. I'd rather join a crew where it was completely fair and even between us all.
  • If anyone is having trouble getting the one on the bridge, quick save first and then try to land your helicopter on the bridge support beams, right beside the piece, it's a little bit tricky to get the helicopter in there but it's a lot easier than hoping to parachute to it. Also I used Trevor's helicopter, and Trevor himself to get the piece if that helps any.
  • i had full intentions during last weekend to get on here but, seeing #35 posted first i will kindly and gladly confirm what he said all the way except one detail. i didn't land my copter close to the part i landed mine further from it as it seemed the space was bigger and a tad bit easier but this is very obtainable without doing the parachute yal.
  • Is there a map or video on YouTube with the locations
  • Okay just learnt about this mission... ^ GTA interactive map with each location (toggle on and off if you've collected it, also includes videos) Once you have collected all 50 make sure you play as Franklin. An O? should appear, go to it and collect the cheevo :)
  • For those who do better with interactive maps than videos like me--
  • I would like to thank the f'ing genius that put the piece on the arc of the bridge. You're a credit to f'ing society. You owe me a new controller and the last 45 minutes of my life back.
  • nice map! I needed that
  • I used the interactive map on the Social Club page, on the checklist tab. It was so easy as it (mostly) tracks your progress from within the game :)
  • #40 Omg, same happened to me! Grr!
  • Forget about landing the Helicopter for the one on the bridge, after messing it up twice, I decided parachute and did on third attempt.
  • Has helped me greatly!
  • This one took forever but finally got it
  • I don't recall ever seeing this mission during the game and it's not one of the 'replay mission' options. I've completed the story and there's no missions showing for any character. WTF?
  • #47 It's a Strangers and Freaks mission marker on your map. I do think you have to do some previous Strangers and Freaks missions for this one to appear, but I'm not positive.
  • #46 Getting the "A Mystery Solved" achievement takes about the same amount of time.
  • Go on the social club for all the collectibles.
  • Not sure if anyone has said this, but here's a tip that could save you some time. Do this as Franklin, because if you've bought the cab company (recommended)then you can get the taxi to your destination for free. Once you get there, hit right on the d-pad and it will stop the taxi from driving off. Go and get your collectible, then back to the taxi. This saves you from ringing a new taxi and waiting every time. Obviously this doesn't apply to the helicopter-only ones, but this should save some time for you.
  • Takes ages gathering all of the space ship parts, goodness. After doing all of it finally, is a bit of a let down. I thought anyways. Thank you for the YouTube video and guide, appreciate it! :)
  • i didnt get the achievement
  • This took me a good while to collect all spaceship parts, especially landing a chopper beneath the bridge...I finally got it, yall, thanks to YouTube video. If anybody else got this achievement...I will see you on the other side, lol!!!
  • Has anyone still got their Space Docker!? I stored it at Frank's home garage but after about patch v1.14 I noticed it'd gone (along with my pink tinted Sheriff SUV, which I was less bothered with). NB: The Space Docker (modded Dune Buggy) is like the giant panda - once it is lost it is gone forever! :(
  • the most time consuming achievement *ugh* thanks for the video tho, cheers
  • I'm gettin pidgeon flashbacks :-O
  • I almost got it 2 more to go

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