A Mystery, Solved Achievement

  • A Mystery, Solved



    Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson.


    There are 50 hidden Letter Scraps scattered all over San Andreas and they can be picked up with any character at any time during the game. These letters are small, glowing pieces of paper that were left behind by a serial killer in San Andreas. Like the space ship parts, some of these scraps can only be reached with a helicopter.

    After finding all 50 scraps, proceed to the newly discovered green question mark icon in Rockford Hills while playing as Franklin. There, you will meet Leonora Johnson's killer, Peter Dreyfuss. After a short cutscene, it is up to you in deciding Dreyfuss's fate. Regardless of what you do to the man, the achievement will unlock after your decision is made.

    It is recommended to work on both set of collectibles after you have purchased the Downtown Cab Company as Franklin. Once you own the company, taxi rides will be free. If you are following the videos, you can just set a waypoint to the next collectible and fast travel to your destination through the taxi cab. Make sure to whistle when you get out of the cab so it stays there while you grab the collectible. Credit goes to WalterWhite for this brilliant idea.

  • Holy shit.
  • 0 0 0
  • Someone relating to Carl Johnson? (CJ from San Andreas)
  • So excited for September 17th!!! It really needs to hurry up and get here.
  • I'm thinking it's the GTA universe's own Black Dahlia case.
  • redemption for johnson family..!
  • Seems way to coincedental to not have anything to do with the Johnson family. If it is is a link i'm going to be so happy.
  • I think Leonora is Cj's mom.
  • ^ His mom was Beverly Johnson and was killed, it was the reason CJ came back to Los Santos in the first place. My guess is Carl's sister Kendl may of had a child, a daughter perhaps with Cesar. Though depending on if they got married (he told CJ he wanted to propose), she may no longer be a Johnson.. I honestly don't have a clue, just hope the old Johnson house is still there on Grove Street to begin the Mystery! :D
  • this mission was pretty damn awesome gave me flashbacks
  • Any chance of this being the ending? No spoilers if the other achievements say the ending, this is the only one I read.
  • 10, stop trolling it isnt online yet and wont be for weeks
  • 11, no this is not even near the ending
  • Puzzle Yeah!
  • something to do with CJ??
  • Leonora Johnson could be CJ's cousin.. or Rockstar just created her just so we would all think it has something to do with C.J.
  • san andreas! OMG
  • will have nothing to do with cj... or anyone of this family different universes remember
  • @18 Nah, no different universes, and if yes - then GTA III and SA had to colide somehow (claude being in 2 SA missions I think).
  • I honestly think it has something to do with LA Noire....Just Saying!!!
  • Throughout the game you will find collectable pages. Once you find all of the collectable pages, you will unlock this achievement. I'm not sure entirely how many to collect, as I do not recall currently (but it's a lot).
  • It's 50 pages. I've so far found one and it was on the back porch of CJs old house in grove street.
  • 50 pages?? When I picked up a page at the top cable car station it said 1 of 6?
  • Go to your socialclub, it tells you all the locations of these and the spaceship parts!
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On2eIEyDC-4 Shows all the locations
  • yea sounds like something to do with san andreas but it does sound like something straight out of la noire
  • I haven't done this yet but I was a big fan of GTA SA. I'm pretty sure LEONORA JoHNSoN Was CJs MOTHER. Remember her death was what brought cj back to grove street but they didn't go into details about her death. I could be wrong
  • wasnt lenora johnson a girl that got murdered in L.A.NOIRE?
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  • I'm on my last 3 sub findings (yes sub) that is related to this achievement
  • i think this has glitched me out of the one that's by the spaceship part in the underwater cave area. i definately grabbed it but it didn't pop up and the damn thing isnt flashing under the water anymore either :(
  • I don't understand what i have to do yet.
  • This does NOT have to do with CJ's mother... At least do a TINY bit of research before assuming this is tied to SA. @32 That page is not under the water. It is above ground near the boat.
  • You need to ring Abigail when you have all the parts
  • The there is more collectables :-(
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bLyGp1s8cU&feature=youtu.be&annotation_id=annotation_2379524505&feature=iv&src_vid=pw0d1jTTiD0
  • glitched on me, got all 50, map on the social club says I have 50/50, got credit under misc but no cheevo, I hate glitched out games.
  • @38 did you do the strangers mission as well? you SPOILER have to kill Dreyfus for the achievement to unlock
  • I will check tx #39
  • Yep, that was it, thanks again @39
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  • Lerona Johnson is not Carl Johnson's mother. San Andreas is based in a different universe to GTA IV & V. Lerona Johnson in actual fact, was an actress. Jump on eyefind and look for it, there is a website that looks into her murder.
  • I don't wanna be 'that guy' but if anyone is looking to get all scrap paper please check out my video. its my first few videos and want to know what everyone thinks. check out my channel and tell me if you like! many thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=392MtnWmwgk
  • As much work as this took, Im surprised it's only 15G
  • just wanted to let those that may not know this. the scrap letter on top of the crane on the sky scraper do not land copter on the top of the building and walk on the beam, also do not bother parachuting to the ladder to climb the parachute. just go all the way to the bottom of the building you can easily climb all the way up on a bunch of ladders. yes true it's a bit of time but more safe and will save you from getting killed and going all the way back which waste more time. just helping out those that try for this later on. every bit of info helps.
  • I need this for 100%, anyone have a good map that can be easilly printed?
  • to #47 if i had a camera i'd be more than glad to take pics to help. however i'm pretty sure you can go to youtube for help. try that out just put in GTA V scrap letter locations pretty sure somebody has a detailed walkthrough of where these are. good luck hope u get 100%
  • http://www.gta5tv.com/easy-money-guide/ his has a map with all the letters
  • This was sooo boring, except when I killed him :L A sticky bomb to the face sent him flying haha
  • I ha e no scraps showing up on my game?
  • Just finished this achievement. Took me 2 and a half hours.
  • I hate collectathons. At least I was able to knock this one out in a day. Only took 8 or so hours
  • the letters are not there when i go to collect, went to a few locations now and nothing i only have one that i collected by accident, any ideas?
  • Interest case, yall...Mystery sloved, thanks to youtube video (similar to Beyond the stars achievement).
  • Where is the start of this quest? or better, when? Does it require a certain mission to be completed first?
  • was fun achievements .. thanks for the video guide . cheers
  • #56 You should probably get the first piece of the puzzle when you go up Mount Chilliad by elevator, since the first piece can be found there right after you reach the top. Can't really miss it when you do the bounty hunter jobs for Trevor.

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