Waste Management Achievement

  • Waste Management



    Purchase the old dock and collect all nuclear waste.


    Before you can begin collecting the 30 nuclear waste collectibles, you will need to buy the Sonar Collections Dock - located in Blaine County - for $250,000. This property can be purchased by any of the three characters and will only be available after completing the "The Merryweather Heist" story mission.

    In order to pick up the nuclear waste, which is scattered around the ocean floor, you need to use the yellow submarine that always spawns at the docks of this property. Buying the docks will also give you a new app called "Trackify," which will automatically turn on when entering the submarine as it provides a sonar radar that points to the nearest collectible. The order of collectibles in the video below matches with the order of the Trackify app. The app will not mark any of the waste on your in-game world map and sometimes, a piece of waste is extremely far away on a different part of the coast; so be sure to follow the video to a tee. The submarine is also VERY slow, so if you're trying to collect all the nuclear waste in one run, it will take around two hours.

    Fortunately, collecting all the nuclear waste will help uncover the ocean on your map if it is not already cleared up. In addition to this, you will earn $23,000 per piece of nuclear waste you find if you collect them with the character who purchased the Docks, and an additional $250,000 bonus after finding the last piece of waste.

  • This seems very interesting. So basically, you'll be able to actually collect nuclear waste? This game will have everything, I can't wait!
  • This game will have a Nucler fuck yea!!!
  • Wonder how you would collect it...
  • hate this one.. you use a sub to collect em.
  • This one is easy. You have to buy the Sonar Collections Dock (north-west side blain county) for 250k. Then you have acces to a dock with a sub. Once inside the sub, a tracking pad will open, follow the red dots and the altitude meter to get there. You get 23k per waste collected, easily getting your money back with a bit extra.
  • In the game there are 30 of barrels of nuclear waste In order to collect these barrels, you must finish "The Merrryweather Heist" main story mission, because during this mission you will be able to access a new type of vehicle, which is a mini-sub. After a while you will have to purchase the Sonar Collection Dock, which costs $250.000. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4ZNIcuWmDM
  • If like me, after an hour you only managed to get half way around the map and then you manage to blow up your sub... well do not fear! A Cargobob can be used to transport your sub back to where you were! :)
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  • You can also pick them up while swimming. Picked one up while doing the mission to break into the Gov's labs. They are pretty easy to see and since the sub tracks them it should not take too long. Also a good moneymaker with $23,000 per waste found :)
  • Fairly easy just stay away from the beach
  • its easy, just takes so long to get anywhere with that sub
  • the worst.. so boring, they put 160 collectables in this game.. what were they thinking?
  • Hour and a half to collect them all. Only benefit is that you can also collect submarine parts as well
  • The submarine is superslow, the Trackify app just sent me to the shore, the submarine is stuck now and I'm screwed. Thanks
  • Join my crew, FiveJerks OneSquirt... Plenty of open spaces so have you and your friends join. Thanks... kram3r024
  • Lol yeah the sub is epic slow. I got beached once but luckily managed to rescue the situation. If it helps, I went North, then East, Then South. Then ditched the Sub and started again from the Jetty and went South to finish off the ones on the West/South West side of the map. It saves travelling from the South East all the way around the dock. At least you make $940k from doing it. I also did the hidden packages along the way. Since when you exit the sub you automatically get the scuba gear.
  • #13 At least they broke it up into different activities unlike the 200 pigeons in the last game.
  • Just to add ppl, dont make the mistake i made. I thought id buy the property as Franklyn cos he had over 2 million dollars and let Trevor collect the barrels cos he only had 100K. I got sod all money for collecting them all. So i suggest using the character who bought the property to collect the barrels so no1 else has to suffer like me, lol.
  • this is really tedious
  • This took me over 2 hours. This was really annoying aand slow.
  • I stopped halfway and my sub vanished off the map and wont reappear. Anyone else have this problem?
  • Your sub should reappear at the dock. If not, look on the map for a submarine icon.
  • Easy, but very time consuming. I found it easier to drive the sub along the surface, and stop it right above the red dots. Then get out and dive straight down to the waste barrel. Much easier to maneuver around the rocks swimming than it is with the clunky sub.
  • Make sure you start in the morning (in game). Underwater visibility at night is the worst!
  • you can use the boat thats at the dock from the sub parts collection mission and use the map on powerpyx's video and use the boat, then dive into the water and collect the barrels. ive only collected one so far but it seems much easier
  • This was a really great way to make back some money, you get 25K if I remember right for each one, and unless I saw wrong, you get your money back for buying the dock once you've done everything.
  • I literally just finished this achievement. I started on it at 8:00 PM and finished at 9:42 PM. This is officially one achievement you could not pay me to do again.
  • #18 agreed those pigeones were a real grind lol
  • take way to long to collect them all -_-
  • Got this one, yall...interesting achievement. While searching for these nuclear waste items...Martin's henchmen were searching for me as Micheal or Trevor at Los Santos area, they mean business, LOL!!!
  • I think i fucked up big time, i used the health cheat to try and save my submarine while it was smoking half way through from damage, and then finished the mission. But it didn't unlock, can anyone help me on this pleaaasse?
  • If anyone gets stuck on a rock or on the shore...I just kicked and punched the sub, each time moving it back into the water.
  • this is a time consuming achievement

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