Red Mist Achievement

  • Red Mist



    Complete all Rampages.

    Rampages are a form of Strangers and Freaks missions that are only available when playing as Trevor. Like all Strangers and Freaks missions, the first Rampage will appear as an orange question mark on your map. After that, their icon is an Orange Skull but they will not appear on the map until the mission "Friends Reunited" is completed. The goal of these missions is to defeat the required number of enemies in the time allotted. You do not incur a Wanted Level during the challenges which is the fun part.

    Overall, there are five different Rampages to complete. The first Rampage will be available after completing the “Trevor Philips Industries” story mission. Below, you can check out where each Rampage is located.

    • Rampage 1 – Sandy Shores on Marina Drive.
    • Rampage 2 – Corner of Macdonald Street and Jamestown Street in Rancho, Los Santos.
    • Rampage 3 – In an alley on Forum Drive in Chamberlin Hills, Los Santos.
    • Rampage 4 – Fort Zancudo Approach in Great Chaperral.
    • Rampage 5 – Mirror Park, Los Santos.

    Upon completing all five rampages, the achievement will unlock.

  • Glad to see Rampages returning from the 3D GTA games. This achievement list is shaping up.
  • Guessin this is a reference to Kick-ass 2
  • ha there were what they called "kill frenzy" back in gta i and ii. wonder if they are adding somthing like that in
  • When i played GTA 1 and GTA 2 i mainly just did the Frenzy Challenges :)
  • Happy to see that Rampages are returning
  • It's five rampages btw... - Rednecks - Mexican gangmembers - Ballas - The Army - Hipsters
  • I'm sad that there were barely any Asians' in this game. :(
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  • the rampage are so easy
  • I'm working on this one now if anyone wants to boost the multiplayer msg me OutlawKlown
  • where can you find these
  • Join my crew, FiveJerks OneSquirt... Plenty of open spaces so have you and your friends join. Thanks... kram3r024
  • this is easy, all 5 rampages you have to play as trevor, they should appear as skulls on your map. i did all 5 after i finished the game so i dont know when you unlock them.
  • Omg as a NYer I loved doin the hipster rampaging I hate those trustee fucks,my wife was laffin her ass off Funny achievment!!!!!!
  • These aren't the best to do if you're going for the 70 gold medal missions, or at least not for me anyway. They all have around 3 different requirements to get gold, and they can be kinda difficult to get all together.
  • I just did 1-5 with no cheats and it didn't pop. Will it not work if you've previously completed them with cheats?
  • One of the easiest achievements in the game, not including the main story ones.
  • Just got this one, yall...without cheats and code, just go with de flow, lol!!!.

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