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    Complete all Stunt Jumps.

    Within the world of San Andreas, you will come across a total of 50 stunt jumps that you will need to complete for this achievement. Having the right vehicle for each jump is extremely significant. Usually, a fast sports car or motorbike is key for nailing the jumps at top speed; however, certain jumps are more restrictive with their “landing zone” so you may need a slower vehicle. With this said, knowing where to land each Stunt Jump is half the battle. You can land the jump as much as you’d like, but if you do not land in the desired location, it will not count.

    The Stunt Jumps are scattered throughout the city Los Santos and valleys of Blaine County. Keep in mind that Franklin is the character of choice for these Stunt Jumps, as his special ability can help make a last second adjustment in mid air or as you are going to launch off the ramp of a jump.

    It is recommended to use your in-game cellphone to quick save before every Stunt Jump. Using this method is great for ensuring that you will never lose any progress if you die or destroy your vehicle. If you fail a jump, just reload your saved file and you will be sitting in your vehicle right in front of the Stunt Jump you just saved your progress at. This is great for saving time instead of having to find a new vehicle or line up the jump again.

  • I relatively enjoyed GTA IV's 30 stunt jumps so I'm not disappointed to see these return. I just hope there isn't another one that requires you to drive through oncoming traffic turning to make the jump. I hated that one so much.
  • This was one of the more fun achievements in GTA IV, I got all the pigeons and hit the jumps. I'll enjoy this one. Just wonder how many there are.
  • This is gonna be good!
  • there is 50 jumps.. and you have to land properly... i've already had a couple landings i thought were ok, not perfect and it said i failed the jump.
  • Yeh guys, remember to use the stick to rotate your vehicle for the perfect landing.
  • Here's a video of all stunts (including their locations):
  • I just discovered an in game list of all the locations for these stunt jumps (this list also includes base jump and fly under locations, the second of which you need for the Close Shave achievement) In game if you use the Internet on your phone (up on the D-Pad and last icon on the bottom row) and go to the website "", answer "YES", and press "Adrenaline Junkies" at the top of the page you will be shown a list of all the items mentioned above. This list should help with this achievement along with the Close Shave achievement.
  • So if you accidently fail the stunt jump can you never do it again or what?? I failed a few and was wondering that.
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  • Here is a video guide of all the Stunt Jumps:
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  • pfff i hate this one. I keep jumping over the building instead of landing on it. perhaps the adder isn't the right car for this achievement
  • For god sake, Iv messed up thought I was going to be 50/50 but turns out iv missed one. Any one know if there's a way to check witch one i need? i don't want to have to try them all again.
  • @15 You might be able to check the social club but I'm not sure.
  • This was a fucking nightmare! Most of them have to be done so perfectly it's ridiculous. I must have landed about 20 of them first time. And the other 30 took me about 3/4 tries each. Took me a good 6/7 hours to do all 50. Unlike the under the bridges. Which took me about 30 mins max to do all 50.
  • @17 I know! It's total bullshit! It's 8:30 right not and I have been doing these since 4 and I only have 18 done! They are so fucking annoying.
  • The ones over the piles of stones are a pain in the ass. They throw off you off in a different direction lol. And the one into the Prison is a ball ache because you can't touch anything before you land on all 4 wheels or you fail it. I've always loved stunt jumps in the previous titles but a lot of these were very difficult to nail.
  • TIP. if the jump is going to be a dickhead . line it up quick save it and try it . if fell in water etc load it up again.
  • Warning, if you want to do this achievo in one sitting it takes a hell of a long time with inevitable failure and loading screens but is worth it
  • WARNING. Anyone who's using the Brady Games guide (I'm using the Limited Edition one. Not sure about others) for these they got their number 50 wrong. They put the the marker in the wrong place on the big map and the little zoomed in one near the discription. The picture is correct though. For a guide for it check out Number 7. North of the docks under and to the right of the big lower case n road. Hope this helped. Had me looking round for far too long.
  • #22 yeah I noticed that as well! Luckily it mentions landing on the bridge so I knew it had to be around there somewhere. Thank god for the pic of the pile of stones.
  • I don't wanna be 'that guy' but if anyone is looking to get all stunt jumps please check out my video. its my first few videos and want to know what everyone thinks. check out my channel and tell me if you like! many thanks!
  • why the fuck are half of the jumps lined up directly with street lights??!! i've landed so many jumps but just because i took out the pole it doesnt count
  • I swear I have done al 50 but stats say 49, guess I will have to start going through them again one by one sigh
  • If your having trouble with the jumps, save on your phone just before your run up. Then if you fail all you have to do is reload your save & you are lined up to try again. Bewarned though on a couple of desert jumps only you respawn, your transport ( car, bike whatever ) doesn't !!
  • I unlocked this achievement in solo session in online mode. It was in the race "Downtown Underground" I jumped from ledge of elevated road in middle of course. I jumped from ledge of elevated road and successfully jump and I gave 100 RP point. then suddenly popped this achievement I think this achievement is not jump 50 stunt locations I think this achievement is jump 50 times of stunt jumps maybe.
  • I was stuck at 49/50 - all in single player. About my 20th time (literally) running the online race Downtown Underground, I hit the jump from the bridge (which I had hit pretty much every other time through) and the achievement popped. It's nice when an achievement is glitched the other way for a change.
  • By far my least enjoyable GTA V achievement.
  • I'm currently 89.5% game completion and just starting these now, not sure I am looking forward to it given some of the above comments.
  • I'm sure with Franklin's special ability, they made these jumps more challenging, but even using his ability, they can be a pain. I think it took be 50 tries to do the Lighthouse jump, and #49 where you have to jump exactly over all the rocks. Not to mention the BS when loading a quick save, and your vehicle is gone.
  • #32 I couldn't agree more. All the times I got so frustrated and just stopped to take a breather and try again. The vehicle despawning was BS. I wish they fix that at least with the next update.
  • Arrgh I am stuck on 49 out of 50 jumps! I have done them all and marked them off the achievement hunter map I can only think I didn't save after doing one of them. Very annoying. Now doing them all a second time trying to get this achievement to pop.
  • Finally got this after completing 40 stunt jumps a second time! It seems the one I was missing was down near the port (area where the are five or six very close together).
  • If you are having trouble with your car or bike disappearing after you load it up, try to quick save on an actual road near the stunt jump instead of in the desert etc. It worked for me.
  • Oh my, such a hoard of moaning children. They are not hard, at all. If you ended up with 48 or 49/50, don't blame society. The guide is not at fault if you have a short attention span or a poor memory. I followed Brady guide for everything, not a single problem, i assume some others have. #36 Thanks, that helped. Also, sometimes i spawned without a vehicle, i simply ran to the closest road and there it was.
  • @PowerPyx. Love your work mate, keep it up. Friggen hell that lighthouse one had me stuck for ages. If it the game saved all the cars I threw into the ocean trying to get this one, my gawd. Thankgod for quicksave and reloading with a vehicle ready to go.
  • This one is super annoying!
  • Can you do this in gta online or just in singleplayer?
  • Can you get this achievement if you complete the stunt jumps online or do I have to complete these on the story mode?
  • I can confirm that you can get this achievement playing online. I have yet to complete the jumps in story mode but have just completed with my online character and the 30G popped immediately.
  • You only need to get 25 of the 50 to go towards the 100% achievement, but if you want the achievement for this too, then you need to get them all. If you have a couple quick cars in MP, I would say do it there so that you can call in new rides as your old ones get messed up.
  • I did the Downtown Underground race 50 times and got it. Now I have about 96/50 stunt jumps completed. Lol
  • can u get the achievement online or just single player?
  • I used a video guide to get 49 of them. I thought I got them all but looks like I gotta retrace them.
  • This is a bitch to do ....... but a lot of fun!
  • tedious achievement...
  • Just finished this. What a terrible use of four days. Never again.
  • I hated this. I finally got after like 5 sessions.
  • I'll never understand why this is the same as the letter and spaceship parts combined.. easier than either one.
  • I hate these type of achievements. It's fun at first but then it just gets tedious.
  • Soooo can this be done online? I did 25 online already so I'm trying to decide whether to finish em or not.
  • FINALLLYY did it, lighthouse one (#45) was pain in the ass. Pulled out with a Bike (Bati). Thanks for the video. Cheers
  • This was a pain in the ass
  • would like to know if this achievement works on GTA online as well. While it does count towards the paint jobs at LSC another post someone said it didnt pop online. Im in the same boat i have about half on GTA online just wondering if they are worth going for the achievment or if its just for paint jobs.

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