Three Man Army Achievement

  • Three Man Army



    Survive 3 minutes on at least a 3 star Wanted Level with all three characters together off mission.

    The earliest you can attempt this achievement is after the "Friends Reunited" story mission, as this is when all three characters will be available to use within the game. Open up your cellphone, go to "Contacts" and call either one of your partners requesting to hangout. Sometimes your partners may not always be available to hangout because they are sleeping, have an immediate story mission that needs to be completed, or you just did a mission with them. Just keep making calls during your time off-mission until they both are available to hangout.

    Once you've requested to hangout with either one, a new stickman icon will appear on your map. This is the location of the person you have just called. Head there, pick them up and then call the other character. Make sure you have a four-door car when picking them up!

    Now in order to obtain a three star wanted level, you will need to either kill a police officer or trespass an airport. Both of these methods will get you three stars right away, however it is recommended to trespass the airport as you can simply drive laps around the immediate area until three minutes have passed. It is also highly recommended to use a car in which you have bought bulletproof tires. Once three minutes have elapsed during the chase, the achievement will unlock. For further explanation on how the wanted levels work, CLICK HERE.

  • This must be easier than one man army on GTA IV. It's not hard to do it in Liberty City, and this map is much bigger...
  • At least we now know that the three characters ca meet each other off-missions now.
  • I wonder when your with all 3 characters not in a mission, if you can still switch between all 3 simultaneously on the fly. Cause that'd be pretty crazy to one minute be driving the car away from the cops, then switch to he guy in the back seat and start shooting out the window at the cops.
  • To the guy****
  • wonder what happens if all three are in same vehicle and it blow up.
  • This could mean you need to get 3 stars with each character but not at the same time
  • nice..!
  • This means. Be one character get his wanted level to 3 stars. Switch to another do the same. And then become the last person and get 3 stars again. Achievement
  • stickys -ready, uzi -ready, armor -ready - Let's go
  • @8 No it means play as one character, meet up with the other two, get a 3-star wanted level and then survive without any one dying or getting busted for 3 minutes.
  • Ok. Mine still sounds like more fun.
  • 333... This number is forever in my life.
  • Epic game!
  • Do this before you do the final mission.
  • After the story just ring both of them to hang out get 3 stars in a car and just drive for 3 minutes
  • talk with the other two characters for Hangout
  • Can anyone tell me why I can't hang out with all three characters? Whenever I try to call the second person to hang out, the phone says busy
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  • Before you can do this you must complete the story mission "Mr. Philips" to unlock Trevor as a playable character. After that you can call the other two characters via your in-game mobile phone. Pick them up with a car. The car has to have 4 doors. Now head to the Los Santos International Airport at the southern end of the map. Once you enter the airfield you will immediately get a 3-star wanted level. Keep driving from one end of the airport to the other and make sure that you don't lose the cops. You might also want to upgrade your car with the bullet proof tires from the car repair shop to make this a little easier.
  • Quick Simple guide for those who don't want a fuss! -Arc
  • Its very easy! Just pick up trevor n call rest of the characters to hang out with you, when u picked up both of them just raise ur wanted level(shoot someone) when police.come shoot a policeman u get 3 star wanted level now get in a car and stay alive for 3 min and achievement is urs!
  • Can it be done after story?
  • Hey guys here is a easy way to get this achievement:
  • Really easy achievement! Just call your friends and ask them to hang out, then head over to the International Airport and you'll get a instant 3 star wanted level. Then just drive around the airport for 3 minutes and the achievement will pop. A guide I made if you still need help! :)
  • @25 cheers
  • Welk a lil probleem when u already did the last story mission xD I cant get this achievement :p
  • U can go back and replay old missions though so you can get it still - the game wouldn't "lock" you out of an achievement, you just need to use your head and think.
  • Maybe you should use your head... Achievement says it has to be done "Off Mission"
  • call the other characters before ya pick up the 1st one so ya can hang with all 3 at once in a car able to hold atleast 4 ppl
  • Just to clear it up for anyone who is unsure as long as you pick option 'C' in the final mission this achievo is obtainable after the story is completed.
  • #30 has it spot on.
  • this cheevo was proper eazy bro easier than robbing a bank for real life not sayin I hav
  • Does anybody know how to get the three characters together once you have completed the main story? Every time I hang out with one character and I call the other it comes up with a busy signal when I call them. This happens with any combination of the three characters I use. Help, please? This is one of a couple trophies I need for the single player campaign. Thanks in advance.
  • #34 Call both of them BEFORE you pick the first guy up! ie, As Franklin, Ring Michael, then when his icon appears on the map, ring Trevor. You get 2 symbols on the mini map then. Just go and pick them both up.
  • The problem I'm having right now is one or the other doesn't want to hang out. Like as Franklin, I'll call Michael and he'll want to hang out. Before I pick him up I'll call Trevor and he'll say "No, sorry I'm busy" or whatever. Same went with Michael. I'd call Trevor and he'd be down to hang out, but then I'd call Frank and he'd turn me down. If I could just get these three dudes in the car together I could do this.
  • #36 make sure they have no missions available or anything?
  • You can still do this after the missions (some sources say you can't). I picked them all up in Franklins car (pimped for free when bought LSC) which had the best armour and bulletproof tyres, etc. Went to the airport, ran over a police officer (instant 3 stars) then just used the raised ring road, not too many police cars get up there so it's not too difficult and there were surprisingly few helicopters too.
  • I used this easy hassle free way to get the achievement,
  • Too easy. Should've been 5 stars for 5 mins and you have to evade it after.
  • Easy. Just like above posters said, start Hang Out activities with the 2 other characters. Pick them both up, and just do laps around LS Airport runway until the achievement pops. U don't need to clear the wanted level either.
  • Just go to to the airport
  • This was actually really fun. Love having them all together and hearing their dialogue.
  • Any way to do this aft choosing option A on the main mission?
  • I got this achievement after I finished the main storyline. The easiest way is to use Franklin and make sure you have a 4 door car with bullet proof tires. Call up Trevor to hang out but before you pick him up stop about a block before you get to him and call up Michael. After he agrees to hang out pick up Trevor and then Michael and head to the airport. Run over the guard at the gate and that should trigger at least one star. Once they start chasing you and you get a three star alarm just keep circling the airport for three minutes and the achievement will unlock.
  • Finally got it! I'm not sure does it help you to get all three characters together, but I got them together by selecting first trevor and left him walking, then Frankling and left him walking too, then select Michael and be sure you have a car with 4 doors and call both Trevor and Frankling and they should accept your invite. :)
  • #44 very true the dialogue of all three of them yelling at each other is fucking hilarious all them yelling and shit haha
  • Had no issues. I did this after finishing hte main game and took Michael as I already had his Tailgater tricked out with the best armor, mechanics and bullet proof tires. Called Franklin and got the OK and on the way to pick him up called Trevor as well. Picked up Franklin, then stopped by and grabbed Trevor. Headed to the airport, did some laps and figure 8s. Easy peasy. Even managed to lose the cops after an escape into the city and then hit up a bar.
  • Thanks for the guide you helped me find out if it was a 5 star wanted level we had t survive
  • In order for this to work, call them both before you pick one of them up. If you try calling one after picking up another, the call will say busy.
  • thanks #51
  • I found this was easiest after I had finished the main campaign. Make sure both are called before picking the other one up as once youve picked them up, you can not change character.
  • I did this one like 5 times and nothing, got a few people to try it that didnt have it and nothing, is it bugged?
  • no you call the guys and them get in a car get 3 starts and survive just like gta 4
  • the airport is the easiest place to achieve this

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