Out of Your Depth Achievement

  • Out of Your Depth



    You're gonna need a bigger boat...

    At any time during your playthrough, make your way to the beach in Western Los Santos and hop into a jet ski near the pier. Drive out into the ocean until the water is dark blue, as this is where you can generally find sharks if you wait long enough (you will know if a shark is nearby when there is a red dot on your mini-map). Once a shark appears, hop off your jet ski and dive underwater. The shark will ignore you at first, but once it gets close it will finally eat you and the achievement will unlock.

  • Get killed by a Shark is my guess.
  • Noooooo God! No god please no! No, NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm guessing if I was on a jet ski or a speedboat a shark would be able to attack me. I'll be too afraid to go out to see now.
  • *insert jaws theme here*
  • Sharknado!!!
  • @1 Would make more sense if it was kill a shark.
  • This is the downside of been Thalassophobic (fear of the ocean and everything in it).
  • oh man, i love alien! such an awesome movie reference!
  • @7 i hope thats sarcasm mate.....
  • haha at Number 7,its from Empire Strikes Back,not Alien! Hahahaha,Alien,I bet you feel a right idiot now!!
  • Its a jaws reference
  • @10 well done(!) ;)
  • Why the description has changed? Originally it was 'You`re gonna need a bigger boat... Or ANY boat'.
  • @11 Yes! Great punchline! You got him hook line and sinker....... get it? Anyone?... because of the fish
  • thank god they got the quote correct. i would have been gutted if they had said "we're gonna" like everyone else does.
  • The shark obsessed person in me is pleased.
  • JAWS reference, shark avatar...no.....I am SO FUCKING SCARED of sharks. Shit.
  • If anyone would like to make a "gang" with me and my friends add me my gt is xAmazzed
  • That would be so cool if Jaws was in the game
  • for this go out into the deep ocean and when a shark appears on the radar just dive. It will swim around then eat you and achievement unlocked!
  • Take a Boat, Jetski or swim to the deeper Water / Pacific and look at your Radar for a red Point. It is a Shark. Simple jump into the Water and wait 1-2 Minute. The Shark attacks you automatically and the Achievement is yours :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMZhcpf6XDc
  • I'm so fucking scared of sharks, i think I'll just sit in open water and go make a cup of tea so I don't have to see myself get eaten
  • hahaha, I'm with you #22...
  • Thank god, i am with 22 and 23, all the realism of this game freaks me out. I watched it but got all shook the deeper i swam, stupid game.
  • I haven't gotten to play this yet but I think I'll make my fiancĂ© play ths part- just to watch his character die haha.. I wonder if u can be killed by sharks in multiplayer too (not for the achievement though)
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4CeXvExFUk Best Tutorial and Easiest Yet!
  • Hey guys, a quick and simple guide for those who don't want to be bored to death getting such a simple achievement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REIi81AlkEQ&feature=youtu.be While I'd appreciate any views on the video, I understand some people on their phones can't watch it, so for them, check out the quick guide underneath this. For those that do watch it, thank you for your view and if you want more GTA V achievement guides and GTA Online guides when that comes out, please subscribe and share with your fellow achievement hunters! Cheers. For those who can't view it as they're on their phone, simply head to Del Perro Pier, grab a jet ski and head South as far as you can until you see a red dot, jump off and just swim around the shark until he heads for you and eats you. This ca
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  • I just swam out and finally found a shark finally got it to eat me and nothing. No achievement and then even on the alitruist alcolyte I gave them the drunk couple and nothing. -_-.
  • These 'lfg' people sound like elitist pricks to me," join my gang but you are a pledge till i decide if you're worthy of the honour." I'll just make a gang up of equals, as long as they help out/show up/invite are welcome in mine :)
  • Oh no virtual sharks. CHEESE IT!
  • Hey Guys - here is my handy dandy guide to finding the shark and getting eaten. http://youtu.be/vA9aYICTb-A and here are the rest of my GTA Series! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSvYQHitzjlPvoSlsKpJY6_OO_7NLc1rq
  • @9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I91DJZKRxs
  • yeh you do just get ate by a shark :) one more down
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1CA24KRuBk
  • Get eaten by a shark.
  • Could have been abit spectacular
  • I actually screamed when the shark sneaked up on me
  • Got this by accident was just messing around in the Water next thing i knew i was being munched on lol
  • These kinds of achievements are my favorite!
  • Easiest achievement of this game, yall...its a give away.
  • How do people find this stuff? :p
  • Is the Shark not spawning for anyone else? I literally wait longer than 15 minutes every time I go out there, from this pier, on a ski boat, and I enter the darkest blue zone and stay there waiting but nothing happens. Are you supposed to do anything else other than sit there and wait? - I've tried going around in circles and in the same general area but still nothing happens. Are you supposed to be a specific character? - I assume not because I've tried it with all three now. Does it work with an online character? - This I haven't tried but will be assured to do so, it's just that the video shows a campaign character. If there are any solutions for my problem please provide info or link me to help. Thank you.
  • This achievement was literally the first achievement I got when the game finished downloading. I took one look at that achievement, and sent Michael out into the ocean where I got owned by a shark. Easiest achievement ever. XD
  • If you have trouble finding the right location, just take a boat or jet ski as far out until it breaks down (found out on a YouTube comment lol. It takes awhile but works. The engine will breakdown and spawn a shark near you

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