Altruist Acolyte Achievement

  • Altruist Acolyte



    Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult.

    During your playthrough, you will sometimes notice your mini-map quickly flash white followed by a flashing red/blue blip. This notifies you that there is a Random Event at that blip. These events range from catching a thief; to gang shootouts and giving a stranger a lift back home. For this achievement, you will need to be playing as Trevor and wait until you encounter a hitchhiker or drunk pedestrian who needs a ride home.

    After the story mission, "Friends Reunited," you will arrive in Los Santos and already be playing as Trevor. Around the block from Floyd's safehouse, you will encounter a drunk couple who needs a ride home. You should use this time to get the achievement.

    When you pick up the stranger, you will receive a popup notification on your the top left corner of your screen informing you that Trevor can bring them to the Altruist Camp in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness (Northern Blaine County). A white “A” icon will appear on your map immediately. If you set a waypoint to the Altruist Camp, you can follow the new purple route instead of the yellow route that directs you to their house. Once you arrive at the camp, Trevor escorts them to the front gate where the cannibals take them off your hands. At this point, you will unlock the achievement.

  • Reminds me of the SKyrim side quest were you sacrafice someone to the Daedric being Boethia. Also Fable II comes to mind. This game looks so awesome.
  • Maybe this coincides with the shark achievement? Maybe you gotta kill a shark for some weird cult and bring them the shark? Haha idk..
  • hmm maybe some too do with the other cult and that 'epsilon program'..?
  • This game seems to have everything.....and now cults! Sweet,well it is based on a west coast city so makes sense bunch of fruity sickos out there
  • I think the altruist cult are cannibals because the skull seems to have a bite on it
  • For this, you have to meet a hitchhiker with Trevor, and then take him/her to the cult (they'll show up on the map when you pick someone up).
  • Yes but you can do this more then one way. Trevor can also take the couple that are to drunk to drive there!
  • i had the crazy chick in the car. but was drunk when playing and drove to the wrong place. lol o well hope to find another one
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  • Only Trevor can deliver persons to the Altruist Cult. It won't work with any other character. You will have multiple opportunities to get this. All of the random hitchhiker events work (there are 4 of them). One hitchhiker can be found at the street on the southern foot of Mount Chiliad. The random events don't always show up, but have fixed locations. If you cannot find the hithchiker, simply drive in another direction for a quarter mile and return. Once the hitchhiker enters the car, the cult will be marked on your map and you need to bring her there.
  • I gave them the drunk couple and no achievment..I did the shark thing and no achievement :/ help :(
  • If you use cheatcodes then your achievements will be blocked
  • piece of crap achievement! I brought a drunk person (as Trevor) from a random event to the marker. At the gate I stopped and the guy ran out and got away. WTF
  • here is a fail safe guide to getting the achievement quick and easy.
  • can you get this when you already have finished all of the hitchhiker/drunks missions? I did them all while driving around, before thinking about the achievements.
  • Kifflom. Having me a major hard time with this one. Trevor never received the text from Ron and never get the marker on my map when picking someone up. Anyone else had this issue and how do I get around it. Kifflom.
  • take four people t the cult and trevor will also be taken inside. you will then fight your way out which is really easy to do. don't immediately leave their camp because you can find 5 briefcases that hold $25,000 each for a total of $125,000. easy money. also there are rpgs and armor and a baseball you can find and equipped.
  • how do you do this i never did this and can it be done with other characters or just one
  • OK then, so I finally got this achievement but hitchhiker 1 (the investment guy) never offered me the choice of taking him to the altruist camp. Hitchhiker 2 did and I was glad to, man she was crazy. Apparently she is a booty call as well, no way I was going there, bunny boiler in the making. Anyway, bottom line is, despite every site on the internet saying you can take him, the investment guy might not work so use another, probably something to do with the timer.
  • Can't find hitch hikers anywhere
  • I made this with two Drink persons, who started doing weird things in T's car.
  • I always find them with franklin, can you give them prostitutes or people you pick up in your taxi? Lol
  • How do I get this achievement when I already have completed the story and don't have any hitchhikers left? :S
  • this achievement is takeing the piss i tryed it with a taix lol but it dont work
  • Delivered the Drunk Couple to them and it popped right away. Easy Peasy
  • *Playing as Trevor only, There are two guys about to bury a girl in the northern part of the map (in Palto Bay behind the town). Drive or walk up and kill both to rescue the gal. Instead of bringing her to where she wants to go, bring her to the cult which is indicated on your map as an “A”. Once you deliver the gal you’ll receive the 5G.
  • What happens if I kill Trevor?
  • Do the hitchhikers keep appearing when you have already earned the 100% completion achievement? I totally missed out on the altruists while playing through and would love to get at least as much of the singleplayer achievements as possible...
  • I think this is MISSABLE in two ways: 1. If you've not got it before Devin's phone call to Franklin at the end of the game and choose to go against Trevor (but what weirdo wouldn't choose option C!?). 2. If you pick up all the potential victims and take them to their requested location (not the cult) they don't respawn (they only respawn if you fail the mission). Also note that if you've already driven them to their safe location with Mike/Frank, and have forgotten, you can be driving around their location as Trevor forever waiting for them to respawn but they never will, they've been done. NB: Make sure you save 4 for Trevor or you miss a mission! The business man on the west coast who wants to go to the airport is not one of the potential victims. Basically, only pick up people wi
  • ...Basically, only pick up people with Trev (and someone above said one potential victim is a booty call if you save her, so you might like to keep her) and you'll be ok.
  • Best 4 victims: 1) Drunk Driver 1 - Agula Street, La Puerta - $80 or victim 2&3) Drunk Driver 2 - Armadillo Avenue, Sandy Shores - $80 or victim 4) Snatched - South Mo Milton Drive, Vinewood Hills - $0 or victim Or) Escape Paparazzi - Vinewood Boulevard, Downtown Vinewood - $750 or victim
  • FINALLY!! found the runaway bride. ... rest of 'em are not spawning for me so far. I hope they do, soon.
  • i cant get any to spawn

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