A Lot of Cheddar Achievement

  • A Lot of Cheddar



    Spend a total of $200 million across all three characters.

    This achievement is extremely straight forward; keep purchasing weapons, vehicle mods, properties, and stocks in order to gain progress towards the $200 million mark. Purchasing properties will be extremely costly; however, the advantage to owning multiple properties at once is that your weekly income will net you a substantial amount of cash which can then be used to buy other things. As for stocks, you will want to invest your money in profitable companies, then sell your share(s) a few days later if they have made profit. In fact, if you are looking for a great way to make some cash off the five Assassination missions while playing as Franklin, refer to THIS THREAD.

    Quickest Method: After you have collected your share of money from the "Big Score" mission, you should have around $20+ million per each character. Pick any character and invest ALL your money in any stock market. Now IMMEDIATELY SELL ALL your stocks right away to get all your money back. If you do this ten times, the achievement will unlock in a short amount of time because investing money in the stock market counts as spending money for the achievement. Credit goes to DavoK87 and x S 7 R I K E Z for this method! Credit to Maka for the video.

  • Not that hard, I saw houses for $250,000 and a Shamal plane for $1m+ on the trailers.
  • With all the heists and property you can buy, this shouldn't be too difficult
  • That is a LOT of Cheddar!
  • @1 Yep, this time we'll actually have something to spend money on.
  • 200 mill holy sh!t ha. glad that we finally have somthing to spend our cash on besides ammo >.>
  • @4 & yet it's funny how now a lot of people are complaining about having to buy things, with excuses like "it's called Grand THEFT Auto, not Grand Pay for it legally Auto". Anyway, $200M still sounds difficult, that's nearly 200 private jets, although I know I'm gonna' buy a few of those & Rockstar still have many hidden secrets & 'toys' for us to find :D Can't wait!
  • I'll blow most of my cash on car upgrades, classy suits and weapons Anyone remember this song from GTA 4? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udSHItTjWyQ&list=PL5FBEA292A5610990&feature=mh_lolz
  • Wonder it includes gambling? I remember in San Andreas I had a few million as soon as you could gamble by betting everything in one of the bookies. If I didn't win, reload then do it again. A few successful wins like this turned a few grand into a few million, which helped out right at the beginning.
  • Yay, in GTA IV you struggled to get a few hundred thousand
  • ^ It's sort of realistic because niko was always working for people. In gta 5 we'll be robbing banks and getting millions
  • Can't wait to make that cash flow. $$$$$$
  • Can't wait to make that cash flow. $$$$$$
  • ^^ idk why that posted twice..
  • They said money would be more true to life in GTA 5.. I sure hope it's not gonna be stupidly easy to where you can basically just like buy everything within the first 30 minutes.
  • For the low low price of $150 million you can buy the Golf course in Northern Vinewood (near Michael's house). I'm sure if you haven't gotten the achievement by the time you can afford that, that property will be what gets it.
  • Buy and sell shares straight away until it pops
  • I have a video showing how to get it. A Lot of Cheddar Achievement Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvp7tWdz6V0 Please Like and Subscribe.
  • Just invest all of your money into shares and then sell them back straight away. Repeat until it pops.
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  • Here you go guys FASTEST way to get this just copy and paste. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F71OyBupesg
  • #21 thanks a lot it worked nicely.
  • is there a way to just leave your game on and collect the weekly pay from business youve bought? i tried overnight and it didnt give me pay. so how does it recognize if im playing or not is the real question, so i can bypass this.. (i had the left stick pulled up the whole time too)
  • @23 Your money from businesses deposits weekly (in game) so if you want to make days pass quickly, just continue to sleep (save)
  • @24 didnt think of that. thanks. still need to know a strategy to passing time while away from the xbox.. or is the time passing and it just takes so long that im not noticing? ive left the xbox on overnight and only got 1 weeks worth..
  • Better way of doing it. Once you beat the game. Invest all of your money into a market then take it back. Repeat the process until the achievement pops. I just did it so I know it works.
  • Well i have beaten the game now. and have only used around 20M. and all i have now is 60M and well that mean i need alot of more money... so tell me, can some one make a EASY video that is not about the assassiantions? and how to do it after beating the game, AND maybe what to destory and buy? (stockmarketing)
  • i only finished the game with 31 mill...
  • As others have said.. wait till after the gold heist and you get your millions after the story is over and then buy and sell stocks a few times. Easy and quick.
  • The achievement popped for me when I "earned" over $200 million. I only had $191 million spent when it did pop so this cheevo is inaccurate, not that I'm complaining.
  • #27 and #28 trying reading other peoples' replies and watch the video posted and you will find your answer.
  • pretty easy, just buy and sell stocks
  • Can we just do the bank robbering til we get 200m and invest it in cars and heli's?
  • I need the golf course.
  • This achievement would be a real pain if you actually had to gather up $200m and slowly spend it all. There's an extremely easy way: Investing in a stock counts toward the money you've "spent", so simply put in and take out money in a stock until it accumulates to $200m. This way is the fastest, and there's no risk in losing anything.
  • And by the way, replaying missions that rewarded money (for example, heists) won't give you money anymore. I know, I hate it too...
  • What stock should I be investing in to gather up 200Million?
  • @37 doesn't matter. you invest and then buy out immediately. then repeat
  • wow i was dreading this but that video made it so much easier thanks!!
  • Thanks for the tip, was piece of cake, buy stocks from all of your money, then sell them all immediately, did it 6-7 times, and 200Mil spent & popped the achievement. Cheers

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