Trading Pure Alpha Achievement

  • Trading Pure Alpha



    Make a profit over your total investments in the stock market.

    At any time during your playthrough, open your cell phone and access the Internet. From here, select the “Money & Services” tab and choose any of the stock markets listed. Now select “Markets” and buy any stock that is rising; you can tell which market is gaining profit by the green arrow next to their name. You can buy any amount of stock you’d like, but one is enough for this achievement.

    You will now need wait at least 12 in-game hours and before returning to the stocks page. When enough time has passed, click on “My Portfolio” under the "Money & Services" tab, sell your purchased stock for a profit and the achievement will unlock.

  • I'm actually excited about this.
  • I hope the stock market is fun in some way. Knowing R* I know it will be funny and fun. If they can make a talk show,knife ad tv show,and comercials fun and funny I'm sure this will be fun too.
  • @2 - They named it BALLSAQ - so yeah safe to say Rockstar are fully taking the piss out of everything again. Have you seen you campaign videos? They are just pure gold!!!
  • This looks fun haha stock market in GTA all right
  • I wonder if just like getting 1$ would get you the achievement
  • @2&3 Rockstar said that you can do things like invest in a car company, and then destroy the cars. The insurance companies will be forced to replace them and the stocks will skyrocket. So yes, it definitely sounds like it will be fun. How I think it may work, is if authorities see you destroy cars, then you will not be rewarded for it. So it makes sense to invest in something as one character(Franklin for example), and affect it with another(Trevor, maybe?). But I'm just speculating on that last part.
  • whatever you do dont buy apple's stock cuz youll lose 1M
  • @3 it's actually BAWSAQ
  • how to do it:)
  • I found an easy(and VERY profitable) way of doing this is to invest in the competing company in the Lester missions as Franklin. Without spoiling what happens, I'll just say that Lester will ask you to do something that harms a company and benefits another. Simply buy stocks in the other, and you'll see the stocks skyrocket soon after the mission.
  • Here's the fast and easy way for this achievement and also helps to make Franklin lots of money.
  • Quick explanation of how it works and how to make a profit. When to invest etc.
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  • Can you go back and replay all the Assassination missions after you complete the story and take advantage of investing the millions you earned in the big score to get to 200 million?
  • My way is to finish the Random Events as possible (Blue point on the map), especially the "Bike Thief" event. Once finished 2 bike thief events, you'll receive an email from the guy whos name is Gray Nicholson someday. He'll give you the stock of ARK (100K), and then you sell all the stock of ARK, achievement will be earned
  • Got this one, be quite honest, I can't remember want I did to get this achievement. Check this video at

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