Wanted: Alive Or Alive Achievement

  • Wanted: Alive Or Alive



    Deliver a bail bond target alive.

    Bail Bond missions are only available for Trevor. After finishing his first mission, "Mr. Philips," make your way to the orange question mark icon on the map in Grapeseed. This will lead you to Maude, who will regularly send you emails of Bail Bond targets with their last know location.

    The first Bail Bond mission you receive will task you with capturing Ralph Ostrowski, who will be located in the middle of the Davis Quartz Quarry. This area is located just South-East of Trevor’s safehouse. Once you arrive at the quarry, head on through the entrance and continue straight on. A set of train tracks should be on your left and you'll then come to a fork in the road; go right. Make another right at the next fork in the road and proceed up the hill.

    You will now be positioned at the top of the quarry where the road will spiral down into the center. This is where the Bail Bond target is located. Make your way down there and Ralph will jump into his vehicle and begin drive away. Shoot out his tires to immobilize his vehicle and pull him out of the car. Now get back into your own vehicle with him and return to Maude for your achievement.

    If you have missed your chance in obtaining this achievement on the first bail bond target, do not worry, there are a few more targets Maude sends you throughout the game. If you need help locating a Bail Bond target, be sure to check out THIS THREAD for a good map of each target's location.

  • This is interesting...
  • I'm guessing, as Trevor or something you take a target back to that fat chick on the laptop's trailer.
  • Dog The Bounty Hunter :) I wonder if there is an option to bring him back alive strapped to the back of your horse ;)
  • Has anyone found where the quarry is to get this guy?
  • @5 yeah, I need to find the quarry too. maude keeps texting me asking where he is and that the clock's running. I'm trying here but no spot on the map says quarry
  • The Quarry is on the northeast side of the map, just north of the wind farm. Check the paper map that came with the game.
  • I've found the quarry but Maude never sends me the pic of the guy when I go there and she even sent me an email about how the clock was ticking on getting him.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QD_NoO0EscI
  • i found the forst guy in the quarry he is down inside the quarry in the middle hurry up and shoot his tores out with a shotgun and he will come peacefully and you get the cheevo wasnt even goin for this one but the quarry is to the lower right of sandy shores good luck
  • I collected mine in my chopper lol
  • Are there time limits to do these? I wanted to leave them til the end, and now I can't find any of them.
  • #12 I had this problem! NO there is no time limit. Was shitting myself that it was part of the 100% (But luckily it isn't) My emails disapeared due to Ammunation spamming me etc lol... Just go to the quarry, Deep into it (away from the entrance) (near to the off road race marker) and you should hear/see the guy and a blue/red blip will appear on the mini map. Once you take him back to Maude's place the rest are pretty easy. The only one of the 5 I didn't return alive was the last guy. (But got the cheevo on the first one anyway) Hope this helps!
  • I can't find where Maude is... Any help? I've already beat the game...
  • To the lower right of Trevor's house (aka Sandy Shores) there's a place called "Davis Quartz" that looks like a maze on the map. To find the guy you'll need to head towards the center of the Quartz. There you'll see two cars and one guy that will start running as soon as you pull in. MAKE SURE you do this mission in the morning (in-game time), so go to sleep if you have to. I don't think it'll be available any other times except the morning. Also make sure you have a fast car. If the guy gets in his car he'll quickly leave the area without stopping. And DON'T kill the guy either. Just damage his car just enough till he stops the car and gives up.
  • Help! I have completed the game visited Maude and haven't received a single email from her? I play as Trevor for a few hours and still don't get an email?
  • #16 Read the previous posts. You probably did receive the email but it got spammed off the list by ammunation. You can still activate the bail bonds you just need to go to the Quarry! (To the north part of it, the bit that looks like a maze)
  • That's ridiculous. Spam is shitty in grand theft auto too.
  • @8 same things happened to me. she says time ticking but she won't send me a pic of the guy. i've driven all over the quarry and nothing
  • Anybody found out about the glitch? When I went to Maude earlier in the game she never gave me an email or a text. Now, when I have beaten the game, I cannot trigger the first bail because I don't have an email or anything and I cannot find her. When I go to the quarry, the guy I need to get is nowhere to be seen. Any idea what to do for this?
  • do you need gold for the trigger of the bail bond missions, i have done Mr phillips mission but have not got the option to do bail bonds!
  • I accidentally pistol whipped the target, and he died, so.. now what?
  • I will wait for maude to send me another e-mail and try it again
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QD_NoO0EscI I always go to Roosterteeth for my collectables and achievements and such :)
  • thank you for this
  • @#15 thank you for that tip
  • Thanks
  • THANK YOU comment #15 missed it bro
  • I deleted the e-mail, but if want this achievement, then all you have to do is go to the place here the guy is (maze looking area in grand senora desert) and do like the video.? Easy 10g. Cheers
  • Fucking retarded Rockstar. I shot out ostrowcunts tires so he was on foot. He wouldn't stop even when I was pointing a gun at him. I got sick to death of him changing directions everytime I got out of my car. So I decided to chaise him on foot. In the end I punched him. Just once amd he died from it. How fucking retarded can Rockstar get? A fucking punch? It's amazing they don't die from a punch when you would like them to. I feel that I got cheated out of this achievement. And Trevor wouldn't add any extra kicks or anything. I wish I could have made travor piss on that worthless piece of shit.
  • I need heis cant seem to figu it out

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