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    Fully mod a vehicle.

    After the story mission, "Father/Son," you can begin customizing your vehicles at the Los Santos Customs shops. These shops will be marked as a spray paint can on your map. Since each car varies from mods and price tags, there is no set vehicle to use for this achievement. Just make sure you purchase one of every upgrade from each section in the customize menu when inside the shop. Depending on your vehicle and which mod suits your taste, you will need to save upwards to at least $40,000 to fully mod your car.

    Take note that the achievement only unlocks once you exit Los Santos Customs. Many people are also overlooking the fact that you need to buy one of each wheel accessory: Custom Tires, Bulletproof Tires & Smoke Tires; and the Chrome finish in addition to any other regular respray (Classic, Matte, Metallic).

  • I imagine you'll be able to pimp the hell out of a vehicle, who knows, maybe even add parachutes on vehicles?
  • I wonder how far fully can be?
  • "Fully Customize". It means the tires, wheels, fender, exhaust... All of the cosmetic appearances and some nitros most likely
  • I really want real cars instead of the rockstar cars
  • I spent $100,000 doing this and still no achievement? I think I whent though everything, I know you have to scroll down the page to get widows tries ie...what am I missing?
  • #6 I have no idea. I did this for two cars and still nothing. I'l probably just try this near the end of the game when I actually have money to spare.
  • For this one I made sure to buy the customized tires and tire smoke, and all the engine parts, tinting, changing paints, I went down the whole list.
  • #4 y would they want to pay the car companies to use real cars? all the cars are based on real cars(to some degree)
  • You need to do the smoke and tire accessories "i did bulletproof tires", then the achievement popped.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_plYBAcdg8I You have to beat the story mission "Father/Son" to unlock the car repair shop. You will also need quite a bit of money to fully upgrade a vehicle. Not all vehicles can be modified! So open the internet browser on your in-game mobile phone and go to "southernsanandreassuperautos.com". Buy the Weeny Issi for $18,000 and retrieve it from your garage. There's a list of all the required upgrades for this vehicle in the description of the video above (to many characters to post it here). Once you have upgraded everything, you need to leave the garage to make the achievement pop.
  • You can also buy the Los Santos Customs in the Grand Senora Desert with Franklin. That'll cost you 349000, but every Upgrade is free and you earn 1600 per Week. I guess it's also required to buy everything for 100%, no?
  • Thanks alot #11 PowerPyx!
  • what i did was just bought the most expensive thing in every catagory. works
  • Got it now.. There are 2 parts to the wheel list have to do both.. :-) hence do all this make sure you scroll down as there is a second page and do both wheel upgrades .
  • Just make sure nothing is on stock!!
  • EASYYYY buy Los Santos Customs and you get upgrades for free just buy everything thats what i did.
  • You have to have all the most expensive upgrades on your car at the same time. does not matter if you buy all upgrades, Ex: Engine upgrades- only the most expensive one needs to be purchased. that goes for all other upgrades. pretty sure the paint selection doesnt matter, however if the cheevo doesnt pop after you buy everything, try the chrome paint, as it is the most expensive
  • @18 Tried to do it, didn't pop up. I was using Amanda's convertible, maybe i need a sports car?
  • Make sure you buy the bullet proof tires and upgrade from stock to custom wheels (only available after upgrading wheel type cars)
  • Make sure you get a sporty type car, I got the car that looks like a porsche 911, and fully upgrade it - meaning buy something from every section (not sure if it has to be the best upgrade in each section but that's how I did it). And don't forget to get the bulletproof tires! This is the reason why people aren't getting the achievement is because they forget to buy the bulletproof tires.
  • You can get this achievement without spending any money. Just save your game, turn off quick save, buy all the upgrades until you get the achievement (experiment a bit) and then just reload you last save. Simple and no money lost!
  • If you try to upgrade your vehicle solely through the ifruit app this achievement will not pop up. You need to do this in one of the car shops because many more customization options appear. I tried it in the app and nothing happened but once I did the rest of the upgrades in the shop I got the achievement.
  • Btw, i did this with Franklin's car that he automatically owns in the game. #22 is correct though about earning the achievement then loading your last saved game. It works. My game happened to glitch out after i earned the achievement where my may had nothing on it. I loaded my last saved game to pick up where i left off and still have the cheevo.
  • You do not need to buy the top priced items to get this achievement. I just got if while some of the top priced item I.e. engine and suspension where still locked. I just bought the cheaper options. You do have to upgrade every area of the car though.
  • Make sure you get both front and back bumpers, no item on your car should say "stock". Franklin's car is perfect for the upgrade, and you can also load an earlier save if you want all the money back after you get the achievement.
  • Its appears that you don't get the achievement if you upgrade in the los santos customs that is owned by Franklin, you actually have to spend the money on the upgrades.
  • i'm pretty sure i've done thing on a few cars after finishing the story and having all the money. i never got the acheivement :(
  • I was really confused just like everybody else but I realized there are 2 wheel accessories you have to get to get the achievement. Bulletproof tires and smoke
  • I don't know if It's a bug or something but i got the achievement online after buying red smoke for my tires. Of course, i got a Overflof Entity XF, Supersortive and i had already spent over 300 000$ on it. I find this weird because the achievement is in the single-player part of the list.
  • It just popped up for me at the LS Customs shop owned by Franklin. I went through and got EVERY item in every category (including all paints). It was all free since I owned it, so that's confirmed working (for me). I used the Cheval Fugitive
  • Got this one, yall...I make sure I bought as much accessories as possible and pay at least $40,000 to get this achievement, yall. Bulletproof tires is a must...incase you want to get 3 men army achievement.

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