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    Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges.

    There are two types of aerial challenges in GTA V; Under the Bridges and Knife Flights. Under the Bridge challenges task you with simply flying under 50 bridges across the world, while Knife Flights require you to “knife” your plane through two buildings. There are 15 Knife Flights located around San Andreas.

    If you have tested the flight school challenges in the Los Santos International Airport, you will already be familiar with what a knife is and how to perform one. If not, a knife is when you roll the plane on its side using the left thumbstick so the wings are vertical with the horizon. To maintain altitude while in this position, hold the opposite rudder ( or ). For example, if you rolled left and are trying to maintain a left knife, hold . It is recommended to perform the Knife Flight challenges in a slow plane such as the stunt plane or a biplane like a crop duster. You can steal a crop duster around Trevor’s McKenzie Field airstrip as they often land there.

    Unlike the Knife Flights, Under the Bridge challenges can be completed in any aircraft. You will find out, however, that some aircraft types are much easier than others, depending on the bridge you’re trying to fly under. The Buzzard helicopter is strongly recommended for these challenges. Also, Trevor is the logical character when going for this achievement because he starts off with the highest piloting skill.

    You can find helicopters in Vespucci, and planes at any airport or McKenzie Field (Trevor’s airstrip). You can also purchase planes and helicopters online (, as well as military helicopters on Remember, if either your helicopter, jet, or plane gets significantly damaged, use the quick save and immediately reload the game. Your aircraft will automatically be repaired when you are loaded back into the game. Also be sure to use of quick save before attempting the harder Under the Bridge and Knife Flight Stunts.

  • hmm,from the picture the Under The Bridge challenge could be like the achievement in GTA4 where you had to fly under all bridges or the picture could just be a nod to GTA4 At first i thought that said Knife Fight,but it says Knife Flight,so more Airplane flying
  • hahaha yeah i read knife fight too hahaha...
  • Some of these bridges are hard as hell
  • There's 50 bridges you've gotta flight underneath, but what are the Knife flights, does anybody know where to start/do them?
  • I just discovered an in game list of all the locations for the fly unders (this list also includes base jump and stunt jump locations, the second of which you need for the Show Off achievement) In game if you use the Internet on your phone (up on the D-Pad and last icon on the bottom row) and go to the website "", answer "YES", and press "Adrenaline Junkies" at the top of the page you will be shown a list of all the items mentioned above. This list should help with this achievement along with the Show Off achievement.
  • All Knife Flights: All Under the Bridges:
  • If anyone is going for this it seems you cannot use the helicopter to fly under bridges only the plane.
  • If anyone is going for this it seems you cannot use the helicopter to fly under bridges only the plane.
  • Done it all but it bugs and doesn't give me the 15/15 Knife Flight Im Stuck: 50/50 Under Bridge - COMPLETED 14/15 Knife Flights - BUGGED Watched all youtube videos and other users having problems with this.
  • @9 Good luck doing these in a plane. Helicopter works just fine.
  • I got knife flights glitched too. 13/15 Sigh.
  • Of course I get 49 out of 50 bridges. This happens every time. I was pretty sure I followed the vid to the tee but I gues not or one of the bridges didn't register and I assumed I got it before
  • Okay I got the one I was missing but believe me when I say the bridge was glitched cuz I flew under it once and didn't get it and I was doubtful that I had flown under it before trying at getting the Chievo so flew under it again. By the third time of flying under it I got it. So make multiple attempts if u have to. I'm a pretty good flyer and I know I didn't touch ground or hit anything in te first attempt of getting that glitched bridge cuz I was thinking "holy crap that went smoothly"
  • the heli cant touch ground when goin under the bridges really easy now knife flight can get pretty hard at some areas here is a tip keep the landing gear on the jet down if you keep crashing it keeps the speed low and the jet will be more stable
  • Well as well as the Epsilon Missions, I now have 49/50 bridges also glitched, Rockstar better have a fix for these coming
  • All bridge locations: All knife flight locations:
  • To those of you that have 49. Make sure you have done the Rock Cove/Grotto thing on the coast. I thought that was pretty rude tbh. It's not even a bridge. And it's retarded to state that the bridges can't be done in a heli. That IS the best way to do it. I nailed all 50 easily. In fact a fair few of them NEED to be done in a heli because they are too narrow. And no glitches at all for me. You guys that are having problems must have done something to cause your game to glitch. Like the hidden package glitch. Or got an illegal copy of the game or something. I haven't experienced a SINGLE glitch throughout the whole game. The only thing is a few texture pop ins. Which is to be expected.
  • Been using the helicopter on most of them. They fly a little finicky, but are WAY easier than flying a plane under them.
  • I don't wanna be 'that guy' but if anyone is looking to get all under the bridges & Knife flights please check out my video. its my first few videos and want to know what everyone thinks. check out my channel and tell me if you like! many thanks! Under the bridge - Knife flights -
  • Is there any way to find out which bridges you've already completed?
  • I finally got 50/50 bridges. Trevor starts off with the best flying, so best to use him, AND best to get the buzzard (#20's Bridge video shows where to get it) The smallest chopper and best flight character both matter because ANY blade tips that hit the sides prevent success. I had 48/50 for a full evening of flying under all the bridges over and over while watching Fringe (good show) and was still at 48/50. This morning I got the buzzard with Trevor and carefully flew under the first 2 bridges I thought might be the problem (no blade tips hitting) and they BOTH succeeded on the first try. Bam.. 50/50. Off to the knife flights!!
  • i had 49/50 of under bridges and retry likes 10 times now. so annoying. but yes ill keep trying wonder now, if i play "new game", will it re-count from 1/50???
  • 14/15 knife flights! I crash after most of them but they usually count. Rockford hills is the one i can't pull off, its a low one but it just isn't registering.
  • Can I do this and the stuntjump achievements online? Or must it be single player mode?
  • get the buzzard (shown how in #20's bridge video) and theyre all pretty easy, no blades can touch
  • @23 - yes, it will start over One thing mentioned on another forum was that flying under two bridges quickly may be a bit glitchy. That poster said he had an issue with the two near the NOOSE headquarters, where they both played the sound but one turned out not to have counted. I found this post when I was 48/50 - and lo and behold, my remaining two were both in that situation - one right by the Vespucci helipad and one by the cab company location. I'm almost 100% sure my first attempt gave me the notification because I checked it off of my printed map as I got each one. Admittedly, I could have messed up with my tracking method, but I really don't think I did. TLDR version - if you are missing on or two, try going back over ones that are close together or you may have done on th
  • TLDR version - if you are missing one or two, try going back over ones that are close together or you may have done on the same pass as another bridge, and make sure you only go under a single bridge at a time.
  • I used the buzzard helicopter! The person who said you can only use planes really needs to get his facts straight before posting BAD info on here. You can also hit the bridge with your propeller tips you just can't land or hit the ground while going under the bridge for them to count. Just wanted to get FACTS out there and not just some bad kids random thoughts.
  • any one got any tips to do the Knife flights? best plane etc? Damn near threw my controller through the TV out of frustration as i keep crashing
  • @30 Do all the knife flights (you can do most of the bridges too) during the Flight School mission where they teach you to barrel roll. That way if you crash you can just hit retry and you will start on the runway! I don't know if I could have handled it any other way LOL. This game is frustrating as hell.
  • great advise guys
  • I tried it with the duster as people have suggested. It brought nothing but misery and patches of grey hair. I found it to be much, much easier with the cuban 800 (landing gear put away), it actually stayed up in the air instead of plummeting like the duster. Each to their own i suppose.
  • I have noticed that if you touch the ground, water or bottom of bridge you will not get credit.
  • I am finding it so difficult to complete the Under the Bridge part with the glitched bridge and all I have determined what bridge it is, but i'm finding it impossible to complete, does anyone have any ideas on how to go about completing this. I believe it to be one of the stone bridges by the Race Track...
  • @35 Which is the glitched bridge? I have 49/50 and I'm pretty sure I know which one it is but I want to be sure.
  • God damn, 48/50 Under the bridge. Time to go again *sigh*
  • There is not enough money in the world anyone could pay me to do this achievement again.
  • Christ I watched the vid had 48 and noticed one was the sorta cave by the water and one of the 2 very low bridges which I did a ton of times I guess one of them just wasn't don't right but finally done,now onto knife flights ughhhh
  • this is ridiculous ive gone under every bridge perfectly at least 5 times each now and im still stuck of 49/50 looks like im gunna have to start a new game just to finish this one achievement!!!
  • @40 check the bridge #25 in the video. I was going too fast through these and went under another bridge in the area and when it didn't pop the challenge I assumed that I had already done it. Went back after redoing all others multiple times and went under the correct bridge.
  • Shit I got 14/15 knife fights I have done each one like ten times driving me nuts and I have all the "Under The Bridge" ones ,but I can't figure this out one knife fight is alluding me I have looked at vids different ways of doin it.......grrrrrrrrr
  • Looks like I'll have to do this in a new game cause I'm glitching on that 14/15 knife fights ,but I'm def doin all knife flights first I'm not doing all that under bridge work just to have it happen again....if that happens you'll see a 360 fly out of my NYC apt window
  • I fucking HATE Knife Flights.
  • ... aaaaand done. At long last.
  • AHHHHHGGG! I have 46/50 bridges and I've gone under every one multiple times. I hate this achievement. Why, Rockstar? Why?
  • The bridges are not glitched. If you use the buzzard I think you can do them all quite easily - but if you scrape the bridge or touch the water it will usually not count. Also, I used the guide book and even then I was attempting the wrong bridge! There's a spaghetti junction motorway section to fly under - which is hard to find (west side of city).
  • Edit: (EAST side of city) #23 in guide book, under Palomino Freeway, Murrieta Heights is the confusing one to find.
  • NB: The Knife Flights are the nastiest achievement in the game if you don't do them all in one go and are certain which you've done! Whenever you complete a knife note it on a piece of paper or on a note in your (real) phone. It possibly makes a swoosh sound if you re-complete a knife (I think) but it's not obvious which ones you still need and you can easily think you've done one when you've actually done the one next to it, some are very close and easily mistaken. You have re-do them all and not even be sure if you've completed them if you don't take note/s.
  • I don't like how u have to go back to your hanger if you crash your plane : ( should be able to call and get it dropped off to you
  • Took me a few tries but got it eventually thx :)
  • I was stuck at 49/50 for the too long, watched the whole video again and read all the comments, I finally pulled off the two low bridges that I was tagging as one. My helicopter touched water that's why it was not registered. And as said in the comments, Do check #25 bridge (there are two similar ones on the same highway) , DO check #20 patch , at the end there are two low bridges, and sometimes only one is registered) , Also in the starting of the video, there are four bridges in a row, this video shows pops three. I used Buzzard btw, Cheers
  • Wish i could remember to quick save before each attempt....
  • Got 50/50 under the bridge, but the knife flights are really tough, I only got one then immediately crashed.

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