Unnatural Selection Achievement

  • Unnatural Selection



    GTA Online: Complete all 10 waves of a Survival.

    You must be at least a Rank 15 to unlock the Survival missions. These missions are essentially a "horde" mode where you will need to fend off against ten waves of enemies. After each wave, you are given a short amount of time to restock on ammo, health, and body armor that is scattered throughout the map. Each wave also becomes progressively harder; enemies will have stronger weapons, attack in larger numbers, spawn in SUV's, or even helicopters.

    Once you have reached the required rank mentioned above, Ron will give you a call and fill you in on these missions. After the phone call, open up your world map and find the closest Survival Job which is marked by a shield and cross emblem. At first, there are only three Survival maps you can play on. These are Boneyard, Sandy Survival and Industrial Plant. Railyard Survival will unlock once you have reached Rank 20, and Processed at Rank 25.

    Out of the three starting maps, Boneyard would be the best choice. In the middle of this map ,there are two large hangers that have a small fenced off area in between. The fenced area provides excellent cover as enemies will not be able to shoot through the fence, even though you are. If you choose this method, make sure to have at least two other players with you; one will need to cover the doorway into the fenced area, and the other two should cover either side of the hanger by shooting the enemies through the fence.

    Make sure to follow these four simple tips and you should be able to clear all 10 waves with less trouble:

    • Make sure you are playing with in full 4 player lobby
    • Always use cover!
    • Stock up on ammo, health, and body armor between each wave
    • Communication is KEY - make sure all your teammates have mics

    Once you have successfully completed all ten waves on any map, the achievement will unlock! Take note that completing all ten waves is also a necessary requirement for the Numero Uno achievement. You will also unlock a Platinum Award upon completing all ten waves.

  • Survival? ooooooh yeeeeeeeeah!
  • I hope this is the equivalent of Horde mode and not vs. mode...
  • @2 same here but who are we fending off?
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PoliceFIBSWAT maybe? Gang members? Or even zombies?
  • ****Meant to add / / in between each law enforcement type.
  • or it could be something crazy like trials hd's always on fire races, where the faster you go, the smaller the flames. (probably not though.)
  • Just like when taking back your "hood" in Gta SA
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  • Survival unlocks at Rank 15. You just have to finish all ten waves of it to get the achievement. It's a lot easier with three other skilled players.
  • Railyard Survival is the easiest. There is a shed with decent enough OHP that the choppers can't hit you if you are down the far end. 2 guys on each side and on the last few enemies push up and grab any remaining collectibles before they disappear and the new ones spawn in at the start of the next wave. You get $20,000 for completing all 10 waves so it's a very good pay out. I did it before they seemingly removed the auto-lock aiming for GTAO though so it is probably a lot more difficult now unless you have had a lot of practice with free-aim.
  • **I should note, 2 guys in either side of the red cargo carriage against the wall-the cover is high enough that they can't shoot you until you pop out or they jump in with you.
  • Wave 10 is crazy, make sure your indoors as the choppers will kill you instantly, armour is also useless beyond wave 8 as one shot will take it off
  • Ok managed to do this, scrapyard seems to be the best map to choose, from where you start there is a building across the map where you can jump onto the roof but the roof has a wall around it so when you are crouched you are protected. Have all your team here, restock ammo, armour and health between waves. When wave 8 and 10 come (both have choppers) get off the roof and find a sheltered area, let ground troops come to you, when they've all gone use a rocket or assault rifle to take the choppers down... Do not run outside while the choppers are in the air as they will mince you within seconds
  • im looking for 3 people to help me with this. i have a pretty good stratagy for bone yard.
  • Need help with this as well. Boneyard seemed to be the easiest for me, since I made it halfway through Wave 9. Seeking others for help as well. GT: Joshywa7
  • Nevermind. Already have this achievement. I found Boneyard quite easy. So as long as you stay within the middle building, it makes this challenge easier to deal with.
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  • Processed is the easiest for me. I have a technique that guarantees completion. I've got every achievement now so have nothing better to do than help other people. Hit me up for anything you need. JDMHatchG
  • Aparently the Boneyard fence method is patched. Still easiest to hide near the portable house/room thing near the metal gates. It's nice cover between the wall and the wall of the building. One person either side. Good cover from choppers too :) Good luck
  • anybody wanna do wanna try this add me, TOGA TOM ....thanks
  • msg if need an extra gun ;) just under level 60 i have assault shotty modded on all except paint, working on assault rifle/smg mods. have a crew as well open to all. but no actual members one 'friend' is in but not 'showing the tag' i know processed, boneyard and the one in the housing estate/trailers (not sure on name sandy shore/salt flats ? gmt uk afternoon/early evening time only days vary if on gears of war j i'm busy ;)
  • I do not require help with this anymore
  • LF for ppl do this with! GT arthuu
  • Looking to boost this achievement and most others. I'm online pretty often so message or add me any time! GT: BigTuna99
  • If anyone want to get this achievement, hit me up! GT: XI DutchFury IX
  • Weird. I got this even though I died on Wave 10, along with the 2 Platinum awards. It wasn't until I actually beat Wave 10 that the Numero Uno achievement unlocked.
  • I need a good crew ,listens to orders,no heros,and most of course to trash talk and hanvt fun GT: BasqueNYC
  • I have a friend who could help out, just need two more players gt: bodybomb3
  • Still trying to get this. I've found the best map is the Maiz Bank map. If you get behind cover on the semi circle above the fountain. It's easy pickings. I just have trouble on later waves with the helicoptors (Don't have weapons that can take them down easily yet). This is doing it alone i might add, so in a team, this should be easy.
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  • I do these regularly, shoot me a message on Xbox if you need help! GT: xxbluexeyesx
  • Looking for some people to do this with. Xbox One. PST TheRealJoeSchmo.
  • if anybody wants to do this on the 360, Gt is CL Moe
  • Looking for experienced decent players to complete all the online achievements and heists with, message me on xbox 360. Bit of a noob to online.... Gamertag = Random Dero
  • I need help with achievements and I need people to actually play with. GT:BRADW22
  • Started late in the game, now I need help doing the online aches.... Anyone wanna help? I'm a decent player so... GT biofire121
  • i need some help with the online achievements, if u are interested add me Gamertag: StrikerAH

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