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    GTA Online: Hold up all 20 Stores.

    Shortly after finishing your first official job for Lamar, he will give you a call and fill you in on your next Job in which you will have to hold up a store for some cash. After the phone call, pull up your cellphone and click "Jobs List." Activate the sole Job available and follow the waypoint to the nearby gas station. Once you are there, head inside and hold up the store by pointing your gun at the cashier. As he is filling up a bag with money, you can shoot at him to make him move faster. After he hands over the bag, exit the store and lose your Wanted Level.

    Now open up your world map and scroll down the map legend with the D-pad until you get to the store icon. Here, you can filter through each of the 20 stores around San Andreas and set waypoints to their location. Take note that you can rob multiple stores in one go.

    For the quickest method in obtaining this achievement, try to hit as many stores possible before the police manage to kill you. Also, instead of waiting for the cashier to fill the bag with money, punch him or kill him right away and press when behind the register to empty it yourself.

    You may notice the store you just robbed disappears from your world map, but don't worry; it still counts so long as you collected the money inside. It disappears because the shop "closes down" after being robbed. If for whatever reason you lose track of your progress while working on this, you can tell which store has been successfully robbed by the indication of a small green check mark next to their icon on the world map.

  • This Achievement will be fun anyway!!
  • only 20 stores hmmmmmmm
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  • The 20 stores can be found online and in the strategy guide.
  • They all are shown on the map when they're open. That said, after someone robs a location, it'll close for a while, thus the number of stores shown on the map may not be 20 at any given time. And just like the rampages, jumps and races in single player, the icon will get a little check mark on it after you've robbed the location, thus making it easy to ID which ones you have/haven't hit.
  • Here's the vid to help you guys everything you need to know enjoy.
  • Easy Method: Get Helicopter from Airport (Run up Flight School stairs and jump over fence, helicopters to the front left). Use helicopter to rob each store and loose wanted level. Repeat till complete. And for those that don't know, after you rob a store, the map icon for it will get a small check mark in the corner of it.
  • I have 22 stores robbed, but still haven't got the achievement. Do I have to go to different stores or what cause I kept going to the same ones.
  • Watch if you want to find out a way to rob a store and not have any cops. Also you need to rob ALL stores, so different stores @12. You can check on yer map if you store has a green check mark, you robbed that place already.
  • I'm only showing 19 on my map and I'm in invite only, so no stores are closed due to someone else robbing...
  • Nevermind I found it -.-
  • Can this be done private? Also I started doing this earlier, does it have to be done in one go or as I want?
  • My college has awful internet and I am repeatedly disconnected from sessions. Earlier today I robbed all but one of the remaining stores and lost connection; when I reconnected online all the check-marks from the prior session were gone, so keep this in mind
  • @15 where is the 20th store? even the stategy guide says that there is only 19. also, how do i make a private game? i dont see any option for it in the pause menu.
  • There is only 19 stores doh.
  • If you are do not yet have access to a helicopter, then you will want to pace yourself when getting this. After you rob three or four in a row, your wanted level will start at three stars instead of just two. After another couple of robberies, it will increase to four.
  • only eighteen do they open and close pending the time of day
  • @8, @10, and @13 - I didn't know about the checkmark. Thanks for the tip!
  • Ive robbed 20 stores, everyone has a checkmark, ive even gone back and roobed most of them a second time but still no achievement, is it a glitch or am i doing something wrong
  • Every store was checked on global map (from pause menu), but one of them wasn't checked on mini-map. When i robbed it, i got an achievement and platinum award, finally! Try fly around and keep your eye on mini-map
  • ok, just to clarify this for everyone on here. you need to rob 20 different stores (i.e. each store once). i just did that and the achievement popped as soon as i started robbing the last store.
  • Just need to rob all 20 different stores for it o pop. Store that just got robbed by other players wont show on the map so just wait for it to reapear.
  • My First and easiest achievement online.
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  • So I did this on the Xbox 360, but when I came over to the Xbox One it did not transfer (not sure if it's supposed to). That would be fine, but all of the convenience stores already have checkmarks on them, and will not count towards the achievement while playing on the Xbox One. I've went through and robbed them all on two separate occasions in a private lobby (so that I know none of them were already closed). Any one else have a similar problem/know how to fix this? Would creating another online profile under my same gamertag free this up so that maybe I could complete it that way? And also, is it possible to have two separate, independent profiles of each other under the same xbox and the same gamertag? I know there were a lot of problems with this on the release (back on th
  • (cont'd from last post, didn't realize it got cut off) ...(back on the 360) and I just want to be sure... I'd rather not go from level 120 to starting from scratch just for an achievement. Thanks in advance!
  • I have the same issue as First Two Weeks. I robbed the stores, but no achievement. The progress tracker for the achievement also doesn't update. Please help.
  • Found a fix. Made another GTA Online character and finishes the introduction race. After completing it, all the achievements popped.

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