Dialling Digits Achievement

  • Dialling Digits



    GTA Online: Call for gang backup for the first time.

    You must be at least a Rank 20 in order to receive Helicopter backup. Upon reaching this rank, Merryweather will contact you and inform you that they can provide backup in the form of air-support units to your location. Once you have received this information, open your in-game cellphone and select "Merryweather" in your Contacts. Once the call goes through, you will see a tab with their services pop up on the screen. If you have enough money, select "Helicopter Backup", which costs $5,000, and the achievement will unlock immediately.

  • ...I really wonder how will this work.
  • Hopefully this won't be one of those annoying crew achievements.
  • still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune... if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire 'back up'..!
  • nah i presume it be easy like gta 4 jus pull out your phone n dial for back up
  • @#2 it would be fun but no one ever works together online just run off doin aimless bullshit when everyone should work as a team,so hard to find peeps like that
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  • TO UNLOCK THE ACHIEVEMENT: Once you hit rank 20, you can call Merryweather for 'helicopter backup.' It costs $5,000. Simply hit rank 20, call for backup, and you'll get the achievement.
  • Just in case anyone is having trouble selecting 'helicopter backup' because it says UNAVAILABLE, make sure you have $5,000 cash (out of the bank).It works even if you are free roaming. You do not need to engage someone.
  • i have like 8thousand and it says unavailable anyone now why?
  • what do I need to do with it? add me deafsekkuieek and i will willing to help you. my crew: Lone D Wolf Legend.
  • @10 - lol, thanks for the tip. Didn't know it was that easy. I got it tonight.
  • I'm level 117 and it still says "wait for Merryweather to contact you". Anyone else having this issue?
  • @14 you have to do certain jobs to unlock stuff. As in jobs from in game characters
  • Level 117?! I was thinking there are very few people over rank 50 yet!
  • You need to complete the mission job that Ron phones in after your encounter with Trevor and Ron in Sandy Shores.
  • Too easy thanks rockstar
  • I feel like such an idiot after reading this. I kept calling all my friends in game and getting upset it wouldn't unlock. Full blown derp moment.
  • They not a gang x_x
  • Merryweather isn't a gang.. Meh I won't be surprised if this game had a online heist achievement.
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