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    GTA Online: Own an Apartment, Garage and an Insured Vehicle.

    During your time on GTA Online, you will need complete various jobs and activities in order to save enough money to buy an apartment, garage and an insured vehicle. Near the beginning of your Online experience, Simeon will tell you to grab a vehicle and bring it to the nearest Los Santos Customs shop. Here, you can respray and insure the vehicle for free, because he is covering the cost.

    As for the apartment and garage, you must be at least a Rank 5 before you can purchase property. Once you are of rank and have enough money, pull up your in-game cellphone and check the real estate advert, "Dynasty 8" on home page of the Internet. Find an apartment with an attached garage that is both affordable and suits your needs, then purchase it through the website. The achievement will unlock immediately after purchasing the apartment and garage if you still own your insured vehicle.

    Many people have reported that if you try to buy an apartment or garage through the real estate signs on the actual property, the achievement will not unlock. So make sure you do it through the Internet. A big thanks to Just Blaze for confirmation on this!

  • This will be fantastic, having my group of friends drop in on my apartment. I wonder if the apartments will run out though. Just think about it, Millions and Millions of people will be online, I wonder how the Apartment feature will work.
  • An insured vehicle? Now that's attention to detail and realistic gaming. Love it, absolutely love it.
  • Ryda; Everybody wont be playing on the same server. You think GTA can handle 20 000 000 players when BF4 cant even handle 64? The apartment system will work fine when there's only 20 people playing on one server. From this achievement, I'm guessing you have to buy a car in order to keep it. If you steal one, it will disappear when you leave it as it's not insured. I love this idea, because then I will have a reason to pay for cars, I'll always keep them and they'll just spawn back in my garage if it blows up. Good feature to the currency system.
  • @#3 they've said you'll need to go to a custom shop that would be willing to deal with stolen cars, as some won't customise them. They will change the plates as cops will go after you if you're in a stolen vehicle otherwise. Also insurance doesn't seem to have anything to do with leaving your car out in the world. It is for when they are stolen or damaged/destroyed. Cars are towed and impounded when you leave them for too long.
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  • Car insurance!? oh man now that's realism!
  • This is going to be awesome!
  • I'm gonna own the world :)
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  • Easy!
  • *wishes I could play online* Insurance sounds fun... I've always wanted a gas tank feature though :P I think it would add to the challenge of trying to escape the cops LoL
  • @1 I had the same thought about every pad being bought out. But I'd imagine there'd b limited amount of players example 16 to a free roam world. Maybe?
  • This sounds so awesome, I can't wait for this game, it is going to be the best one yet
  • Insured vehicle? Sounds awesome!
  • Can't wait it's gonna be so much fun
  • I'm betting that it's like one apartment/building for everyone, so when you "enter" it will load your settings/design into the "base" apartment template, so that no matter how many people are in the server, everyone could theoretically have an apartment.
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  • Anyone else having trouble getting this to unlock? Just bought a house (with garage), insured a vehicle as I didn't have one at the time, and no achievement?
  • I purchased the house worth 205k and this didn't unlock. I have a 10 car garage, a vehicle insured, and the apartment. Not sure what I'm missing.
  • i also just purchased an apartment with attached garage and even stole and trackred/insured a new car still no achivement but my buddy got it right away :/ any help be really appreciated
  • I have the insured vehicle I have the garage then when I bought my apartment it said I could only own one property and had to sell so how do u get multiple propertys if u can n does level effect any of it if u guys know plz share
  • I bought the $87k apartment w/ 2-car garage and this unlocked just if you're unsure, just buy that apartment.
  • #23 you probably can't have more than one because as mentioned earlier everyone on the server has to be able to have one
  • If you guys are having trouble with money, here is a way to earn 300k in a 2 1/2 - 3 hours. The achievement unlocked for me but not my friend. I bought the 400k apartment he got the 125k one. Not shocked online is glitchly.
  • I have the 205k apartment and a Cheetah which cost me 650k and this hasn't unlocked.
  • You have to buy the apartments on the internet/phone and NOT from the sign posts outside the properties.
  • @28 is correct. Thank you.
  • So, I'm going to have to save up some more cash and buy another apartment via the internet...
  • Do you lose your old apartment if you buy another apartment or garage
  • @31 yes
  • @28 Srsly? Wow fuck this achievement
  • I messed up and used the sign to by the 200k apartment but fixed it by buying the 80k apartment from the phone and going straight to the dashboard right after the achievement popped. Still kept the 200k apartment and money I had before I bought the new place
  • just got this one, I bought the cheapest apartment $80.000 and the cheapest garage $30,000 and it unlocked straight away as I already had a insured vehicle however since ive done this one I have lost my weapon wheel and cant use weapons!! Anyone else having this problem ??
  • @35 I turned my xbox off right as I bought the new apartment, barely even saw the achievement pop, and when I got back into game I had achievment and 'old' apartment. Worked perfect. Thanks!
  • @28 fucking seriously? What a bullshit achievement. I spent all my money buying a nice house with a big garage from a sign so I didn't get this 10 point achievement. I hope R* fixes this shit.
  • just buy the 80k apartment and dashboard it after you confirm the purchase.
  • Just to be clear to anyone reading this, for this achievement to count you must buy the property using your phone and not by standing in front of the sale signs.
  • Just got this achievement yesterday after a lot grinding I bought the $420k apartment. No problem with the achievement unlocking (I used my phone without reading this thread) however I am kind of wondering if the cash grinding was worth it as there appears little competitive value other than the cool factor of having a flash pad.
  • gotta say r*/MS messed up on this one. What does buying it online matter ? we still have them. i had the first 'free car' then bought a garage eventually bought the 2nd cheapest 10 car garage apt.. thought about just buying it online then for some reason just used get directions and then drove to it and bought it in person.. oops.
  • I got the $500,000 so I bought the $205,000 house by going to the location of the house. Also bought a Lamborghini so I only got 34,000 dollars left... Looks like I gotta rebuy the house...
  • Do what #34 said. I did and it worked. Messed up and used sign instead of phone b/c I wasn't thinking but at least I'm not out 100k b/c of the rip-off trade in value. so thanks #34.
  • I have zero money left after buying the 400k apartment, couple of cars etc. This is BS. I barely have time to go on this game like a lot of people so for me saving to get a place again with the risk of losing the one i have. I hate it when achievements dont pop for something stupid as this.
  • i lost 400K just for the achievement :(
  • This piece of shit. What difference does it make HOW I bought the damn apartment? This needs to be fixed, I still own the apartment regardless. Ugh.
  • Dammit. I bought my 1st apartment from the sign, and it didn't pop. Then I just read on here it could be glitchy, and it's best to buy through the internet. Times like this is when I don't feel bad using the LSC glitch.
  • This game is super glitchy! I originally purchased the 400k house through my phone and the achievement never unlocked. Maybe because it was with the stimulus package money. Even so, should have unlocked. What I did was simply, purchase the cheapest 10 car garage/house and it unlocked. I then repurchased the house I originally had. Hope this helps
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  • Just a note: I saved all my money from the beggining and the first apartment i bought was the $400,000 penthouse and this achievement DID NOT UNLOCK. You HAVE TO purchase one of the apartments where the garage is a second building from the house, not simply one of the tower apartments. Unless they fixed this recently, but i had to take a $180,000 loss and buy a lower end apartment to finish this off.
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  • Easy Achievement.
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