Dead Presidents Achievement

  • Dead Presidents



    GTA Online: Complete The Fleeca Job and The Pacific Standard Job as Heist Leader or Crew.


    Set as a two-player heist, The Fleeca Job will become available at Rank 12 and acts as the tutorial heist. There are two Setup Missions and one Finale Mission involved here, as seen below:

    • Scope Out
      • The crew will travel to Fleeca Bank on the Western Highway and observe the security of the building. You will then have to collect Paige and some extra equipment from Lester’s factory before returning to the apartment and planning the heist.
    • Kuruma
      • The entire crew will travel together to a parking garage in Del Perro and hijack an armored Kuruma on the top floor. Once the vehicle is seized, return it to Lester’s warehouse.
    • Heist Finale
      • In this finale, the crew will be traveling to Fleeca Bank and taking it down from the inside. Here, one player will act as crowd control and keep the hostages at bay while the second player drills into the safety deposit box and steals the cash. Once the money has been stolen, both players will flee via the Kuruma.

    Furthermore, set as a four-player heist, The Pacific Standard Job is also available at Rank 12 but is the fifth heist that players will receive from Lester. There are five Setup Missions and one Finale Mission involved here, as seen below:

    • Vans
      • The crew will be split into two groups of two, however all four players should get inside one four-door vehicle. Both navigators should be using the Trackify app on the in-game phone to hunt down the four vans (represented by red blips on the app) and communicate their locations to the driver. When you pull up near a van, make sure to snap a photo of its license plate without alerting the van's driver. Once all four vans have been photographed, drive to the newly marked vehicle on the map, hijack it (all four players need to be inside the new van) and deliver it to Lester's factory.
    • Signal
      • The entire crew will travel together to the meeting point near the shoreline in North Chumash. Once there, take the jet skis out to the designated island and clear out the area of hostiles before grabbing Avi Schwartzman inside the shack. Once Avi is in your possession and you transfer over to the police boat, drive forward towards Cassidy Creek and continue down the entire body of water through Raton Canyon. At some point, near the Alamo Sea, you'll need to land ashore and transfer Avi over to a land-based vehicle. Proceed to lose your wanted and then head towards the drop-off point in Grapeseed to complete the mission.
    • Hack
      • The crew will be split into two teams, though all four player will need to travel together to Lester's warehouse in order to collect the van. Once everyone is inside the van, travel to the rival gang's location in Downtown Vinewood. Take out all the enemies in the alley there, then transfer the hacking equipment from the rival gang's van into Lester's van. Once that is done, the decoy team will hop inside the rival gang's van, drive to the designated alley on Aguja Street in Vespucci, and blow up the van. All while this is happening, the transporter will be delivering the white van to Paige's location at Lester's factory.
    • Convoy
      • The entire crew will travel together to the ambush point on Calafia Bridge near Raton Canyon. Set up positioning on the bridge, ambush the convoy, then hijack the truck. The entire team will now need to slowly make their way up North Calafia Way, eliminating all the Merryweather backup before delivering the truck to the drop-off location in Grapeseed.
    • Bikes
      • The entire crew will travel together to the Lost MC Clubhouse in East Los Santos and ambush the enemies within the area. Once the clubhouse grounds have been cleared out, each player will need to take one of the tricked out Lectros and deliver them to designated alleyway in West Vinewood.
    • Heist Finale
      • In this finale, the crew will be split into three teams: Crowd Control (2), Demolition (1), and Hacker (1). The entire team will need to head to the Pacific Standard Bank and take out the guards in the lobby. Here, the crew is tasked with holding up The Pacific Standard Bank and then using the nearby stored Lectors to escape the five star wanted level.

    The achievement related to completing these two heists will unlock upon successfully completing the two heist finales as the either heist leader or a player that is affiliated with a Rockstar Social Club Crew. Take note that you do not actually need a fellow crew member in the heist with you. So long as you are affiliated with a legitimate crew, you’ll be fine.

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