Parole Day Achievement

  • Parole Day



    GTA Online: Complete The Prison Break as Heist Leader or Crew.


    Set as a four-player heist, The Prison Break will become available at Rank 12 and is the second heist available to play. There are four Setup Missions and one Finale Mission involved here, as seen below:

    • Plane
      • All four players will need to reach McKenzie Field and clear the area of Vagos. Once the field is secured, the pilot will need to take the Velum and bring it to Los Santos International. The mission will end once the plane is secured at the airport.
    • Prison Bus
      • All four players will need to track down and hijack the prison bus, which is moving from Bolingbroke Penitentiary to Paleto Bay. Once the bus has been hijacked, all four players must lose their wanted level and then deliver the bus to the scrapyard outside Sandy Shores.
    • Prison Break – Station
      • The crew will be split into two groups of two. Group A will be tasked with finding a police cruiser, which is best done by killing innocent bystanders and then stealing a cruiser once it arrives at the scene. Once this occurs, make sure to lost your wanted level and then head to the Mission Row Police Station. After retrieving the schedule there, bring the police cruiser to the underpass behind Lester’s warehouse and torch the vehicle with the provided jerry cans. Now drop the schedule off at the designated location and wait for Group B to finish their objective. All while Group A is working on their objective, Group B will be driving to the port of Los Santos and stealing Rashkovy’s Casco from a container ship and delivering it to the designated drop-off point in Blaine County.
    • Prison Break – Wet Work
      • The crew will be split into two groups of two. Group A will head to Richman Glen and assassinate Dima Popov. During this time, Group B will be heading to city hall and assassinating two lawyers, Gavin van der Loop and Josh Sherman, and stealing their dropped documents. These two lawyers will show up in a black Schafter, so keep your eyes peeled. Once both groups have assassinated their targets and lost their wanted level, the mission is complete.
    • Heist Finale
      • In this finale, the crew will be split into three teams: Ground Team (2), Demolition (1), and Pilot (1). Here, the crew is tasked with breaking Maxim Rashkovsky out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

    The achievement related to completing this heist will unlock upon successfully completing the heist finale as the either heist leader or a player that is affiliated with a Rockstar Social Club Crew. Take note that you do not actually need a fellow crew member in the heist with you. So long as you are affiliated with a legitimate crew, you’ll be fine.

  • 523 days later and this is the final heists.
  • These are*
  • This looks cool if anyone is down to work together my GT: Basque2112 im in it for fun and fun like people Aid back if your a lunatic than no go,hit me up
  • Very easy heist with a big payout (possible the biggest). If you every want to do heists, message me.
  • Looking to do this and the other heists too. GT demonjjf2 I play on the 360
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  • Need players second heist Xbox one Gt: sundaybmx244
  • GT: LaughablyInsane Looking for heist players. Will do your set up missions if you would help with mine. I'm on almost every day.
  • If anyone wants to join on Xbox 360 GT: EyelessPanther1
  • Anyone on xbox wanna do this with me?:).. Got the plane and bus done, stopping at the police cruiser.. My past 8 teams have joined the game, we play for 30 sec, and 1 person leaves... Been sitting in loading screen back and forth the past 2 hrs now... Anyone serious wanna do this?:)...
  • Correction* xbox one*
  • Ive done this heist already need help with the bus and police station setup missions. Message me on 360 GT: SuperClue
  • I need help on getting a crew for all of the heists. My GT is PegLegHershel.
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  • Looking for experienced decent players to complete all the heists with, message me on xbox 360. Bit of a noob to online.... Gamertag = Random Dero
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  • Looking for members who want to do this and other heists as crew. I'm trying to run through all these heists for achievements. Message me on live on the 360.
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  • GT: Redn3ck Swag Lets run though all the heists, Im on alot this coming week
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    GT: MetalliFANS
  • Looking to do this one. Gt: LAW ENFORCER 96

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