Shot Caller Achievement

  • Shot Caller



    GTA Online: Invest your hard earned cash to set up a Heist.


    In order to obtain this achievement, you must be the heist leader (host) during a Heist Setup mission. 

    Once you complete the initial tutorial heist, “The Fleeca Job,” you will receive a call from Lester at some point, which leads you to the next heist: “The Prison Break.” When you are ready to start the first Setup mission of “The Prison Break,” go ahead and enter your apartment’s planning room, paying $40,000 to initialize the mission (the mission is indicated by a green “H” icon). The achievement will unlock immediately once the cost has been covered and the following cutscene starts to play. 

  • Hard earned adder bonds
  • Apparently heists cost 10% of the total take, so for example, if the Humane Labs has a total take of $540k, the leader has to pay $54k.
  • Since it is hard to find non-shitty heist teammates I'll ask here. I have the Prison Break finale ready to go and am looking for people to do it. Message EricMickle3 if you want to team up. I'll likely need people for future heists as well.
  • If you earn these on the xbox one version will they pop here ad well? I have a no feeling
  • Looking for people to do heists with me and a friend preferable have mics and know how to play message OxTheRedSmurfxO or Xb Louis dX
  • GT: Profesor Xavier
  • Looking for experienced decent players to complete all the heists with, message me on xbox 360. Bit of a noob to online.... Gamertag = Random Dero
  • Looking for a crew to complete Heist DLC achievements on the Xbox 360. Message me if interested. Gamertag = Sh00t Em Up 283. 00 on Sh00t are the number not the letter.
  • Looking for a crew to do all the Heists on 360! Preferebaly with mic and English-speaking. Message me if you're interested. GT: TheFlaminBean
  • A need a decent team to do the heist achievements quick! If anyone is interested, please message me!

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