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    GTA Online: Earn 25 platinum medals across Heist Setups and Finales.


    In the Heist Update, platinum medals are rewarded to players who perform the best during a Heist Setup mission or Heist Finale. What constitutes performing above and beyond your crewmates are the number of kills and headshots one achieves, as well as accuracy and general contributions towards completing the main objective of the mission. After completing a Heist Setup mission or Heist Finale, you will be presented with the post-mission screen, which shows the players in the party and which tier medal they obtained: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

    Generally, the easiest way to obtain this achievement is to partner up with a single other player and continuously replay Lester’s first heist, “The Fleeca Job,” which is the only two-player heist available. In order to replay this heist, pull up your in-game phone and give Lester a call. A drop down menu on the upper left side of your screen will appear, so go ahead and select the option "Replay Heist > The Fleeca Job." Now wait a few seconds and Lester will call you back, informing you that the heist is now available to start (indicated by a green "H" icon in your apartment's planning room). 

    During the first Setup mission here, the player going for the platinum medal should be the driver during the duration of the mission. As for the second Setup mission, the player going for the platinum medal should clear out most, if not all of the enemies around the Kuruma on the top level of the Del Perro parking garage, then proceed to drive the Kuruma to Lester’s warehouse. Lastly, during the Heist Finale, the player going for the platinum medal should be assigned the “Driver” role. 

    Following the method described above, one player can net three platinum medals in a matter of 20-25 minutes over the course of the three aforementioned missions. As mentioned, you can continue to replay this heist multiple times, so grinding out the achievement on “The Fleeca Job” is by far the quickest way to obtain 25 platinum medals. Just take note that there is a 90-120 IRL cool down to replay this heist, which can prove to be a burden. To bypass this cool down period, please refer to THIS POST

    If for whatever reason you lose track of your progress for this achievement, you can check how many platinum medals you currently have by following these steps: PAUSE > STATS > AWARDS > HEISTS > DECORATED AWARD. This award tracks how many platinum medals you have achieved. Thanks to Colonel Gray for this tip!

  • There are only 25 medals in the Heist category so I guess we need them all........ *sigh*
  • 25 PLATINUM. Not bronze, silver, and gold. Think this is just mission ranking NOT the awards like in retail version.I did the first job twice and another once got a platinum on all 3 and in awards shows 3 out of 5 for the bronze
  • 3 out of 5 platinum medals for the bronze I ment, there is a challenge for getting platinum rankings in missions. Pretty sure you just have to do that one challenge completely
  • To explain for anybody who hasn't played Heists yet, players are ranked after completing Heist missions with one Platinum, one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze medal distributed between them. This is for those medals and NOT the awards. Whether or not it is for 25 specific ones, or 25 total, will affect how difficult this is to achieve.
  • If anyone wants to do some of these heists and achievements add me my gamer tag is toughwillie
  • Is there a way to look up how many platinum awards you got from heist missions?
  • ************************************* To see platinum medal progress, go to Stats/Awards/Heists/Decorated This tracks your platinum medal progression
  • looking for a group GT:FusingXx smd xx
  • Need 2 people that have mics and willing to work with others. Gamertag is Funland 47.
  • These are not the platinum medals the same as the other Online achievement. When you do any Heist or set-up mission you get a rating varying from Platinum to Bronze. You have to be the best player out of 4 to achieve Platinum, and do this 25 times across all the missions. Easy enough you'll get 2-3 from the first heist without trying.
  • Ive got 11 medals and only done 7 individual missions, you could do this by continuously playing the first heist
  • Hey looking for people to help me with heists. I'll help u finish yours. gt Brazil002
  • Looking for people to do heists with me and a friend preferable have mics and know how to play message OxTheRedSmurfxO or Xb Louis dX
  • #11 is that true have you confirmed that works? if so that will be the best and easiest way plus you get money at the end of heist setup and heist whats not to like?
  • OMG if this is just mission ranking and not medals I'll be so happy! Some of those new awards would be a royal pain in the ass to unlock =/
  • Got it today by just replaying the Fleeca Job. Setup Missions: First mission, make sure you drive everywhere Second mission, make sure you kill a good amount of enemies and drive the Kuruma Finale, make sure you are the driver and not the driller
  • looking to job a group. I have a mic. Gt: NotTheBestAtAll Message me on xbox.
  • This can be boosted with one other person just keep playing Fleeca Job over and over you'll get it sooner or later.
  • looking for a group, message me GT:FusingXx smd xx
  • Looking for help with heists from start to finish to build money and xp... My gt is: Gazalar Live
  • Looking for help from 2 people with mics to complete Deliver EMP during the Humane Labs heist and then the heist itself. Deliver EMP requires full team coordination and detection means failure which is why mics are essential. Once that is done we also need to complete the final two heists in full as well so anyone looking to gather coin is welcome. I'll guarantee a 25% cut. Anyone interested message me on Xbox Live. We are online most evenings from 7pm GMT during weekdays and this weekend (though not Saturday night - out drinkin') and this is on Xbox 360.
  • Looking for people to do these with, I only have a few friends that I could do this with and it's near impossible to get them all on at the same time. Hit me up -doostt
  • Looking for someone who want to boost this achievement during the Fleeca Job. I've already 8 out of 25 medals. Hit me up when you want to do it. I've a headset. Gamertag: ExpireYourself
  • This isn't exactly on topic, but I'm looking for a group for the 10 million dollar Criminal Mastermind challenge. Msg for invite. Gamertag: ACH3VM3NTHUNT3R
  • I'm looking for a crew to finish the Criminal Mastermind Challenge for $10 Million Msg or invite me. GT: MadPlayerr916
  • GT: Crane HK for this achievement and the others.
  • NB: This total of 25 platinum medals is shared between both your characters - I had 15 with one and 10 with the other. You don't need to get the Decorated award. #21 The EMP Delivery mission is good with a silenced Heavy Pistol and not the heavy/slow armour. Rush up to the pairs and shoot both. Sniper the rest - hope the fuck-wit others leave you to it.
  • Need a team for heists. XBL GT = IINUMB3R44
  • Looking for anyone who is good at heists and won't die alot add me gt: Brazil002
  • Add me if you want help with this and other achievements, need help with a few
  • Xbox 360. I just finished Fleeca. I'm looking to get this and other achievements. I'm a really chill player. 18y/0 + is preferred but not mandatory. My gamertag is Beardchester.
  • looking for crew members with mics and who wont mind being recorded as a funny moments. if you follow those qualifications, message me at mineturtle2401 on xbox 360
  • Looking for experienced decent players to complete all the heists with, message me on xbox 360. Bit of a noob to online.... Gamertag = Random Dero
  • We are 3 dedicated, non-BS players looking for a forth reliable player to do all Heist DLC achievements. We are online most evenings, European time. If interested, GT is: Miikesmama
  • Looking for a crew to complete Heist DLC achievements on the Xbox 360. Message me if interested. Gamertag = Sh00t Em Up 283. 00 in Sh00t are the number not the letter.
  • Need someone to get all the heist achievements with. I have a mic, but dont really use it. Dont think i can start a heist due to level. Hit me up on 360: TheD4Ylight0wl
  • I'm looking to grind this achievement using Fleeca, but I'm willing to help with all heist achievements. Shoot me a message if interested. I'll be on most nights. Gt: deaconblues691
  • I'm looking for a group of people to do every single heist with if possible, I keep trying to do it with randoms and it's just impossible. Anyone interested send me a message. GT: TheFlaminBean
  • Looking for anyone who is willing to do heists, GT : BumbleBlitz
  • Looking for a crew to do all the Heists on 360! Preferebaly with mic and English-speaking. Message me if you're interested. GT: TheFlaminBean
  • " To bypass this cool down period, please refer to THIS POST. " This post doesn't seem to exist anymore, does anyone know what the bypass trick was? Can it be added to this guide?
  • Nevermind, found a better strategy. Play "The Fleeca Job" but when you've completed the second set-up mission, call Lester and cancel the heist. Then call him again and request to replay "The Fleeca Job", rinse and repeat. No cooldown period, no time to wait. Yea you have to put up 11,000 cash for every two platinum medals instead of the three for doing the whole heist, but if you have the money that shouldn't be an issue.
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  • Looking to do online achievements before the servers shut down.
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