-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline 41/41 (1000)
-Online 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 15 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed 2
-Number of missable achievements 6 (see below)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No
-Glitchy achievements No
-Unobtainable achievements No
-Extra equipment needed? No

Gray Matter by Jane Jensen is a point-and-click adventure brought to the Xbox 360 which requires a lot of examining objects, problem solving, and dialogue mixed in with a mysterious storyline. What it also is, is a fun, at points challenging game with a slightly linear gameplay, but plenty of dialogue and slight jokes as rewards for exploring. Is it difficult? No. Is it fun? Yes? Are 1000 points achievable? Oh yes.

The majority of the achievements come from completing “puzzle sets” which in real terms means doing a series of steps to advance the game play. The easiest example is the “tutorial” puzzle at the very start where you have to find Sam’s pet rabbit to put in its cage, then feed it with a carrot from Sam’s backpack and then give it water first by taking the water bottle from the backpack, and then filling it up with water from a pitcher in the room. Then you “equip” the items one by one and select the rabbit to give them to it. Doing all of these will get you 640 plus 40 for completing the game normally.

There are a couple of non-story related achievements that are potentially missable, including one for finding all the “bonus points” in the game, and Fast Play for a speed run of completing the game in under 5 hours. However there is a great guide online HERE that covers the entire game, including all the points, and if you follow it through then you’ll get all of them apart from the speed run and the Chatty Mouth achievement. For that one, examine EVERYTHING that you can, and examine it again after an event happens (at the game start, examine the water pitcher before giving the rabbit water, and then after for two different things said. This gives you two items).

The missable achievements are Fast Play, Chatty Mouth, A Small Act of Kindness, He can be nice too, Divided and Conquered, The Beast Within so make sure you read the achievement descriptions for them.

1st Playthrough
Take your time, enjoy the game and explore around and you will find some pretty cool stuff. It is pretty much impossible to get the speed run achievement done in your first playthrough so just enjoy your first run and you should end up with a cool 950

2nd Playthrough
This is your speed run. Now you know the game and what to do, rush through the main storyline, ignoring all bonus points and unneeded items to beat the game within five hours. The previous game experience will of course help, and you can check your time progress by saving the game and seeing how long you have left. You will unlock Fast Play to complete your 1000

A really underrated game and a fun 1000, but be careful when doing your speed run as it is easy to go over the 5 hour limit!

[x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a for this Roadmap]

Gray Matter Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Finish the game under 5 hours

    *Missable*. As it says, finish the game in under five hours. Should be the last achievement you get, on the second play through. Once you’ve done the game once and know what to do & where to go, do it again without going for bonus points or examining unneeded objects. Also, when you get cut scene videos hit Start and select "skip video" to save time. You can check how much time you have left by saving your game to see how much you’ve used up. The achievement pops when you reach the main menus AFTER the final cut scene video AFTER the unskippable credits. Therefore, try and make sure you have some time in hand before finishing the last part prior to the credits. Good luck!

  • Play 1000 dialogs

    *Missable*. In Gray Matter, a “dialog” is any text said by a character that gets noted down in either Sam’s notebook or Dr. Styles’ diary. So this can come from conversations with characters, or either playable character’s thoughts on items etc when examined. There, examine everything and anything possible in the game. Pressing select will display “hotpoints” i.e. objects that can be interacted with, examined, or locations to other places. Many objects will produce more than 1 dialogue either after immediately viewing or after something happens in relation to it or the story. Examine characters after talking to them, objects after use, objects in your inventory after collecting them, and look at everything when you’ve “zoomed in” on them.

    It will take a while to get over 1000 dialogues, therefore it’s not a good idea to go for this achievement and Fast Play in the same playthrough. The time when the achievement will pop will differ depending on how much you examine etc. For me it popped during Chapter 6 as I was completing the second half of C Railer Swool, so by following the walkthrough posted above and this advice, you’ll get it either here or later in Chapter 7. Then feel good about not having to spend so much time looking at everything in the game, unless you like listening to Sam’s voice I guess.

  • Put all wild flowers into vases

    *Missable*. You can “buy” wildflowers from the market seller stall in Oxford City Centre in Chapter 2, and there are two vases to put the flowers into. Doing this achievement contributes “bonus points” towards The Beast Within achievement.
    1. “Vase” in Sam’s bedroom at home, on the table with the water pitcher.
    2. Vase in Main Lab in cellar at home, on desk next to picture of Styles’ wife.

  • Speak with Mrs. Dalton about the bike

    *Missable*. Chapter 6. This was set up during the “That Piece of Junk” set earlier in the game. After investigating the house’s tower, go to the garage and use Sam’s bike. Then go to the kitchen and talk to Mrs. Dalton about The Bike. This will get you some bonus points, therefore is not required for a story puzzle set therefore missable. Achievement will pop after that conversation is over.

  • Win the "Divide and Conquer" game without losing any hand

    *Missable*. Chapter 4. You’ll use the “Divide and Conquer” trick on the Proctor on floor 2 of St Edmund’s Hall. In this game, the idea is to keep the “prediction” card selected at the start on the table so it’s the last one. The key to winning is making sure who goes first according to how many cards on the table. If an even number (6, 8, 10 etc) the Proctor goes first, otherwise Sam. On Sam’s turn, select any 2 cards but the predicted card, and on the Proctor’s turn choose any card except the predicted card if it’s been picked out. You’ll lose a hand if the predicted card is eliminated, so win three games straight without loss and the achievement will pop.

  • Fully Succeed the Ball and Cup trick

    Story related. Chapter 6. You’ll play the Ball and Cup trick on the handyman on floor 3 on St. Edmund Hall, and to get this you need to do the trick perfectly. The trick is that the handyman can’t move the ball that has the cup in on his first move. So if he moves 1 and 3, the ball is in cup 2, so follow that cup’s movements and swaps to see where the ball is now. This one is kind of weird; on my first play I got it first time using this method, but during the second it took 3 times before it worked. Thankfully you don't have to get it first time, mistakes are allowed. All that matters is that you do the trick correctly the one time needed to continue the story.

    Malkaiah of the forums had this method: "Looking at the three cups there is a black mark on Position 1. Remember this for a little later. The first movement is silent remember so you will never know which cup the ball starts under. However, assume the ball is under cup 1 (with the mark on it), follow the movements as the man speaks and then look at the three cups. If the cup with a mark on it is in the position you've measured the ball to be then pick it and you'll get it. Otherwise you'll need to deduce which of the two remaining cups is the one with the ball under. Which is easily enough done if you read the details in the magician handbook. It had me a little stumped at first but after re-reading the instructions in the game it worked first time."

    Regardless of what method you choose and how you get it, the achievement will pop when you select the cup with the ball and come out of the game.

  • Finish the game with all bonus points

    *Missable*. Throughout the game there are also bonus points which are awarded for doing actions that are not directly related to a Puzzle Set. This includes talking to people, examining objects, performing physical actions etc. If you follow the walkthrough, you’ll get these en route to completing the story. Also, by doing this achievement you’ll pick up the A Small Act of Kindness and He Can be nice too achievements as they will gain you bonus points in the process of completing them. You can check your progress in each chapter to check if you’ve gotten all the bonus points possible.

    The achievement is slightly misleading, as it will actually pop when you get the last bonus points to get the full total, therefore before completing the game’s story fully. If you follow the walkthrough you’ll get them all, but here’s a list of them broken down by chapter.

    Chapter 1
    1) Try to start the motorcycle (2 points), in the garage of the Dread Hill mansion
    2) After talking with Mrs. Dalton, take out the photo of Mom and Dad from the backpack (3 points).
    3) Inside Mephistopheles’ shop, examine the tall shelf beside the machine (4 points).
    4) Talk with Mephistopheles after winning on the machine and reading the riddle (3 points).
    5) Try to get inside the Windy Dog Pub on Queen Street after finding the beer coaster (2 points).

    Chapter 2
    1) Buy flowers from the florist beside Carfax Tower(3 points). *Part of A Small Act of Kindness achievement.
    2) Put some of the in to the glass standing inside Sam’s room (beside her parents photo) (3 points). *Part of A Small Act of Kindness achievement.
    3) Talk with Mrs. Dalton about the accident (3 points).
    4) Put the rest of the flowers inside the vase (beside Styles’ wife photo) in the lab (3 points). *Part of A Small Act of Kindness achievement.
    5) Talk with the guide in Christ Church College (8 points).

    Chapter 3
    1) Observe the filling cabinet in the main lab (2 points).
    2) Examine the whiteboard about presence in Styles’ private lab (3 points).
    3) Observe Laura’s wedding dress in the closet (2 points).
    4) Check the 1st (2 points) and 2nd (2 points) dresser drawers in the closet.

    Chapter 4
    1) Examine the postcard rack in Alice’s shop on Queen Street (2 points).
    2) Examine the history poster with Lewis Carroll’s biography in Alice’s shop on Queen Street (2 points).
    3) Examine the Mad Hatter poster in Alice’s shop on Queen Street (2 points).
    4) Talk with the librarian about Hogwarts (3 points).
    5) Try to get to the Christ Church dining hall (3 points).
    6) Examine the desk drawer In Charles’s room (2 points).
    7) Examine the lock in the opened door of room 202 – after visiting room 204 (3 points).
    8) Examine the film gear on the bottom shelf in Harvey’s room (2 points).
    9) During Helena’s absence, examine the desk drawer in her room (2 points). – Do before looking under her bed.
    10) Talk with Helena about her discoveries on Angela, Malik, Charles and Harvey (12 points). – Do this AFTER examining the other dorm rooms etc to get all the dirt on them.

    Chapter 5
    1) Observe Laura's dress bag in the closet (5 points).
    2) Examine Experiment report #1 and #2 on the computer in the private lab (5 points).
    3) In Timmons Park, examine and click in zoom the signs engraved in the two trees on both sides of the bench by the bridge (2x2 points and 2x3 points).

    Chapter 6
    1) Speak with Mrs. Dalton about the bike after Sam checks on it in the garage (3 points). *Do this for the “He can be nice too” achievement
    2) Take flour from the kitchen (3 points).
    3) Use the flour on the stain on the window in the Dead Hill tower (5 points).
    4) Perform the "Cup and Ball Psychic” on the handyman on the third floor of St. Edmunds Hall (5 points). *Done correctly will get the “You should make money out of it” achievement
    5) Note the certificate standing on the fireplace in Christ Church Dining Hall and read what’s written on it (5 points).
    6) Inform Mephistopheles that Styles didn’t like his idea of changing the place and time of the experiment (3 points).

    Chapter 7
    1) Observe the "Frankenstein” book in Sam’s back pack (3 points).
    2) Observe photo of Mom and Dad on the nightstand in Sam’s bedroom – only after talking with the case worker (3 points).

    Chapter 8
    1) Before reading the newspaper, talk with the bartender in the Daedalus Club about the events in Oxford (3 points).
    2) Before reading the newspaper, talk with the two clients in the Daedalus Club about the events in Oxford (3 points).
    3) Before reading the newspaper, talk with the Trickster in the Daedalus Club about the events in Oxford (3 points).
    4) Find the hint hidden inside the iron maiden in the Queen of Spades room in the Daedalus Club’s cellar (2 points)
    5) Get outside the club from the Queen of Diamonds room (3 points)
    6) Talk with the Trickster about the cellar riddles before pressing the red button which will change the lightning in the Queen of Diamonds room (3 points). *Achievement will pop here if all other bonus points collected.

  • Finish the game

    Complete all the puzzle sets to complete chapters 1-8. Will pop when the credits have finished rolling and you return to the main menu. Oh, and the credits cannot be skipped so enjoy the artwork!


Secret achievements

  • Finished "A Plant in the House" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. End of Chapter 4 after “Setting A Trap”. Quite a long set to finish. First you’ll be planting a Telephone Spy onto Dr. Linkweller’s phone in his office after luring him out with a phone call. Then you’ll snoop around the dorm rooms of Charles, Harvey, and Helena, during which you’ll use tricks “Divide and Conquer “(done right you’ll get the Divided and Conquered achievement) and “Locked Room Mystery” (requiring Cry For Help Noisemaker from Magic Shop) on two Proctors. Then to Styles lab to chat to them, then back to St. Edmund’s Hall to use the “Fruit Bowl” trick on the experiment participants. The achievement will pop as Sam speaks after selecting the Fruit Bowl trick.

  • Finished "Setting a Trap" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 4 after “There was Something in the Water”. Go to the gym, examine the opening hours, the lobby door and the locker room door. Go to the magic shop and buy the flash powder trap. Return to the gym, and “use” the powder on the trap, then the wires on the trap. Then use the completed trap on the locker room door, and then the lobby door and the achievement will pop as Sam is setting the trap up on it.

  • Finished "There was Something in the Water" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 4, playing as Sam again. Read paper in kitchen, go to St. Edmund’s Hall and to the pool. Examine the filter, pool water, Polaroids, and talk to pool man twice. Go to Undergraduate room 106 and talk to Jeaine. The achievement will pop when Jeaine says “Sorry, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

  • Finished "Memory of a Summer's Night" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 3 after Psi and Psi again. A simple treasure hunt around the house. You’ll collect a picture from the parlour, a bathing suit from the closet in Styles’ bedroom, shampoo from the bathroom from Styles’ bedroom, a music CD from the Hi-Fi System in the dining room, and a bottle of wine from the cellar after using the computer’s win register. Then load the CD and shampoo into the controls of the tank in the private lab. The achievement will pop when you open the lid of the tank. You’ll also get “Bittersweet Memories” while doing this set.

  • Finished "A Message from Laura" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. End of Chapter 3 after Memory of a Summer’s Night. Go to the parlor and examine the last photo of the pile (the “blue tiles” taken on the night of the accident). Go to the private lab and scan the picture, using editing settings for Colors, Sharpen, and Contrast. Go to the kitchen, examine the Reginald Paiser card on the notice board, then use the phone. The achievement will pop when the cut scene video plays after the call.

  • Finished "A Day in the Rowboat" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 5, after “Psi and the Mind”. Go home and look at paintings of the park in the dining room. Now go to the park and it’s time for another memory-inducing “treasure” hunt, which are a carving on a tree of a heart, an ice lolly from the vendor in the playpark, a flower from the little girl after talking to her and then “using” apples on her, and finally taking a boat trip in the lake. Achievement will pop after paying the man in the hut for hiring the boat.

  • Finished "What Happened the Day Before" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 5, after “A Day in the Rowboat”. Go home, check appointment book in Private Lab. Check notice board in kitchen for Dr. Helborn’s card, and then call his office using the phone in the lobby. Go to his office and you’ll be put under hypnosis, where you’ll have to select the correct dialogue options to continue. The right ones are: Had a shower, Had breakfast with Headley, A coffee shop, Neural Connectivties on Infants, Office hours, Female. The achievement will pop when the video plays after selecting Female.

  • Finished "The Experiment" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 5, after “What Happened the Day Before” and very easy. Go home, talk to Mrs. Dalton about Sam. Then go to the experiment room via the Main Lab and use the computer. Select session one, set the time to 11:30, then check through the readings. Achievement will pop when you select “45s” (4th window).

  • Finished "C Railer Swoll " Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 6, after “Investigating the Lambs’ Club” set. Go to Alice’s shop, and look at the long neck postcard in the rack. Go to the dining hall in Christ Church and look at the top of the right statue in the fireplace. Click it’s head three times to take the next piece. Go across to the paintings, examine the logo in the bottom corner of the large one then the book in the painting. Use Sam’s Swiss Army Knife to get the last puzzle piece, then put the puzzle together. Go to the meadow off of Christ Church garden, and find the rabbit hole. Enter the combination 539472277655 and take the coin. Return to Dread Hill, pick up invitation from table by phone then examine both coins. Use the map of London from Alice’s shop and select the locations from the coins, joining them up to form an “X” marking the spot, and the achievement will pop.

  • Finished "Psi and the Mind" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 5, playing as Dr. Styles again and it’s an easy one. Go to the private lab, examine the letter rollers then the white board. Go to Dr. Ramusskin's House, and talk to him about everything. Achievement will pop after options run out and Styles asks how best to make Laura to “come through”.

  • Finished "The Events at Horspath Track" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 2 – No magic tricks this time. After reading the paper and going to the track talk to Eddie and ask about everything. Then go to the magic shop and talk to Mephistopheles about everything. It will unlock after the last convo with Mephistopheles.

  • Finished "Sam plays Lab Assistant" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 2 – After Sam gets carded, go to home and to the main lab in the cellar. You’ll complete a simple filling game, then look through the files under F to find a receipt. Go to the Radcliffe Infirmary, into Susan’s office. The achievement will pop after giving receipt to Susan.

  • Finished "Lambs for Dr. Styles" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 1 – Obtained after convincing four students to go along to Styles’ experiment. You’ll perform 3 magic tricks in the process – “Up in Smoke” on Lisa, “Telephone Psychosis” on Angela, and a two-part “Omnious Mailbag” trick on Charles (first taking the letter, then going to Oxford centre to use a vent to open it, switch a leaflet with a flyer of Styles’ experiment, then returning the letter). Follow the walkthrough for the step by step guide to the tricks, and then talk to Helena and the achievement will pop. This ends Chapter 1.

  • Finished "Houdini's habitat" Puzzle Set

    Story Related, can’t miss it. At the start of the game, Chapter 1 – the first “puzzle” where Sam has to find her rabbit, then feed it and give it water. Follow the tutorial and if you can’t get this, then there’s no hope for you. Sorry.

  • Finished "Dread Hill House" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss it. Chapter 1 – after looking around the house and talking to Mrs. Dalton and having breakfast, you’ll go back to the hallway and read the letter on the door. Talk to Dalton again and get a cell phone. Press to bring up the map, select Oxford Town Centre to go there. Marks halfway completion of the chapter.

  • Finished "A Spectral Presence" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 3 after “That Piece of Junk, and another easy set. Enter the Private Lab using the key. Examine whiteboard, check computer and view all video logs, then go to Styles’ bedroom and examine the mirror. The achievement will pop when you “click” on the mirror.

  • Finished "Psi and Psi again" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 3 after “A Spectral Presence” and yet again an easy set. Back in the Lab, examine the work counter and read the letter and book. Click the motor to connect the machine, then set No.0 to 99, leave 1-26 as they are, and 27-39 as 0. Then click the red button on the machine and click the letter reels until “IM” appears. A slight bug here means you may have to click the motor or come out of the work bench and go back in again. Achievement will pop when you examine the reels after “IM” appears.

  • Finished "The Betrayer's Price" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Begins in Chapter 1, ends at the end of Chapter 2. Finish a long clue-related quest that begins at the Magic Shop during Chapter 1 at the “card machine”. In chapter 1 you’ll “finish” the first half of the quest by looking at the Windy Dog pub. In chapter 2 you’ll go from there to the Christ Church chapel, and finish in the phone booth at Oxford Centre. The achievement will pop when you pick the coin up from the receiver.

  • Finished "Sam gets carded" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 2 – Gained after successfully using the „Destroyed and Restored Ring” trick on Helena in the library. You need to “buy” a Paper Shredder Noisemaker from the magic shop to complete trick. Achievement will pop when you used the card on the turnstile.

  • Finished "The Mysterious Dr. Styles" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 2 – After Sam plays Lab Assistant, talk to Headley, then Susan. You’ll perform two magic tricks on Susan – Bottomless Coffee Cup for the filing cabinet key, and The Super Gross-Out Self-Healing Wound to get her to leave the room. This requires a magnet, and a Fake Thumb, Spirit Gum, and Stage Blood from the magic shop respectively. After copying the file from the cabinet, return home and find a Neurobiology Phone List and a Condolence Card in the filing cabinet of the Main Lab, compare them to single out Abram Linkweller and the achievement will pop.

  • Finished "Investigating the Lambs' Club" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 6, after “The Ghost of Dread Hill”. A long trek here. First talk to Dr. Linkweller in his office, then use the “Shredded and Restored Newspaper” trick on Harvey in the library using paper from the desk there. Look around Helena’s room in St. Edmund’s Hall, opening the box under bed with a hairpin and looking at programme on table. Use the Ball and Cup trick on the handyman on floor 3 (if done right, you’ll get the “You should make money out of it” achievement) then flip switch on fuse book. Go across to other 3rd floor, go to room 322 and talk to Kelly.

    Use the “Disappearing Ink” trick on her, then get said Ink from the magic shop. After using trick, examine both items in desk and the photos and hair dye on the cabinet. Next to Christ Church garden and talk to Charles, then to main Church area and call Charles’ mother. Finally talk to Dr. Styles in his experiment lab, and the achievement will pop after using all the dialogue options.

  • Finished "That Piece of Junk" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 3. First chance to play as Dr. Styles and an easy set to complete. First go to the garage and look at Sam’s bike. Then go to the kitchen to talk to Mrs. Dalton about “that piece of junk” then about “the girl” until that option is gone. Then select bike repair and after that conversation the achievement will pop.

  • Got your first memory flash

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 3 after Psi and Psi again and easy. Got to the Parlour, look through the stack of photos, and examine the one of the cottage and the achievement will pop.

  • Completed your very first magic trick

    Story related, can’t miss it. Chapter 1 – In St. Edmund Hall, you’ll use the “Up in Smoke” magic trick on student Lisa to get a video cartridge back for a student to convince him to take part in Dr. Styles’ experiment, using Sam’s magic book. Follow the tutorial to learn how to perform tricks. The order for the trick’s steps are:

    1) Load Spare cartridge in Left sleeve
    2) Take Lisa’s cartridge in Right hand
    3) Palm Spare cartridge in Left hand
    4) Move Lisa’s cartridge to Left hand
    5) Misdirect (upper middle icon)
    6) Move Spare cartridge to Right hand
    7) Vanish Lisa’s cartridge in Left sleeve
    When the trick steps are in place, press A (the magic wand symbol) to perform the trick and get the achievement.

  • Finished "Suspicions about Samantha" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 7, after “Terror in the Dinning Hall”. Talk to Bulldog in the hall, then go home and talk to Mrs. Dalton in the Kitchen. Go upstairs to Sam’s room, and look at the letter in the backpack, then examine Helena’s ID from the drawer by the bed. Go downstairs and use the phone, and the achievement will pop.

  • Finished "In the Lab" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 7, after “Suspicions about Samantha”. Check letter rollers in Private Lab, then use the computer to print off Brain Power Report from My Files. Use the computer in the experiment lab, select Session 3, set time to 11:30, then check 45s then 30s. Click Angela’s scan and compare it using the Brain Diagram. Achievement will pop when you come out of zoom.

  • Finished "Terror in the Dinning Hall" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 7, playing as Dr. Styles. Easy and quick. Go to St. Edmund Hall, to the dining hall, talk to the Inspector about everything, then use the discus on the hole in the right wall and the achievement will pop. And yes, they did spell it as “Dinning Hall” rather than Dining Hall. Achievement of the year perhaps?

  • Finished "The Ghost of Dread Hill" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 6, playing as Sam again. Go to the cellar, talk to Dr. Helborn about everything. Read note, then go the upper floor and look at the seating, cabinet, gargoyle, and painting. Go outside to the tower, get key from statue. Look at stairs then upstairs and look at chair and window. You can get the “He can be nice too” achievement here as well by checking Sam’s bike after looking in the tower, then talking to Mrs. Dalton about the bike before anything else. Finally, go to the kitchen and talk to Mrs. Dalton about the ghost and tower. Achievement will pop after the last convo is done.

  • Finished "Altering the Plan" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. End of Chapter 6, after “C Railer Swoll”. Talk toMephistopheles about changing the location and time of next experiment. Go to racetrack and talk to Eddie, then take a discuss. Return to Dread Hill and talk to Dr. Styles, then leave labs and call Helena. Go to St. Edmund’s Hall, and achievement will pop when Sam talks to the Lambs.

  • Finished "I'm Laura Styles!" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 8, after “In The Lion’s Den”. Use the gun on Mephistopheles, and after the cut scene use the paper fairy on the lantern, and then throw the switch. Achievement will pop when the culprit drops into the baptism pool.

  • Finished "In the Lion's Den" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 8. You’ll do a lot of this set doing “The Game of Life”, and after it keep following the walkthrough to pick up the gun from the Queen of Spades room, and the achievement will pop when you pick it up.

  • Finished "Where is She Now?" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 7, after “In The Lab”. Go to St. Edmund Hall, then to the magic shop, taking the poster from it. Go to St. Edmund Hall’s Dining Hall and talk to the Inspector. Achievement will pop when he goes to check for the magic club’s address.

  • Finished "The Game of Life" Puzzle Set

    Story related, can’t miss. Chapter 8 as Sam. A long, complicated hunt for three keys in the basement of the magic club, involving many rooms and doors. Follow the walk through to solve the clues and get the keys, and the achievement will pop when you use the final key on the back door of the Queen of Harts.

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