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There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Finish in first place in 10 Single Player Single Races.

  • Collect all the stars and the GS token on a single run.

  • Win all the goals in 10 different Challenge Levels.

  • Score 200 frags in Deathmatch play.

  • Collect all the stars in 50 levels (Challenge or Race mode).

  • Bling



    Finish 50 levels (Challenge or Race Mode) in the Gold Time or better.

  • Do a full Barrel Roll and then land safely on the track.

  • Leave the track and fly for 10 seconds, then land safely on the track.

  • Win 50 Multiplayer races.

  • Find and collect the GS token in every Challenge level in the game.

  • In a Deathmatch, use a DeathRay on a player who's using a Flaming Shield.

  • Complete the Temple of Doom Challenge Level without a single death/restart.

DLC: Turbo Boost Expansion Pack

There are 3 achievements with a total of 50 points

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GripShift Achievements FAQ

  • How many GripShift achievements are there?
    There are 15 achievements to unlock in GripShift worth a total of 250 gamerscore.

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