Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
Offline: 30/30 (1000/1000)
Online: 0/30 (0/1000)
Approximate amount of time to 100010-20 hours (depending on skill)
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 if you don't use the Konami Code).
Missable achievements: One - "The Devil wears Revenge!"
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
Extra equipment needed?: None

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is an enhanced re-release of the 2013 Playstation platformer Guacamelee! published by the independent video game development studio DrinkBox Studios. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition takes traditional platformers to a new level of fun, with its unique choice of setting, monsters, and fighting style. The game is strongly inspired by historical Mexican culture and folklore.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Protagonist, Juan, is a Mexican luchador. Players control Juan as he wrestles his way through difficult terrain, obstacles, and wave after wave of enemies. His goal (holding the genre to its traditions) is to save El Presidente's daughter, after she is kidnapped by the malevolent Calaca.

The first thing you're going to want to do is punch in the Konami Code at the main menu (see "That was Hard Mode?") to unlock hard mode off the bat. You're then going to want to begin your game on save slot #2, to unlock "Next-gen!!" Proceed through the story, and address the achievement guide below for the most convenient path to a perfect gamerscore.

Press "START" on a second controller to play co-op.

After completing the story-line, you can continue on to clean up any remaining achievements. The mop-up in this game is moderate. You will unlock all remaining achievements while working towards "Who put these here???" Make sure to collect all the orbs before anything else, as you will obtain the ability to fly, making the going back and forth much easier.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is an astonishingly amusing and humorous game. The story line is extremely entertaining, and gameplay is anything but tedious. Enjoyment is guaranteed; even the most difficult achievements are fun to get.

[XBA would like to thank Bare Bum Cheeks for this RoadMap]

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Became a Luchador


    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Dropped the Alebrije into the lava


    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Redeemed X'tabay


    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Extinguished Flame Face


    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Bested Jaguar Javier in hand-to-paw combat


    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Completed Uay Chivo's INTENSO training


    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Defeated a Chupacabra using only Slam

    Shouldn't be too difficult. Chupacabras are dragon-like flying enemies who spit fire at you, and they're fairly common. Simply get above one and use Slam (Down + ). If you're accurate, the chupacabra should be slow getting back up, so simply jump and use Slam again, until the creature is defeated.

  • Defeated an arena without taking any damage


    As you play through the game, you may notice barriers rise from time to time, and you're forced to fight waves of enemies. This is what they mean by arena. They happen quite frequently, so you will have plenty of opportunities to obtain this achievement.

  • Found 100% of the Hidden Items in a single area


    See "Who put these here???"

  • Achieved a 125 Hit Combo


    See "The Never Ending Combo."

  • Became a Chicken

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Destroyed Uay Chivo's fake statue in the Tule Tree


    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Started a New Game on Save Slot #2


    Just select Save Slot #2 when starting a new game.

  • Completed the first Combo Chicken Challenge


    See "Poncho'd Out."

  • Silenced El Trio de la Muerte permanently


    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Defeated an enemy using the Pollo Bomb

    To unlock the Pollo Bomb, you must complete all of the Infierno challenges, with a minimum of 10 silver medals or higher. Once acquired, you will have to switch to your chicken in order to use it. Find an enemy and press to drop the bomb. You can drop as many as you want; it should take no more than three or four to kill an enemy.

  • Defeated a Skeleton-Luchador


    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Killed 20 Enemies in a single INTENSO sequence


    You will get your INTENSO meter fairly early in the game. It slowly fills up by defeating enemies, and breaking barrels. When the meter starts flashing, you can use it by clicking down on both joysticks ( + ). Simply kill 20 enemies before the meter runs out. You will have plenty of opportunities to achieve this throughout the game. The best opportunities are during arenas, or the Infierno Challenges.

  • Helped those in need by completing all Side Quests

    There are a total of 9 side quests to complete:

    Chicken Herding
    Found near the Church in Pueblucho. Talk to the short man with the sombrero.

    Combo Chicken
    See "Poncho'd Out."

    Missing Doll
    Found at the house in Pueblucho. You will need the ability to switch between worlds in order to complete this quest.

    Mariachi Band
    Found in Santa Luchita, on the bottom level of the town, in the building next to Mine Forever. You will need thedash ability to complete this quest.

    Found in Santa Luchita. Enter the building with the sign reading "Super Siesta." You will need the ability to become a chicken, and switch between worlds in order to complete this quest.

    World's Greatest Enchilada
    Found in Santa Luchita. Enter the building called Isabella's Kitchen. You will need to gather ingredients for the chef.

    • Cheese: Talk to the man on the platform next to Mine Forever
    • Beans: Talk to the lady near the entrance to Sierra Morena
    • Chillies: Go to the stairs in the middle of town, switch to the undead world and talk to the man on the platform.
    • Tortillas: Talk to the lady in the pink dress, just to the right of Isabella's Kitchen.

    Chicken Thief
    Found in Santa Luchita. Enter the house situated right before you enter the desert.

    Found in the Canal de las Flores. Enter the house with the swordfish above it.

    Alux Hunter
    Found in the Pico de Gallo. Switch to the undead world and talk to the man with the sombrero. He will have an exclamation mark over his head. You must kill all five Aluxs scattered throughout the Canal de las Flores. Here is a video guide to help you find them.


    The achievement should pop up once all the side quests are fully completed.

  • Purchased 20 Upgrades from the Shop


    The shop (also the game's checkpoints) are those luxurious purple tables with the skull in the centre. Click on Abilities to enter the upgrade menu. Prices are shown on screen. Simply purchase 20 upgrades from the shop and this achievement will unlock. Here's a list of purchasable upgrades.

    Health Chunk
    Levels 1-6

    Stamina Chunk
    Levels 1-6

    Health Regen Boost
    Levels 1-2

    Stamina Delay Boost
    Levels 1-2

    Stamina Regen Boost
    Levels 1-2

    Respawn Boost
    Levels 1-2 (only necessary for co-op)

    One time purchase

    One time purchase

    Das Boot
    One time purchase

    Aimed Throw
    One time purchase

    Stun Boost
    One time purchase

    INTENSO Health Regen
    One time purchase

    INTENSO Shield Breaker
    One time purchase

    INTENSO Charge Boost
    One time purchase

  • Found an orb


    See "El Savior."

  • Completed the Combo Chicken quest (Defeated Poncho forever)

    You can begin the Combo Chicken quest as soon as you reach Santa Luchita. You will have to find the dojo and challenge the Combo Chicken. As you progress through the game, you will learn new techniques. Basically, every time you learn a new technique, there will be a new available task at the dojo, that requires you to perform slightly difficult combos. You can either go back to the chicken every time you learn a new technique, or wait until you have learned all the techniques and do all the challenges in one shot. The achievement will pop up after you complete the final combo challenge.

  • Earned a Bronze Medal in all Infierno challenges


    See "World Champion."

  • Achieved a 200 Hit Combo

    The easiest place to get this achievement is during the Infierno Challenges. It may seem like an intimidating achievement, but upon gold completion in all the challenges, this achievement is almost inevitable. Make sure you use grapples (by pressing  when an enemy is groggy) as much as possible, since you get a +1 combo for every enemy affected by the throw +4 for the throw/suplex itself.

  • Defeated the game on Hard Mode and proved yourself a hardcore Luchador

    Hard Mode is unlocked upon game completion. Simply replay the story on this difficulty.

    The alternative is to use the Konami Code at the main menu before you begin the game. This will ultimately unlock Hard Mode without having to complete the storyline. The Konami Code is: 
     +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  + 

  • Achieved 100% completion in all areas

    There are a total of fifteen areas, as listed below.

    • La Mansion del Presidente
    • Pueblucho
    • Agave Field
    • Forest del Chivo
    • Canal de las Flores
    • Pico de Gallo
    • Sierra Morena
    • Temple of Rain
    • Santa Luchita
    • Caverna del Pollo
    • Tule Tree
    • Desierto Caliente
    • Temple of War
    • El Infierno
    • Great Temple

    It is wise to collect all the orbs before attempting this achievement, as you will gain the ability to fly, making this task much easier. If you click , you will notice a percentage at the top right corner of the screen. This is the completion for that given area. You can use this to keep track of how far along you are in each individual area. Side quests also count towards area completion, so if you're sure you have found every chest and are stumped, then chances are you haven't finished all the side quests for that given area. I believe that the challenges in El Infierno count towards this as well.

  • Mastered El Diablo's Domain and earned a Gold Medal in all Infierno challenges

    El Infierno is a tricky place to find. You're going to want to begin in Santa Luchita. From there, you're going to want to make your way up the platforms to the top right side of the city. This leads you to Desierto Caliente. Move along until you see the first drop. It should separate you from a small hut and some totem statues. Drop all the way down, switch to your chicken, and follow the path to the left. Just beyond the checkpoint, there is a platform merged with the ground, drop down and voila!

    El Infierno consists of 17 intense challenges, that range from timed platforming, to skilled combat, to high combo scores. As you enter each challenge, the medal requirements will be revealed to you. Some of the challenges are rather difficult, but with patience and determination, it shouldn't take you too many tries.

  • Defeated Calaca with full health in Diablo's Suit

    The Diablo Suit costs 40 silver coins (obtained by completing arenas) in the shop, under Costumes. The cons of this suit is that your health bar is smaller. The pros are that your stamina bar is increased, and every successful attack steals life from your enemies and regenerates your health. Make sure you are wearing this when you enter the Great Temple. This is another achievement that sounds intimidating, but really isn't. Calaca could be a pain in the neck the first few times you attempt to defeat him, but you will get used to his routine and soon enough have no problem killing him. There are three stages to defeating Calaca, and all of them are pre-set attacks, except for the last one. For the first two stages, just get the hang of anticipating his attacks and you should be fine.

    The last stage is the important one. This is where Calaca becomes a big red demon and has a variety of ranged attacks. He prepares differently for each individual attack, so all you have to do is recognize what attack he's preparing for, and do what you need to do to dodge them (switch to the chicken when necessary, avoid his laser beams, and jump over his fire balls). In between Calaca's attacks, or when he's briefly burnt out are your best opportunities to slowly diminish his health bar. Make sure you hit him with high combos to keep your health full. Even if you take damage, you should be alright, because your last few hits on him should replenish your health to full, thus unlocking the achievement.

  • Defeated Calaca

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    See "The Devil wears Revenge!"


Secret achievements

  • You found all of the Orbs and saved Lupita


    Possibly the most difficult achievement in the game. There are a total of six hidden orbs, and most of them require you to get through extremely difficult platforming, most notably the orbs hidden in the Tule Tree and Sierra Morena. There's not much advice I could give you on these, besides being patient and concentrated. I didn't have too much of a problem on the Tule Tree orb, but I got pretty lucky on the one at Sierra Morena. For additional help, you can watch the video guide below.

    These are the areas that contain orbs (one per area):

    • Orb 1 Agave Field/Juan's House
    • Orb 2 Caverna del Pollo
    • Orb 3 El Infierno
    • Orb 4 Forest del Chivo
    • Orb 5 Sierra Morena
    • Orb 6 Tule Tree/Tree Tops

    Here is a video showing the locations and process for getting each orb.

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