The Hero That Heroes Call Achievement in Guardian Heroes

  • The Hero That Heroes Call



    Finish Story Mode in Hard Mode without using any continues.

  • How to unlock The Hero That Heroes Call

    This one is a little hard to get. You just have to beat the game on hard mode with out using a credit. Basically no dying. I suggest using Han, and going down the path in Knightly Nite. Make choices (3,2,5,3,2). The enemies, and that path will be easier. Plus you can use the exploit of quiting back to the main menu if you die/about to die. This will not nullify the achievement. But you will have to replay that stage again.

    What you need to do is build up levels early in the game by killing the easy enemies. But when you get to the later stages you will basically just block  the whole time while having the undead warrior going berserk. If you think you will die just quit to the main menu then go back to story mode and restart the stage. I highly recommend you put all of your points to max out Han's health first then strength, later. In the later stages you will just spam block  and column jump. But on the last stage watch out for the barrier priests . They will trap you in a corner and barrier spam you. When you are in the last stage always try to be blocking  in the middle at all times to avoid barrier spam, and try to get in the healing pools so you can be healed. other than that take it slow. Also when using Han use all of his MP by pressing , this will net you free 35-48 exp and can level you up fast.

  • Never played the original but this looks like the hardest achievement of the lot right now.
  • i played the original. that's pretty crazy.
  • why do they always add this into japanese games, most people dont want to just play one game to practice for a long time. Im going to pick the game up anyway since its a great game
  • Why only 15G?...
  • Hah.. I love this game, but I couldn't finish it on easy without continues :D..
  • @3 I completely agree with you. We all know these types of games are nearly impossible to not use a continue. Arcade games like these in the past tried to make you keep playing by spending more quarters in the machines every time you get a game over.
  • It's a Sega classic game so I guess that like every other Sega classic game on the Xbox Live Arcade (Streets of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic, you name it), you would have an option to save your game anywhere you want. Then again, I might be wrong ;)
  • The difference is that this game was never a coin-munching arcade game, and you can level up your characters, so it's not quite as bad. Also, like Ptit Ver mentioned, if it has the save option this will be a breeze. ;D
  • As a certain cartoon quadrapilegic once said.... BRING IT ON!!
  • I sure hope it lets us save anywhere.
  • Will be a challenging achievement, I did manage to do this but It took a fair bit of practice using Nicole, You have to learn to use her barrier attack to trap the emeny against walls and it kills most of them instantly. Plus she has healing magic if you do happen to take damage(in which you will)
  • It will be very hard ... If the game is the same as the Saturn version ... I don't like this kind of achivements ...
  • No save option here, but you can block most attacks. SO I would assume you could just block and let the AI do most of the work tossing in a few magic attacks here and there.
  • An archievement for "PRO PLAYERS" :)
  • Some enemies can throw you out of the guard position. Just finishing hard with the 3 continues is a feat on its own.
  • This is doable. Its not EASY but its doable. This is not a sure fire way to get this achievement but it worked for me. I used Samwell Han and just spammed B. Its easily his most powerful move and hits every enemy in front you you and as a bonus knocks down/back almost every enemy in the game. Just dump all your points into STR to make this more powerful. Youll gain additional HP automatically when leveling up so dont worry about VIT or anything else. NEVER get surrounded by enemies! Thats the easy way to get defeated. Just stick to one side of the screen and get all the enemies in front of you and spam B. Might take a few tries but its the best way Ive found so far.
  • If you are planning on using Han as the above post mentions, you might want to go through stage 08 to get the Undead Rogue's sword. It gives you stat bonuses like the Undead Hero's sword at the beginning of the game.
  • Are people seriously complaining about a game having one hard achievement.
  • Just Be Nicole and up down B the whole time to level up and when you are low or an enemy is near you x+y it to make them lose health (you lose health by using it dont odey).
  • Here is what I did and a tip to do this more easily on hard. 1) I chose Han for the basic fact like comment #17 said to get his weapon. 2) Have the undead hero go into berserk mode at all times (rb then d-pad right 5 times, then press x). He uses amazing moves like a fire wave and a big blast that literally covers the entire field. 3) After Kanon, basically block and column jump. The enemies will get pretty tough for u to fight and one mistake and they will combo u to death. 4) The final boss fight you will only dodge and column jump unless u want to die. Here is my advice: Take the knight path, he is the easiest of them all. I was stupid and took the sky spirit path not knowing it.
  • By the way, if you do choose to fight the knight guy, pick the second one. DO NOT PICK the first choice because you will then have to fight golden sliver, who is probably the most toughest enemy out there especially since he won't give the undead knight to do anything cool even in berserk mode and he takes no damage unless you hit the orbs flying around above his head.
  • @21: thanks that really help me now i hav all da achievements
  • I've heard some guys talk about a glitch that you can perform on local multiplayer. You can get extra talent point with it. I can't find it anymore, that sucks...
  • Nicole is useful for getting this because she can basically grind forever off any enemy and instantly kill bosses. The whole-screen heal and healing circle heal EVERYTHING, friends or enemies, so set your undead buddy to follow/passive, then alternate between healing the last enemy on screen and beating them up. Infinite experience! (Using follow lets you trap the enemy between you two and get an easy 10-20 combo, but isn't necessary) Luck is important to trigger the healing spells you'll need to heal enemies. INT and MEN are help too, obviously. For bosses, trapping them between the side of the screen and yourself, then activating your shield, will usually trap and kill that boss on seconds. ANY boss. More INT will create a bigger shield, and therefore become MUCH easier to trap bosses wi
  • ... and therefore MUCH easier to trap bosses with. Takes a long time, but healing, instant boss killing (any enemy, actually) and infinite experience are super useful.
  • Nicole is a better character in my opinion than Han. I suggest you play original mode over remix. You can grind out several levels early on by spamming the magic. Near the end of the stage you will fight the mech before getting the Golden Warrior. Use Nicole's "Darn You!" attack (weak + strong button) as the mech shifts into your plane. Do this until the battle ends. On level 2 you can quickly boost your levels. You get trapped in the magic barrier wall and must fight the ogre. Set the Golden Warrior to follow and not attack. Attempt to get the ogre next to the barrier and keep spamming "Darn You!" before the ogre hits the ground. Stop before all your life points drain away. Heal, then finish the stage.
  • listen i beat the game in hard mode without using any continue and still didn't give me the damn Achievements. Really mad why it didn't after all that hard work i did. This game almost cause me to break my xbox.
  • Theres a little trick that helps when you die. As long as you've beaten the first stage, when you die you can just quit out back to the main menu and choose to continue your story from where you left off. You will begin on whatever chapter you died on (do it before you run out of credits). I did this and just got the achievement so i can confirm that this works. Also when people say set the game mode to "Original" fuggin DO IT! I'd previously played two different paths on remix mode and the difficulty is considerably more savage. Also at the beginning of the game you can stay in that burning room killing baddies and leveling up for about 5 or 6 waves of knights.
  • I found the route suggested in the guide MUCH harder than the other one I took, especially once you got to the last stage, where you had a ton of high-powered guys destroying you PLUS two bosses to fight. If you're having trouble, try this route with Han: Stage 1-2-3-8-17-22-27-30 Stage 27 can be tough, but doable, and the boss is WAY easier.

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