-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 2-3 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

This game should be played on easy and you should save often when you are high in health. Since it's a Sega game, you can save whenever you want and exiting to load the game you saved is quick. You can do melee attacks but they are useless when you have a certain combination of weapons. This combination is that of the leaf and lightning icon pickups. All you do is hold  and it will track and kill enemies and bosses very quickly. To grab a pickup, you must hold down and press  over it. Once you have both weapon types, if not already on the blue laser that follows enemies, press  to cycle to it. 

Step 1: Beat the game
First, let's knock out an achievement for starting with each weapon time. Begin a game, pick a weapon, then once the first level loads go ahead and exit out. Do this with each weapon until you get the achievement. Afterwards, start a game for real and be sure to pick the green leaf icon one. Run through the level shooting until you find a lightning pickup. Once you have done this, make sure you're on the combination of both weapons (the tracking blue laser). Now you just run through killing everything, saving often to make sure you're in high health. You should be able to maintain 80+ all the time throughout most of the game. Your achievements will all come to you as you progress through the game. You will get the last 3 for beating the final few bosses at the end, so don't worry 


The level where you are on a mining cart has a specific boss that changes forms. At the end of this particular level, you will want to save on file 3 when the boss warning comes up. Now go ahead and beat his first 2 forms. The third sequence will have two possible forms. One is a floating gun and the other is a giant red crab (looking) form. If you get the gun form, reload and try again to get the crab form. See picture below:

Step 2: If you Missed Crab Attack...
If you didn't create a save and didn't get the crab looking boss on the mining level, it's no big deal. Just start a new game and pick the mining stage first (the second icon over). Make sure to pick the green leaf icon, and then pick up a lightning one like usual. Make it through and you can make a save beforehand and get the achievement. No need to replay anything else.

Learn Your Tools of Destruction
Use this picture as the visual to understand each of the weapon descriptions.

In the top left is the Force Weapon. Just your standard machine gun type of weapon. Does average damage but its real power just like the other weapons is shown when combined with another.

Top Right is the Lightning Weapon. It's just like Force but it pierces through enemies so that is a major perk.

Bottom Left is the Chaser Weapon. Out of the 4 weapons it does the least damage but is the best weapon for weapon combos. It hones in to the closest thing and kills it. A good starting weapon even with it's lack of firepower.

Bottom Right is the Fire Weapon. The weapon that packs the most punch but because of this perk it doesn't have a lot of range. So unless you love close quarters stick to using this weapon in combination with another.

Combining weapons is a major game play mechanic that is important to your success. When you pick up two weapons and neither is selected, they then combine to create a whole new weapon for your arsenal.

I'm not gonna get too deep into weapon combos but if you wanna look at the chart of combination's then Strategy Wiki's Gunstar Heroes Weapon Table is for you.

Just for Achievement sake the only weapon you need is the Lightning Chaser (Lightning + Chaser). Deals with everything swiftly and all you have to worry about is defense. And in this game you always need to be ready to be on defense at anytime.

But there is one type of attack that is stronger than any gun you can acquire. That of course is Hand to Hand Combat. There are a couple of moves of this type in the game and I'll run down each one.

while Jumping: Gunstar Dive (Gunstar Kick in Fixed Shot Mode).

This is your main hand to hand move. This move can kill most bosses faster than any weapon in the game. For success in Gunstar Heroes, it is a must you learn this.

(Air) +: Gunstar Dive Kick (Fixed Shot Only).

A better version of the Gunstar Kick. Alternate between the two to see what you like better.

Close or + Any Direction: Throw.

You can throw minor enemies, a couple of bosses and bombs that are thrown at you which you can throw back at your enemies. Also weapon/health carriers can be grappled as well as shot to get more weapons/health as well. Make sure you abuse throwing in any direction. You will need it.

+: Gunstar Slide.

This should be your offensive move of choice most of the time. Also does big damage to most enemies and also to be used defensively to run if need be.

,,,,+or: Standing Gunstar Slide.

Once you learn how to do the Standing Slide consistently this is the version you should stick with it because it's leagues better than the regular.

or+: Blocking

This move is underused and underrated. When used correctly it can protect you from damage that would otherwise kill you. Abuse blocking and you won't regret it.

This is a very straightforward game. If you just save often while you're high in health, you should beat the whole game without dying and have all of the achievements in that one playthrough. Just make sure you always use the mentioned combination of weapons. It almost feels like a cheat of sorts because of how easy fast and easy you will blow through the game.

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 & ReXXXSoprano for this Road Map]

Gunstar Heroes Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Play through the final scene of Gunstar Heroes.


    Once you beat Golden Silver watch all the clips and credits that follow.


  • Defeat superboss Golden Silver.


    The Golden Silver battle has to parts, st the beginning he doesn't do much so fire at him. This will soon change and he'll start attacking. Just keep your distance and you'll end the first part of the battle soon enough.

    Golden Silver will take a back seat and let the Treasure Gems do the battling for the second half. Each of the Treasure Gems has an attack you must deal with. The only strategy is to dodge and shoot until the battle is over. Take the 25 points you've earned and congrats for saving the universe.


  • Defeat Green.


    After defeating Black Fly you'll face Green. Green can do anything you can but but with far more power. This is one battle I highly suggest you don't use hand to hand because it's too dangerous to be anywhere near him at any time. Just shoot and dodge when necessary to take out Green.


  • Defeat Black Fly.


    Black Fly is the 4th Boss in the final stage. As soon as you land in the battle aim upwards and start shooting to get a head start. After that, get ready to dodge or shoot the lights that fall down. There will be a point in the battle where Black Fly shows itself and a big laser, you'll need to use the platforms on the side to dodge the laser accordingly. Use your guns and hand to hand combat when you have the opportunity to.


  • Begin the game with each weapon.


    Simple enough. Just start the game 4 times, each time picking a different weapon to start off with. The 4th time you do, you'll earn this achievement. Remember to at least let the stage load before quitting and selecting another weapon to get the achievement.


  • Rescue Yellow by defeating Smash Daisaku.


    After beating the first 4 stages you'll have to save Yellow by making your way across the "Bridge of Destiny" and defeating Smash Daisaku. He comes in 2 forms, first riding on a jetpack and secondly brandishing a weapon for some gun play and hand to hand. On the second form, don't get to close because his throw causes massive damage. Other than that, just fire into Smash until you finish him off.


  • Complete the Dice Palace and defeat Black Beat Stepper.


    Black Beat Stepper is no pushover but you can beat him. Just watch the dice rolls and where his foot lands for what attack comes next. Other than that it's the usual Hand to Hand combat. Once you defeat Black Beat Stepper, Black will show himself and throw a Treasure Gem which is a fake and can kill you if you're low on energy. After you dodge it, shoot him and get the real thing and Treasure Gem 4 and this achievement is all yours.


  • Defeat Orange on the Flying Battleship.


    Once you encounter Orange you won't have to deal with to much. Just keep shooting at him until you kill him, just keep an eye out for when he is hanging on the propeller. Once you beat Orange you will earn the Treasure Gen #3.


  • Defeat Crab Force in the Underground Mine.


    Crab Force is 1 part of the boss Seven Force. What Seven Force transforms into is completely random. Depending on the difficulty you select determines how many forms you'll take on in the fight. Easy gives you 3 forms, Normal/Hard has 5 forms, and anything higher will yield all 7 forms. Crab Force is red so that's how you'll recognize it.

    The fight will come down to recognizing Crab Force's attacks and dodging them accordingly. Learn the attacks and you shall prosper. Once you defeat Crab Force you'll earn 10 Points for your trouble and the second Treasure Gem.


  • Pink



    Defeat Pinky Roader in the Ancient Ruins.


    Pinky Roader is the Main Boss in the Ancient Ruins. Your only objective here is to get under the Pinky Roader and unleash all you have until it's dead. I suggest using the Gunstar Slide which is activated by pressing + . Beating Pinky Roader not only nets you 10 Points but you earn your first Treasure Gem on your quest to save the universe.


  • Defeat Bravoo Man in the Ancient Ruins.


    The second boss of the Ancient Ruins is Bravoo Man. The best way to end this quick is to use the Air Dive attack by hitting the jump button twice. The default button is so just repeat that with a combination of firepower and this achievement will be yours in no time. Just a small note: If you don't defeat Bravoo Man fast enough it'll heal itself.


  • Defeat Papaya Dance in the Ancient Ruins.


    If you're doing the stages from left to right then the first boss you'll face in your adventure is Papaya Dance. Papaya Dance doesn't have any attacks other than making balloons fall from the sky and the Mother Ant that comes out every so often. Kill it however you can and once destroyed you'll get this achievement.


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