- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 with God Mode activated and proper planning; 7/10 without both [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 49 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 50-70 hours [highly RNG dependent] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Approximately 50-60 full runs, technically, but plan on 80-100 due to RNG
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No - can turn on God Mode from the start and unlock all achievements
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Welcome to Hades, the extremely fun and addictive roguelike where you play as Zagreus, Prince of Death, who is on a mission to try to fight his way out of Tartarus and back to the surface of Earth. Olympian Gods provide help in the form of boons that give you random benefits, making you stronger as you fight off underworld bosses to get to the surface. Be prepared for many, many runs of the game as you die, learn, get stronger, and perfect your playstyle. The achievements in this game largely take place after "beating" the game for the first time (i.e. escaping for the first time), and many of them will take tons and tons of runs to complete some of the prophecies (side quests), so be prepared for a decently long (but fun) haul. Let's get started. 

This completion can take significantly longer and be significantly more difficult if you don't prepare properly. Here are some important things to be aware of before and as you start the game for the first time.
  1. Don't hesitate to turn on God Mode. It doesn't void any achievements and it makes the game easier every time you die: you start with a 20% damage reduction, and this increases by 2% every time you die, up to a maximum of 80%. You could theoretically kill yourself over and over at the start of your save file to up this damage reduction as much as you'd like, although I don't find that necessary. You will end up dying many times along the way anyway.
  2. Of the two longest term achievement types, the first is for completing side quests for a handful of people (Nyx and Achilles, especially). You can work on progressing these quests as soon as you start playing by ensuring that you always talk to every character you see between/during each playthrough. Whenever you see a character with an exclamation point above their head, talk to them. It means they have new dialogue to hear. This is especially important for both Achilles and Nyx in the House of Hades, because they both have a ridiculous amount of dialogue to hear, and their two side quests will end up being two of your last achievements in the game. Talk to everyone.
  3. Along similar lines to the above is increasing your bond with many characters. This is done by giving them Nectar (orange liquid in a glass bulb). You will need to give almost every character in the game the maximum amount of Nectar for various side quests and achievements. However, because Nyx and Achilles have such long side quests, prioritize them when you have extra Nectar, to max out their bond as quickly as possible.
  4. The second type of longest term achievement is to max out all of the Keepsakes in the game. There are 25 Keepsakes, and each one will take approximately two full playthroughs to level it up to max, meaning a minimum of 50 full playthroughs of the game. As a result, you should absolutely be unlocking Keepsakes as early as possible (done by giving one Nectar to each and every single character in the game), equipping one, and as soon as it reaches max level, swap it out for a new one. If you make it a point to do this continually as you play, you won't be stuck grinding out Keepsake levels to finish off this completion.
Because these items span the entire time with this game, I won't be explicitly mentioning them in each of the steps below, but be sure to stay on top of these items as you progress.

Step 1: Practice, Mirror, and First Successful Escape
As strange as it may sound, your first step is going to be beating the game (i.e. escaping for the first time). This won't be easy, so expect to die a lot before you succeed for the first time. Thankfully, even if you die, no run is a waste. You will be getting experience with the different types of enemies and their attack patterns, learning what to expect from different rooms and bosses, and getting more experience with using weapon(s). For your early runs, prioritize chambers that reward Darkness (purple gem), Keys, and Gemstones (green gems) in that order. Darkness is especially important in the beginning because it is the currency used to rank up talents in the Mirror in your bedroom between runs. These Mirror talents are persistent benefits, so all of the Darkness you collect can be spent here to make you stronger for each subsequent run. Focus on unlocking more talents with Keys, and leveling them up with Darkness. The Gemstones can be spent with the House Contractor next to Hades' desk, and the first tab (Work Orders) lets you build things that will benefit you during your runs, so don't forget to pay for these between runs whenever you have enough Gemstones.

How long this step takes will vary tremendously. I personally escaped for the first time on my ninth attempt, but I know I'm in the minority - most people take 15-25 attempts to finally escape. But don't be discouraged. Keep at it, keep leveling up the Mirror talents, and try varying your weapon. You can use Keys to unlock more weapons, so try each one out until you find one that clicks for you. You may find yourself struggling immensely, and then you switch weapons and suddenly you're plowing through fights and bosses because that weapon just better suits your playstyle. Lastly, don't forgot to use Nectar to unlock Keepsakes from the various characters. These will also help you on your playthroughs. Specifically, the one you get from Cerberus boosts your health significantly early on, and this can really help during your first runs.

Refer to Is There No Escape? (50G) for more advice and guidance for successfully escaping. Once you finally escape successfully, you now can work on the majority of the game's achievements.

Step 2: Heat Runs, and Heat 16 with 10th Successful Escape
Escaping successfully for the first time unlocks access to the Pact of Punishment. Now whenever you go to start a run, you will be shown a list of conditions you can enable that make your playthrough more difficult - each one you enable increases your Heat level (the higher the Heat, the more difficult the playthrough). I know you probably just barely survived your first successful escape, but now it's time to make things more difficult! Your next milestone is going to be your tenth successful escape, as that technically completes the story. Because of story reasons, your tenth successful escape is shorter and easier than all other escapes. As a result, you can make things worlds easier on you by pairing your tenth successful escape with the hardest achievement in the game: Skelly's Last Lamentations (75G) requires you to successfully escape with a Heat of 16. You will need to enable many conditions to up your Heat to 16, making this the most difficult playthrough of your completion, but pairing it with your tenth successful escape removes a significant amount of the difficulty. So if you want to lower this game from a 7/10 in difficulty down to 5/10, make absolutely sure to track your successful escapes so that when you're starting your first run after your ninth successful escape (i.e. the run where you expect to successfully escape for the tenth time), you turn up your Heat to 16. Much more information about this can be found in Skelly's Last Lamentations (75G), so refer to it for more information.

Going from potentially barely surviving your first escape to doing a run with Heat 16 can sound intimidating, but my recommendation is that, assuming your first escape was with a weapon you enjoy and are good with, that you gradually increase the Heat with that weapon to get yourself ready for your tenth escape. For example, after escaping for the first time, I started with something easy - on the Pact of Punishment, bump Convenience Fee up one level to give you Heat 1. This condition just makes items in the purple Wells of Charon a little more expensive, so it doesn't impact your overall playthrough at all. Play through and successfully escape at Heat 1, and then bump it up again for Heat 2. Then, I suggest bumping up Extreme Measures once. This changes the first boss fight a bit. After successfully escaping, bump up Extreme Measures a second time to change up the first and second boss fights. These two aren't too bad because all of the regular chambers and encounters don't change at all, only the two boss fights, so you should still be able to manage. If you follow like this, you can keep increasing your Heat by one each escape so that you're playing up to at least Heat 8 before you bump it up to 16 for your tenth escape. Try out different conditions to see what you have the easiest time with to get yourself ready for Heat 16.

During this step, you will also have the opportunity for many other tasks and achievements.
  • Purchase the 'Fated List of Minor Prophecies' from the House Contractor ASAP, if you haven't already. This enables the ability to track and complete all of the side quests (called prophecies in this game), many of which are very long term, and also get rewards for completing them.
  • You should encounter Thanatos for the first time, if you haven't already. Once you do, you can finally start attempting Death Dealer (10G).
  • You will now have the ability to attempt to earn To Charon's Credit (30G) after your first escape. Read through that to see how.
  • Purchase the Rod of Fishing from the House Contractor, if you haven't already, and you can check out River Denizens (10G) for more information on how fishing works so you can work on that achievement. After buying the Rod of Fishing is also the first and by far easiest opportunity on your entire save file to unlock Thanks, But No Thanks (10G), so be sure to read through that quick so you don't miss that easy opportunity.
  • Depending on how many attempts it takes for you to successfully escape ten times, you may experience the flashback (when you enter your room, you're given an objective to go to sleep) of you going to work in the Administrative Chamber. This is random, and typically shows up somewhere in the 20-30 attempt range. Once you get this flashback, you can purchase access to the Administrative Chamber from the House Contractor. Make sure to do this as soon as possible, because you'll need access for a few other achievements.
That wraps up this step. Once you've completed your tenth escape, you'll complete the main part of the story and unlock The Family Secret (100G). Hopefully you paired it with your Heat 16 run and also unlocked Skelly's Last Lamentations (75G). If so, the hardest is done, and the rest is downhill, just a bit grindy.

Step 3: Pacts, Mirror Options, and Weapon Aspects
By now, you should have experience with many different conditions from the Pact of Punishment, you should have unlocked access to the second side of the Mirror in your bedroom, and you've assuredly unlocked all six weapons. For this step, I recommend now focusing on these three things:
  1. You will need to successfully escape with each of the different Pact condifions enabled for Harsh Conditions (30G). They don't need to be all done at once, so you can do many different escapes, each with one different condition enabled, until you've used them all. No need to make this harder on yourself by combining a ton of them, as you'll need the runs to work on Keepsake leveling and conversations for prophecies.
  2. Likewise, you will need to successfully escape with each of the different Mirror talents for Dark Reflections (10G). You've most likely escaped with all of the standard "dark side" talents unlocked and at least ranked up once, but by now you should also have access to each talent's "light side." Most light side talents are "worse" than the dark side ones, although not too bad. But just like above, you can enable one light side talent at a time, and complete each run with a single light side talent, rather than combining a ton and making things more difficult on yourself. This can be done concurrent with the above point.
  3. Lastly, you should definitely have unlocked all six weapons by now, and this grants you access to see the Weapon Aspects of each weapon. You should have gotten a decent amount of Titan Blood from gradually increasing Heat in Step 2 above, and if you followed my advice in that step, you actually shouldn't need to grind out any Titan Blood to unlock all Weapon Aspects. Refer to Infernal Arms (40G) for a detailed rundown on how to easily obtain enough Titan Blood to unlock all Weapon Aspects. This is also the best time to unlock all Hidden Aspects, which are also detailed in that same achievement solution.
Step 4: Epilogue, Companions, Keepsakes, Prophecies, and Mop Up
At this point you should be done with a large portion of the achievements, but likely still need to level up many Keepsakes and still have a handful of prophecies to complete, as well as complete the epilogue of the story. The most important thing for this step is that by now you've almost certainly finished all of the Work Orders from the Contractor that require Gemstones (the remaining ones can only be purchased with Diamonds). At this point, there is nothing to spend Gemstones on, so you should be trading all of your Gemstones to the Broker in the Lounge for Keys. You shouldn't have anything to spend Keys on either (all weapons and Mirror talents should be long unlocked by now), so Keys should be traded for Nectar. You will need to use a massive amount of Nectar now - you will need to max out your bond with:
  1. At least five of the Olympian Gods (the ones who give you boons during runs) so you can access the epilogue
  2. Almost everyone in the House of Hades: Achilles, Nyx, Hades, Persephone, Megaera, Dusa, Skelly, Orpheus, and Thanatos (basically everyone except Hypnos and Cerberus) for various achievements
  3. Chaos (found randomly during runs)
  4. The three characters found randomly in each of the three regions (Sisyphus, Eurydice and Patroclus)
Hopefully you've made good progress on most of them throughout the previous three steps, because now is the time to finish maxing them all out with Nectar so you can complete their prophecies, get their Companions (refer to Complete Set (25G)), and reach the epilogue (refer to One for the Ages (25G)). While you may not have many achievements left, you're still likely going to be faced with another 30-50 runs of the game at this point, so be forewarned. Refer to the achievement solutions of whichever achievements you're still missing so you can wrap everything up for this game's completion.

Hades is, to put it simply, a fantastic game. The gameplay is very fun and addictive, with enough variety with weapons and the RNG from boons to mean that every playthrough is unique and fun in its own way. There is a ton to do, and many ways to give you different challenges as you progress through the completion. If you managed the full gamerscore, there are still some other things you can do: try to complete a run on Heat 32 to unlock Skelly's third prize for bragging rights, or try to speedrun the game to see how fast of a clear you can obtain. The world record is currently 5 minutes! Hopefully you enjoyed this game as much as I did, and congrats on the completion!
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Hades Achievement Guide

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There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Clear Tartarus

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock after taking the stairs up out of Tartarus, after beating the boss. Refer to Is There No Escape? (50G) for strategies and tips for completing an escape attempt for the first time.
  • Clear Asphodel

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock after taking the stairs up out of Asphodel, after beating the boss. Refer to Is There No Escape? (50G) for strategies and tips for completing an escape attempt for the first time.
  • Clear Elysium

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock after taking the stairs up out of Elysium, after beating the boss. Refer to Is There No Escape? (50G) for strategies and tips for completing an escape attempt for the first time.
  • Clear Elysium with the 'Extreme Measures' Condition

    NOTE: I highly recommend pairing this achievement with your 10th successful escape attempt on Heat 16. Refer to Skelly's Last Lamentations (75G) for more information, but you will essentially be doing this for that run anyway. 

    First, you'll need to complete an escape attempt for the first time (refer to Is There No Escape? (50G) for guidance) to unlock access to the Pact of Punishment, which lets you add modifiers to your game. For this achievement, you need to up the Extreme Measures option to the third rank. Each rank gives a new aspect to each boss, so you need to up it to the third rank to add the Extreme Measures to the Elysium boss fight.

    With that set up, you now need to play through and complete the third region, Elysium, to unlock this achievement. As the condition says, it'll add a new aspect to the boss fights:
    • The Tartarus boss fight now has all three Furies attacking you (although only one is still available for you to attack and kill). It's a bit more hectic with various projectiles and such on the screen, but as long as you focus on dashing and dodging (or deflecting, if you happen to have a boon that provides deflect) you shouldn't struggle much to stay out of range of attacks while you kill the Fury. 
    • The Asphodel boss fight functions pretty much exactly the same, with the only difference being that there is magma everywhere now, so you have to be a bit more careful when attacking all of the Hydra heads. Close quarters weapon users will need to be more careful since Hydra heads can hover over magma and make it a bit more precarious to attack each head. The attacks of the boss and the heads don't change at all though, so this fight is barely any more difficult that the normal fight. 
    • The Elysium boss fight is a bit more ridiculous, both in a dangerous and laughable way. Starting with the Minotaur - his attacks are largely the same, with one important addition: he will continuously swing his axe in circles, rather than just a couple swipes like before. Steer clear of him during this attack at all costs, as it will absolutely destroy your health. Theseus, on the other hand, is completely over the top. He's now on a chariot, shoots a gun at you, and fires a cannon into the air. Thankfully it's quite easy to avoid his attacks (he sticks primarily to the outer edge of the arena). Once you remove half of his health, he loses the chariot and goes back to his normal second-half attack pattern (uses a godly aid with his normal attacks). 
    Because of the changes to each boss fight, ranged weapon users will have a much easier time taking down these bosses without dying. My recommendation is a fully upgraded Chiron bow (second weapon aspect for the bow), as it can do massive amounts of damage by alternating between button-x.png and button-y.png (you can often use two or three specials in a row), but like with all achievements, you should use whatever weapon you are best/most comfortable with.
  • Clear an Erebus Gate without taking damage

    The first step here is unlocking Erebus Gates. To do that, you'll first need to construct enough Renovations from the Work Orders tab (first tab) of the Contractor in the House of Hades that you've virtually exhausted them all. At some point, once you've done most of them, you'll see an option under the Work Orders tab that costs two Diamonds and adds more renovation options. Pay for that job, and you'll get numerous more renovation options in the Work Orders tab, all of which now cost Diamonds (instead of Gemstones). Scroll down and you'll find a job for building Erebus Gates, and it costs a hefty five Diamonds. You'll need to play through the game on increasing Heat levels to earn more Diamonds, or beat the second boss with each of the available weapons to get more. Pay for that job, and now Erebus Gates have a chance to spawn, much like the Chaos portals that spawn as openings in the floor.

    There are two catches with Erebus Gates:
    1. You can't even access them unless you're playing on a high enough Heat level. You'll need at least Heat 5 for ones in Tartarus, Heat 10 for ones in Asphodel, and Heat 15 for ones in Elysium. 
    2. The reward you see when you enter the Gate is only awarded if you clear the encounter without taking damage (which is also what this achievement is awarded for doing). 
    You'll therefore need to play on at least Heat 5, and then hope one spawns in a Tartarus chamber. Then, you need to enter and try to kill all enemies without taking damage. Like all achievements, use what weapon you're best with, but obviously sticking with a ranged weapon, such as the bow, has the advantage of being able to strike from a distance and staying out of the middle of a mob of enemies. Like all encounters, the enemies are random, so you may get a chamber with a really easy encounter or one that feels impossible to beat without taking damage. Keep at it though, since you'll assuredly find a manageable one within a couple of Erebus Gate spawns.
  • Clear an escape attempt

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This achievement unlocks upon escaping from Hades for the first time. Upon starting the game, this will feel quite difficult, but there are many tips and guidance I will give to make it as easy as possible for you.
    • Don't hesitate to turn on God Mode. It doesn't impact any achievements, and can make things much easier for you. It starts you with a 20% damage reduction, and increases by 2% every time you die, maxing out at 80%. If you were so inclined, you could theoretically kill yourself over and over just to raise this up to 80% right away, but I don't recommend wasting that much time. It'll work its way up naturally as you die while getting experience with enemies and bosses.
    • Speaking of which, don't be afraid to die, and expect to die often, especially early on. Every playthrough is more experience gained, both with enemy and boss attack patterns and with the weapon you're using. As long as you're learning more, your deaths are not in vain. Plus, if you have God Mode activated, every death literally makes you stronger.
    • On the topic of weapons, try out each one to find the one that works for you. Not only that, but find the one you're good with. For example I liked playing with the Sword but I wasn't very good with it. I switched to the Bow and it made everything so much easier for me. However, I know people who swear by the Fists, and I eventually converted over to being a Shield user. 
    • For all of your early runs, prioritize chambers that reward Darkness (purple gem), Gemstones (green gems), and Keys. These three resources are used to purchase things between runs that are permanent (Darkness for Mirror talents, Gemstones for Work Orders from the Contractor, and Keys for new weapons and new Mirror talents). 
    • It doesn't show up often, but when you see a chamber that rewards Nectar (orange liquid in a glass bulb), always take it early on. Nectar can be given to literally every character in the game, and every character gives you a Keepsake as a reward for their first Nectar. So give one to everyone to get many different Keepsakes, as equipping one can give you a pretty good benefit. Good early ones are the one from Cerberus (increases total health) and Skelly (extra revive during a run). 
    • Always enter chambers that offer a Hammer as a reward. The Daedelus Hammers offer the best upgrades to your weapon, and can make a playthrough markedly easier if you get a good upgrade. 
    • Learn what to expect from each of the various gods. For example, Athena's boons often give the chance to Deflect. This is a great perk to have on your dash, as it makes you invincible when you dash. Aphrodite boons typically inflict Weak, Dionysius inflicts Hangover, Demeter inflicts Chill, etc.
    • Remember that your dash doesn't make you invulnerable when you use it. This was a huge mental hurdle for me to overcome. I couldn't get it out of my head that I could take damage while dashing. I would always dash right as an attack was about to hit me, always resulting in getting hit. You need to dash before the attack comes to avoid it entirely. 
    • Some runs you'll just be the victim of RNG and not get any good boons and hammers. If that's the case, don't sweat it and don't worry if you die. The next run might grant you some really great hammer upgrades and boons that allow you to cruise through encounters.
    • In terms of what to spend keys on, if you've found a weapon that suits you, then use keys to unlock more Mirror talents that you can invest Darkness in. If you're struggling with weapons, use keys to unlock more weapons until you find one you're good with. The last group of Mirror talents is expensive and doesn't really benefit a whole lot for your first escape, so use keys to unlock the last weapons if you haven't by then.
    • During your runs, keep an eye out for the doors with an '!' above them. There is one per region for the first three regions. Always choose these, because the characters within grant you some free rewards that are very good.
    With all of that advice in mind, expect to put in some time and effort before you succeed in your first escape. I've seen people escape closer to attempt 10, but then some people take 25 attempts to finally succeed. Don't be discouraged. You'll be getting experience with each attempt, and most likely more resources too, to improve Mirror talents and unlock more talents and weapons, plus as you get more Keepsakes you may find one that really helps your playstyle.

    Once you finally escape, you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Clear an escape attempt with a hidden Weapon Aspect

    Refer to Infernal Arms (40G) for unlocking the hidden Weapon Aspects. Each weapon has a single hidden aspect to unlock. Once you have one unlocked, you then just need to complete an escape attempt with it equipped.

    As far as which one to use, none of them is particularly good, with most of them providing some negative along with a new move set. I definitely recommend avoiding the Spear's Aspect of Guan Yu, since not only is it very slow but it reduces your health and healing items by 70%, making it a far tougher playthrough. The Stygian Blade is a good choice if you don't mind losing your standard special attack, and if you like the Rail, its hidden aspect can be fun to use. All of the tips in Is There No Escape? (50G) apply here, and since you've likely successfully escaped multiple times by the time you're going for this achievement, just use all of your best Mirror traits, equip your best Keepsake, and play as conservative as possible, and you should have no problem getting this achievement.

    Note: There is a prophecy for reaching the surface with each weapon's hidden aspect, and it fulfills as soon as you exit Styx. These prophecies do not relate to this achievement. You must still complete the entire escape to unlock this achievement.
  • Earn a Loyalty Card

    After successfully escaping for the first time, every time you encounter Charon in one of his shops, there is a chance that you'll see a sack of Obols behind him in a cage. If you interact with this sack of 300 Obols behind him and "borrow" them, it initiates a fight with Charon. This fight, especially if you do it early on (i.e. right after your first successful escape), can be pretty difficult. He has a few different phases, and his attacks can do a lot of damage. He summons in ghosts that go across the arena from one side to the other, and you'll want to do your best to dodge these (having Deflect on your dash is optimal) because they will very quickly drain your health. If you stay close, he will do some very wide swipes with his staff, one of which stuns you for a bit. Once you beat him, he'll drop a Loyalty Card for you to pick up, which gives you a discount for all of his shops and Wells for the rest of that playthrough. It also unlocks this achievement immediately.
  • Earn the first of Skelly's prizes

    This first of Skelly's prizes is unlocked by completing an escape attempt on Heat 8 or higher. This can be stacked with the second prize, which requires Heat 16, so refer to Skelly's Last Lamentations (75G) below and you'll unlock this achievement at the same time.
  • Earn the second of Skelly's prizes

    Skelly's second prize is awarded for completing a run on Heat 16 or higher. This achievement stacks with The Useless Trinket (25G), so you can unlock both achievements if you jump right to Heat 16. From the Courtyard where Skelly is, head down to the bottom to find three covered statues. Interact with the left one to activate the prophecy for his first prize, and once you complete it you can interact with the second for this achievement. Don't worry - it doesn't matter if you complete the Heat 16 run first before interacting with either prize.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For story reasons, your tenth successful escape attempt is the easiest playthrough you'll have. As a result, it is highly, highly recommended to pair your tenth successful escape attempt with your Heat 16 run, as it drops the difficulty of the run from a 6 or 7/10 to a 4 or 5/10. The reason for this is because on your tenth successful run, Hades doesn't fight you at the end; you skip the fight entirely. This means that Theseus and the Minotaur are the actual final boss, and once you get the Satyr sack for Cerberus you're done with your tenth escape. This means that all of the conditions you apply via the Pact of Punishment don't apply to the final fight against Hades. Save yourself some frustration and don't forget to do this!

    After your first successful escape, you should gradually increase Heat to get experience with the various conditions in the Pact of Punishment. I recommend ramping up in Heat with each successful run so you have a smoother transition from your first escape to your Heat 16 run.

    In terms of what conditions to use, this will obviously be a bit subjective, but I have put together what I feel is a relatively easy Heat 16 run. The goal was to pick conditions that don't really impact the encounters themselves that much, so that all of the fighting strategies and techniques you used in previous runs will still work just fine in this run. See screenshot for my setup of conditions to reach Heat 16. Below the screenshot is a breakdown of each one I chose. I feel that this is probably the easiest possible setup for Heat 16.

    • Convenience Fee (2 ranks; 2 Heat) - this increases the cost of Charon's items (Well items and shop items) by 80%. This should be a no-brainer since you don't need to buy any items anyway, and they don't have any impact on how you fight during encounters.
    • Extreme Measures (3 ranks; 6 Heat) - this is required for Champion of Elysium (30G) anyway, so this is the perfect time to do it. This condition only impacts the first three boss fights, and therefore doesn't impact your overall run that much since all regular encounters are still exactly the same. Only the Furies, the Hydra, and Theseus and the Minotaur have changes with this condition. Refer to that achievement solution for much more details on Extreme Measures.
    • Benefits Package (2 ranks; 5 Heat) - this gives all armored enemies (yellow health bar) two extra perks (one perk per rank). While this can throw you off, it doesn't really impact the overall fights that much compared to how much Heat these two ranks are worth, so I recommend using this condition.
    • Middle Management (1 rank; 2 Heat) - this makes each mini-boss encounter (the skull doors in encounters) contain either an armored enemy or some other traps or something. It barely has any impact on the mini-boss fights, plus you can often just choose a door without a skull icon and just avoid the mini-boss fights altogether. Regular encounters and boss fights aren't impacted at all.
    • Damage Control (1 rank; 1 Heat) - this simply gives all enemies in a run a blue heart, meaning you must hit them once (regardless of damage) to remove that heart, then they revert to normal. Again, this has barely any impact, and doesn't change your strategy and fighting in encounters. It just means you have to hit every enemy one more time to kill them, which is miniscule in the grand scheme.
    Since these conditions are somewhat subjective in terms of the difficulty they add, you can obviously feel free to change this up. However, here are some that I highly recommend avoiding.
    • Hard Labor - all foes, including bosses, deal an extra 20% damage. This can be pretty rough on some boss fights
    • Jury Summons - you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed with enemies in encounters because of this condition
    • Underworld Customs - being forced to purge a critical boon can be extremely detrimental to your run, since you don't get to choose from all boons you have
    • Heightened Security - while the impact is minimal in Tartarus, the magma and especially the blades in Styx can annihilate you if you aren't careful, and in some cases the blades can take you out in a single hit
    • Tight Deadline - this one hugely depends on your playstyle, and can be really tight if you play conservatively and aren't very aggressive during fights
    If you followed my advice and paired your Heat 16 run with your tenth successful escape, Elysium will be your final boss encounter of that run. Once you obtain the Satyr sack for Cerberus in Styx, head outside to complete the run. Remember that this achievement won't unlock until you interact with the statues on the bottom of the Couryard by Skelly. You'll need to reveal the left one, which is his first prize for Heat 8, and doing so unlocks The Useless Trinket (25G). Only once you've done that can you interact with the middle statue and reveal it to unlock this achievement. Don't worry, it's fine if you complete the Heat 16 run before interacting with the statues.
  • Unlock each standard Keepsake

    Every Keepsake in the game is unlocked the same way: by giving one Nectar to every single character in the game. Nectar will be slow to come by early in the game (you'll only be getting it as a reward in certain chambers, and only if you choose that door), but you'll be swimming in Nectar by the end of the game. However, because Friends Forever (50G) is one of the longest achievements in the game, I highly recommend that you use each new Nectar you get to gift to someone new to get their Keepsake, such that you always have a Keepsake to equip to level up to max.

    As for where all of the Keepsakes come from, here is a quick rundown.

    First row:
    • Cerberus - found next to Hades' desk
    • Achilles - found off to the left in the hallway of the House of Hades
    • Nyx - found outside your bedroom
    • Thanatos - after around 5 successful escapes, Thanatos will randomly show up at the start of an encounter during a run. From then on, he has a chance of being in the House of Hades after a run. He'll be to the left past Achilles, down at the end of the hall. This is the only time you can gift him Nectar
    • Charon - you can gift him Nectar at any of his shops throughout a playthrough
    • Hypnos - on your left as you enter the House of Hades
    • Magaera - after you beat her for the first time, she will sometimes be in the Lounge area (doorway across from your bedroom door)
    • Orpheus - sometimes will be sitting next to Hades' desk
    • Dusa - little green ghost-looking creature that can be found in many different places in the first area of the House of Hades
    • Skelly - in the Courtyard by your weapons
    Second row:
    • The first nine Keepsakes in this row are all of the Olympian gods. Each time you get a boon from them for the first time on a playthrough, you'll have the option to press rt.png at the boon to gift Nectar to that Olympian god. This is how you get their Keepsakes. The tenth one in this row is from Chaos. Just like with the Olympian gods, before you accept a boon from Chaos (after sacrificing health to go into a Chaos well) gift Nectar
    Third row:
    • Sisyphus - found randomly in Tartarus. Look for a door with an exclamation mark in a circle (not to be confused with the symbol for Charon's Obols)
    • Eurydice - found randomly in Asphodel. Look for a door with an exclamation mark in a circle (not to be confused with the symbol for Charon's Obols)
    • Patroclus - found randomly in Elysium. Look for a door with an exclamation mark in a circle (not to be confused with the symbol for Charon's Obols)
    • Persephone - only available after successfully escaping 10 times, as which point Persephone will sometimes be standing next to Cerberus in the House of Hades, or in the Garden next your bedroom door. Either place lets you gift her Nectar
    • Hades - only available after successfully escaping 10 times, at which point you can build your bond with Hades. Requires two Nectar instead of one
  • Max-rank each standard Keepsake

    This is one of the longest achievements in the game. Refer to Something From Everyone (25G) for unlocking all Keepsakes. Every Keepsake is leveled up to max rank the same way: clear enough encounters with it equipped. Every Keepsake also has the same number of encounters to clear to level it up, and you will need approximately two full playthroughs per Keepsake to level it up entirely. As a result, it's in your best interest and most efficient to continually change your Keepsake every time you fully level up the one you're using. It will be tempting to keep good ones equipped, but if you do that you'll end up with a decent grind at the end of your completion just to level up Keepsakes. As soon as you're done leveling up a Keepsake, immediately switch to the next. Make sure you're always giving a Nectar to someone new so you always have a new Keepsake to level up. Once you reach max rank with all of the Keepsakes, you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Equip a Chthonic Companion

    Refer to Complete Set (25G) for unlocking all six Chthonic Companions. Once you unlock your first one, equip it at the same place you choose/equip your Keepsakes, and this achievement will unlock.
  • Earn all Chthonic Companions

    There are six Chthonic Companions to unlock, and this will be one of your last achievements in the game because a couple of them take quite a while to unlock. Here is a rundown on how to get each one.
    • Companion Battie - Megaera: You first need to max out your bond with Meg by giving her Nectar until you reach the locked heart. From there, you just need to have enough conversations with her after each escape attempt. Eventually, when you enter your bedroom she'll be waiting for you. After this conversation, the next time you see her in the House of Hades you will have the ability to gift her Ambrosia with rt.png instead of Nectar. Give her one Ambrosia and she'll give you her Companion
    • Companion Mort - Thanatos: Similar to Megaera, you need to max out your bond with Thanatos by giving him Nectar during the few times he shows up at the House of Hades, up until you reach his locked heart. Once that's done, you need to play runs until Thanatos shows up during an encounter. If you have him maxed with Nectar, after the encounter is over you'll be able to talk to him to progress his bond. Now, next time you find him at the House of Hades you'll be able to gift him an Ambrosia, which will result in him gifting you his Companion
    • Companion Rib - Skelly: First you'll need to max out his hearts with Nectar, like the others. You will also need to unlock at least four different weapon aspects (investing in the Aspect of Zagreus for weapons doesn't count, since it's already unlocked from the start). Eventually, after enough conversations, Skelly will tell you that he needs you to kill him with a fully upgraded Aspect of Zagreus Stygian Blade (and you'll also get a prophecy for this). You'll need to spend four Titan Blood on it to fully upgrade that Aspect. Then, equip it and kill him with it, which will trigger more dialogue. After that, you'll be able to gift him Ambrosia after your next run, which will result in him giving you his Companion.
    • Companion Shady - Sisyphus: Complete the 'End to Torment' prophecy. Refer to End to Torment (10G) for details on doing so. Completing this prophecy unlocks his hearts to allow you to further your bond with him. With that prophecy complete, you'll need to find him on another run, and this time you'll be able to gift him Ambrosia to get his Companion.
    • Companion Fidi - Dusa: Max out her hearts with Nectar to reach her locked heart. After enough conversations after runs, she'll talk about needing to renovate the Lounge (and you'll be given a prophecy for doing so). You now need to pay the Contractor for 12 different renovations in the Lounge. One must be cleaning up the mess Cerberus made (one of the first options), and you must have a rug put in (one of the cheaper options anyway). With that done, you'll need to talk to Dusa until you tell her that you redid the Lounge for her. With that done, you'll finally be able to gift her Ambrosia the next time you see her after a run, and you'll get her Companion.
    • Companion Antos - Achilles: this is the longest and most painful one to get. Complete the 'Divided by Death' prophecy to reunite Achilles and Patroclus. Refer to Divided by Death (10G) for doing so. Once it's complete, you'll have cleared the need for Achilles to remain in the House of Hades and he'll leave to find Patroclus. You then need to do runs of the game until you find Patroclus's room in Elysium. You'll find Achilles there with Patroclus. Talk to them, and Achilles's heart will unlock. Now, the next time you find Achilles in the House of Hades after a run, you'll finally be able to gift him Ambrosia to get his Companion.
  • Max any Weapon Aspect

    After you earn enough keys and unlock all six weapons, you can talk to Skelly and you'll then have access to see each weapon's Aspect (after taking a weapon, press rb.png on its shadow to see its Aspects). Every weapon has the Aspect of Zagreus, two more Aspects that need to be unlocked first with Titan Blood before you can upgrade them, and then a final hidden Weapon Aspect that you need to meet criteria to unlock. For this achievement, you need to max out any one Weapon Aspect on any weapon of your choosing. Two main options here:
    • Pick the one that you plan to use for your Heat 16 run for Skelly's Last Lamentations (75G) and max it out so you're ready for that run (assuming you haven't done that run by this point).
    • You will need to fully upgrade the Aspect of Zagreus for the Stygian Blade to obtain Skelly's Companion for Complete Set (25G), so you'll unlock this achievement in the process of obtaining all Chthonic Companions.
    Whichever approach you take, you'll need a bunch of Titan Blood to level up Weapon Aspects. You will unavoidably obtain 12 Titan Blood as you complete the requirements for Master of Arms (30G) and then another 10 Titan Blood when you turn in the 'Master of Arms' prophecy. That 22 Titan Blood is enough to do either of the two options above.
  • Unlock all Weapon Aspects

    Once you obtain enough keys to unlock all six weapons, you will have access to view and unlock Weapon Aspects - pick a weapon then press rb.png on its shadow to view that weapon's Aspects. Every weapon has four Weapon Aspects:
    1. Aspect of Zagreus - this is unlocked by default
    2. Weapon Aspect 1 - this requires 1 Titan Blood to unlock
    3. Weapon Aspect 2 - this requires 2 Titan Blood to unlock
    4. Hidden Aspect - this requires you to reveal it first, then spend 3 Titan Blood to unlock it. More info at the end of this solution on revealing all Hidden Aspects
    While that may already seem like a lot of Titan Blood needed to unlock all Weapon Aspects, the other catch is that every weapon's Hidden Aspect, aside from the Spear, requires you to spend 5 Titan Blood on upgrading (not unlocking) Weapon Aspects. So every weapon will require 5 Titan Blood invested to reveal the Hidden Aspect and then 6 Titan Blood to unlock all three Aspects, so 11 Titan Blood per weapon. With six total weapons minus the 5 not needed for the Spear, this equates to 61 Titan Blood required to unlock all Weapon Aspects for this achievement.

    While this may seem like a massive amount (and it is quite high), much of that will come from doing other achievements (i.e. completing prophecies and runs). For example:
    • The 'Master of Arms' prophect and its achievement Master of Arms (30G) require you to successfully escape with all six weapons. Each successful escape with a weapon grants you 1 Titan Blood from the first boss and 1 Titan Blood from the last boss. That equates to 12 Titan Blood for completing escapes with all six weapons. Then, turning in the prophecy rewards you with another 10 Titan Blood. So that's 22 Titan Blood right there. 
    • Completing War-God's Bloodlust (10G) and turning in the prophecy of the same name rewards you with 2 Titan Blood.
    • After giving Hermes 3 Nectar (which you will likely be doing as part of One for the Ages (25G)), he will give you a mission (and associated prophecy 'A Friendly Wager') for beating Charon in a fight two times in a row (but not in the same run). Refer to To Charon's Credit (30G) if you're unsure how to do this. Turning in that prophecy grants you 5 Titan Blood.
    • Completing 'Harsh Conditions' for its achievement Harsh Conditions (30G) rewards you with 15 Titan Blood.
    • The prophecy 'Wanton Ransacking' is for defeating all of the different minibosses in the game, across all playthroughs. This is virtually unavoidable and will almost assuredly happen naturally while working on everything else, and it rewards 3 Titan Blood.
    • Completing 'Dark Reflections' for its achievement Dark Reflections (10G) rewards you with 8 Titan Blood.
    • You'll be required to complete a run on Heat 16 for Skelly's Last Lamentations (75G), and you'll get another 2 Titan Blood on that run.
    This means you will unavoidably get 54 Titan Blood of the 61 Titan Blood needed, just by completing other achievements. The rest can be earned in a few different ways:
    • Complete runs on successively higher Heat to get 2 Titan Blood per run. For example, use whichever setup you used to clear Heat 16 and use it to clear Heats 1 through 6, which should be quite easy at that point.
    • Play through runs at Heat 0 (no Heat) and save your money the entire run, taking doors with Obol rewards each time, and when you reach Styx there is often a Titan Blood for sale for 1200 Obols. You will likely be able to afford this one on each run if you save up your money. 
    • If you're fast/lucky enough to catch a Sturgeon in Greece with your fishing rod, trading this to the Chef in the Lounge rewards you with a Titan Blood
    However you amass the Titan Blood, once you unlock all 18 Weapon Aspects across all six weapons, you'll unlock this achievement.

    Now, on to how to reveal the Hidden Aspect of each weapon.

    IMPORTANT: The Hidden Aspect for the Spear MUST be unlocked first before the other five Hidden Aspects can be unlocked. This is why I have listed it first. Also, as noted above, you must invest 5 Titan Blood into upgrading (not unlocking) Weapon Aspects to reveal each weapon's Hidden Aspect, except for the Spear. I have therefore not mentioned that in each section below.

    Spear - Aspect of Guan Yu
    • Purchase the 'Fated List of Minor Prophecies' from the Contractor
    • At least reach the final boss on any run, although you do not have to beat him
    • Unlock any five Weapon Aspects across all six weapons. All Aspects of Zagreus don't need to be unlocked, and you obviously won't have access to any Hidden Aspects yet, so you have two Aspects per weapon available for this, for 12 total, and you need to unlock any 5 of them
    • With those three things done, talk to Achilles after each run, and eventually he will give you a waking phrase. Go to the Courtyard, choose the Spear, then press rb.png on its shadow and you'll automatically speak the waking phrase and reveal the Hidden Aspect
    For the rest of the Hidden Aspects, you'll need to unlock the Aspect of Guan Yu above and also spend 5 Titan Blood on that specific weapon's Aspect upgrades. I therefore haven't included these two items in each below, but they must both be done before doing the steps below.

    Sword - Aspect of Arthur
    • Talk to Nyx after each run and she will eventually give you the waking phrase
    Shield - Aspect of Beowulf
    • Talk with Chaos (i.e. go down the portal and accept a boon from them) while using the Shield (any aspect). There is a chance they will speak some dialogue about you bearing an all-seeing artifact. This is guaranteed to happen, so it might take a few interactions
    • After you've had the above conversation, talk to Chaos again (this time it doesn't matter what weapon you're using) and they have a chance to give you the waking phrase. Again, this isn't guaranteed, so it might take a few runs for them to give you the phrase
    Bow - Aspect of Rama
    • Talk to Artemis (i.e. accept a boon from her) while using the Bow (any aspect). She has a chance to give you some dialogue where she compliments your "nice bow" you're using.
    • After you're had the above conversation, talk to Artemis again (weapon doesn't matter this time) and she again has a chance to give you the waking phrase
    Fists - Aspect of Gilgamesh
    • Must reach the miniboss fight in Elysium where you fight Asterius, the Minotaur, by himself while you're using the Fists. He will make a comment about you fighting him bare-fisted
    • Reach this fight again, this time with any weapon, and he has a chance to give you the waking phrase
    Rail - Aspect of Lucifer
    • Talk to Zeus (by accepting his boons, once per run) until he gives you the waking phrase
  • Choose 100 different Olympian Boon effects

    This achievement requires you to choose 100 different boons across all playthroughs. There are a total of 111 standard Olympian boons, plus 28 Duo Boons, for a total of 139 different Boon effects in the game. So while you don't need to use every single one of them, you do need to use most of them.

    I don't recommend worrying about this achievement until you've made decent progress in the game, as you'll likely be well over halfway done just from natural progression. Thankfully, there are a few things in the game that make this easy to track and complete.
    1. After giving each Olympian Nectar for the first time (which you'll be doing to get their Keepsakes for Something From Everyone (25G)), you'll also get a prophecy that tracks which boons from that Olympian God you've used. Unfortunately, to know how many out of 100 you've used, your only option is to add up the ones from each prophecy to calculate your total count.
    2. During runs, when you interact with a boon from an Olympian and you're given your three options to choose from, boons you haven't chosen yet across any playthroughs will be marked in two ways: there will be a little scroll icon in the upper left corner of the boon's banner, and when you highlight that boon, one of the popups on the right side of the screen will say Fated Choice, letting you know that boon contributes to an in-progress prophecy
    You could therefore prioritize boons with that symbol each time you have that option, just so you're always making progress towards this achievement. If you somehow manage to finish everything else and need to grind out this achievement, you can force boons from each Olympian God by equipping their Keepsake. For example, if you still have 10 unused boons from Demeter, equip Demeter's Keepsake before you start a run and you'll be guaranteed to get a boon from her right at the start. You can repeat this as many times as necessary with each God's Keepsake until you get enough unique boons to unlock this achievement.
  • Purge a Legendary Boon

    For this achievement, you'll need to get lucky enough to acquire a Legendary Boon during a run, and then, at the transition between regions (and sometimes during encounters) you need to interact with the red fountain to purge boons. You then also need to get lucky enough that, of the three boons randomly chosen to be able to purge, the legendary one is chosen. As a result, this can be a pretty tricky achievement to obtain.

    Thankfully, there is one virtually guaranteed way to obtain this, but it's only available once per save file. After obtaining the Rod of Fishing (to be able to catch fish), a few runs later, the first boon you are presented with on your run will be one from Poseidon, and its only option will be a legendary boon that improves the chance of fishing spots in each chamber. So you are essentially forced to take this legendary boon from Poseidon at the start of a random run after obtaining the fishing rod. Now, you spend all of Tartarus purposely not choosing doors with boons as rewards to minimize the number of boons you have equipped. That way, after beating the boss of Tartarus, when you get to the purge fountain you should be guaranteed to have Poseidon's legendary boon as an option to purge. Sell it, and you'll unlock this achievement.

    If you miss that opportunity, you're unfortunately going to need to rely on quite a bit of luck. Thankfully, there are a couple things you can do to improve your odds:
    1. Once you've unlocked the "light side" of the Mirror in your bedroom, the third option from the bottom, light side, when fully upgraded gives you a 10% chance of finding legendary (or duo) boons. Note that despite this seeming like a decent chance, I encountered around 3 legendary boons across over 30 runs, so they're still incredibly rare.
    2. If you find Eurydice in Asphodel, one of her options is to upgrade two random boons up one level of rarity. So if you just so happen to have a Heroic boon, it could get upgraded to legendary, and then you can try to purge it. Her third option is to improve the rarity of the next four boons you find, so this can also increase your chances of finding a legendary boon.
    Both of these options still require a ton of luck, and unfortunately those are the only known ways to improve your odds, and you're just forced to wait/get lucky and get a legendary boon, then purposely avoid getting more boons so you have a high likelihood to be able to purge the legendary one.
  • Choose 50 different Daedalus Hammer enchantments

    The requirements and tracking for this achievement are identical to Blessed by the Gods (15G), except for the Hammers you can find rather than boons. Each of the six weapons will have an associated prophecy for using all Hammer effects with that weapon, so you can track them that way, and just like with the boons, any Hammer effects you haven't chosen yet will have the small scroll icon and the Fated Choice text box on the right side. You just need to use 50 different ones across all six weapons.

    Unfortunately, unlike the boons where you could equip a Keepsake to force a boon from that God to spawn, there is no way to force a Hammer to spawn. There is a light-side Mirror trait that improves the chances of one spawning, but my personal experience was that a Hammer was likely going to spawn in Tartarus and another in Elysium, and using that Mirror trait didn't seem to do anything to improve those odds. As a resul, you're essentially forced to play with each of the six weapons until you've used most of the Hammer effects with each weapon. Once you've chosen 50 different ones, this achievement will unlock.
  • Unlock each of the Infernal Arms

    The Infernal Arms are the six different weapons available in the Courtyard. All of them (aside from the Sword you start with) are unlocked with keys. You'll only see four intially, and once you unlock all four, the fifth (the Fists) will become available to unlock after your next run. After unlocking the Fists, the sixth, the Rail, will become available to unlock after your next run.

    All are unlocked with keys. so simply choose encounters with key rewards until you amass enough to unlock each weapon, and you'll unlock all weapons and this achievement relatively early.
  • Forge a bond with any character

    This achievement requires you to reach maximum hearts with any character in the game. This will actually happen unavoidably while working on One for the Ages (25G), as you'll be required to forge a bond with at least five Olympians to progress the story.
  • Fully Unlock the Olympians' Codex entries

    There are nine Olympians in the game, and the Codex entries for all nine are fully unlocked by accepting enough boons from each God. If you press lb.png at any time while not in the middle of a fight, you can go to the Olympian Gods tab and scroll over each of the nine Gods. Each page will tell you how many more boons you need to accept from that God to complete that God's Codex entries. You can force more boons from a specific god by equipping that God's Keepsake. That way, every run you start will have a boon from that God.

    This achievement will likely unlock naturally on your way to completing all other achievements.
  • Trade 20 times with the Wretched Broker

    The Wretched Broker is the giant green creature on the right side of the Lounge whom you can trade with. For this achievement, you need to make a cumulative total of 20 trades with him.

    Early on in your escape attempts, you won't have any need to trade with him, since you'll need all of the resources you collect. However, once you've completed all of the Renovations offered by the Contractor under the Work Orders tab, you'll only be able to access more by paying two Diamonds, and all subsequent Work Orders cost Diamonds instead of Gemstones. The only other thing you need to spend Gemstones on are 12 Renovations in the Lounge to get Dusa's Companion (see Complete Set (25G) for more information). As a result, Gemstones will eventually become useless (you can still use them for cosmetic items in other rooms via the Contractor, but there is no need to). At that point, you'll want to trade your Gemstones to the Broker for keys. If you somehow haven't unlocked all weapons or all Mirror traits by that point, you can use those keys there, but otherwise you'll end up then trading in those keys for Nectar. Since you need a ton of Nectar for many prophecies required for achievements, you will end up doing dozens and dozens of trades with the Broker, trading Gemstones for keys, and then keys for Nectar, so this achievement will come naturally once you get to that part of your completion.
  • Pay for 50 jobs from the House Contractor

    The Contractor is sitting just to the right of Hades, and you can pay him to construct various things for you. This achievement requires you to pay for a cumulative total of 50 jobs. 

    At first, all of the jobs will cost Gemstones. You will be getting these as rewards from various chambers during playthroughs initially, but eventually you'll be getting them as rewards from completing some of the simpler prophecies, and also as rewards for turning in fish that you catch.

    While it may be tempting to look through the Contractor tabs to find the cheapest jobs to spend Gemstones on for this achievement, I highly recommend focusing on the jobs in the first, Work Orders, tab, because all of these jobs provide benefits that will make your runs easier, even if they are more expensive. Once you've done all of the Work Orders, you'll get an option to pay two Diamonds for more jobs. At that point, all jobs that give benefits to your run (Work Orders) cost Diamonds instead of Gemstones. You can therefore feel free to spend your Gemstones (which you'll start swimming in from completing varous prophecies) on cheap cosmetic items from the various other tabs to wrap up this achievement.

    A few other items to note:
    1. You will need to do 12 Lounge Renovations for Complete Set (25G), so be sure to prioritize those after the Underworld jobs are done.
    2. After doing some Renovations, you will get a prophecy to do 30 of them. Even though the prophecy completes at 30 jobs, it still tracks how many you've done if you scroll down to the completed prophecy (for example, it'll show 35/30 jobs done), so you can use that to see how close you are.
    3. This achievement didn't unlock for me until I closed out of the Contractor menu and went into my bedroom, so bear that in mind if you're spamming through jobs to complete many for this achievement.
  • Fulfill any 15 Prophecies

    The House Contractor, who sits next to Hades, will offer you a job for 20 Gemstones to commission the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. This essentially tracks all side quests in the game, and there are 55 available prophecies in the game. For this achievement, you need to complete any 15.

    You will actually need to complete at least 20 prophecies for other achievements in the game (many achievements, even if they don't say it in their descriptions, have prophecies for completing them as well), so this achievement will unlock naturally along the way to your completion.
  • Catch a fish from each region

    The first step for this achievement is obtaining the Rod of Fishing. To do so, you must make it to Styx (the fourth region) on a run at least once (don't need to actually complete a run), and then you need to commission the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the Contractor for 20 Gemstones. Once you've done both, a new job will be available from the Contractor, to commission the Rod of Fishing for one Diamond (which you would've received after defeating the Hydra on the run where you made it to Styx). Pay the Diamond and you'll be equipped with the fishing rod and can catch fish.

    Now on to how to fish. Every chamber with any sort of opening (in the middle of the chamber or along the edges) has a small chance to have a fishing spot. It's a glowing spot, and the image below shows what to look out for:

    You will also hear a distinctive ding when you clear a chamber with a fishing spot, indicating one is present. Once there are no more enemies, approach the fishing spot and press rb.png to fish. Now, wait for a bright light to flash up out of the "water" (ignore your float bobbing), and as soon as you see the light, press rb.png again to catch the fish. You'll more than likely miss the first time, but once you know what to look for, it's easy to catch a fish every time.

    For this achievement, you need to catch a fish in each of the five regions of the game:
    1. Tartarus
    2. Asphodel
    3. Elysium
    4. Styx
    5. Greece
    The Chaos realm is NOT needed for this achievement. And you do NOT need to catch a fish in each region in a single run; this achievement is cumulative.

    I found that fishing spots in Tartarus and Styx were quite common, and had no problems eventually finding one in Asphodel and Greece. For some reason, Elysium seemed the rarest. They are also the hardest to spot in Elysium since the glowing color blends in with the clouds, so utilize the distinctive ding. To help, between regions at the Wells of Charon, there is a chance that one of the items will guaranteed a fishing spot to spawn as soon as a chamber allows it. These are very cheap and can be used to guarantee one in a region.

    Once you've caught a fish in all five regions, this achievement will unlock.

    As a side note, if you're wondering what purpose fish serve, they can be given to the Chef in the Lounge, and he will give good resources as a reward for them.
  • Compel Orpheus to sing again

    The first step for this achievement is paying for the Work Order from the Contractor called 'Court Musician's Sentence.' This frees Orpheus and allows him to be sitting next to the Contractor most times you visit the House of Hades.

    Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to max your bond with Orpheus to get him to sing. Simply continue to talk to him after runs, and eventually when you return to the House of Hades after a run, you'll be greeted by music. Talk to Orpheus and this achievement will unlock.

    Note that, while this makes it sound quick and easy, expect to take make runs before Orpheus finally starts singing again (something like 20 to 30 runs).
  • Have at least one rank in each Mirror of Night Talent

    There are a total of 24 Mirror talents that you need to spend Darkness (the purple gems) on to rank up. After you spend enough keys to unlock all 12 talents on the "dark" side, you can then talk to Nyx after runs and she'll eventually grant you access to the "light" side of the Mirror. On the left side of each talent will be a button you can click on to flip that talent to its light side version. You also need to invest Darkness into each light side version of the talents to unlock this achievement. Some are quite expensive, but thankfully Darkness is very easy to come by - completing runs on Heat 0 after you've escaped the first time will net you at least 500 Darkness per run (rewards from all bosses combined), and with how many runs you'll be doing, you'll amass and spend tens of thousands of Darkness on the Mirror, likely maxing out the majority of the talents.
  • Fulfill the 'Night and Darkness' Prophecy

    This prophecy first requires you to raise your bond with Nyx and Chaos. Nyx is easy to find after each run since she's normally outside your bedroom, but finding Chaos is entirely reliant on a Chaos portal spawning during your playthrough. You'll need to give both of them Nectar until their hearts reach the locked heart. You will then also need to exhaust all conversations with them. Eventually they will both start talking about how they haven't seen each other for a while, and then eventually they will want to reunite. Continue conversing with them during/after each run, and eventually Nyx will mention that the Eldest Sigil in the Administrative Chamber needs to be repaired, allowing her to travel to Chaos to reunite. It is at this point that you finally actually get the 'Night and Darkness' prophecy added to your list.. Once she mentions this, after the next run you should have a new Work Order available with the Contractor. It will cost you 3142 Darkness to pay for this Work Order. Once you've amassed enough, pay for it and then talk to Nyx. She will say she's going to go visit Chaos. Now you need to play runs until you find another Chaos portal. Take it, and you will find Nyx standing at the edge of the platform. Talk to her to fulfill the prophecy. When you return to the House of Hades, turn in the prophecy to unlock this achievement.

    Note: While I summarized the relatively simple requirements of this achievement in one paragraph, be aware that it will take you somewhere in the range of 40-50 runs before you finally progress the dialogue with Nyx and Chaos enough to make this prophecy available, so expect this to be one of the last achievements you unlock.
  • Fulfill the 'Chthonic Colleagues' Prophecy

    This prophecy simply requires you to meet (talk to) all Gods listed on the 'Chthonic Gods' tab in your Codex; open the Codex with lb.png and go to the Chthonic Gods tab to track this. You simply need to reveal all names on that tab. Here is a list of all entries and where to find each:
    1. Hades - talk to him at his desk after any run
    2. Nyx - typically outside of your bedroom after each run
    3. Charon - found at his shop many times during each run
    4. Thanatos - after a random number of runs (typically 8-15), he will show up at the start of an encounter during a run
    5. Hypnos - always on the left of the hall as your enter the House of Hades
    6. Megaera - boss fight at the end of Tartarus
    7. Alecto - has a chance to be the boss at the end of Tartarus instead of Megaera
    8. Tisiphone - same as above
    9. Chaos - take a Chaos portal during any run and take the Chaos boon
    Thanatos, Alecto, and Tisiphone are the only ones that rely on some RNG, but within 10-15 runs you will definitely meet all three.
  • Fulfill the 'War-God's Bloodlust' Prophecy

    This prophecy is eventually given to you by Ares (who you "talk" to by accepting boons from him during a playthrough). You will need to give him Nectar at least a few times to increase your bond with him, and eventually, after many runs of accepting boons from him, he will tell you something about shedding blood for him, and finally this prophecy will be foretold and added to your list. The actual requirement is to get a cumulative total of 10,000 kills. The only way to track this amount is to construct the Scrying Pool in your Bedchambers via the Contractor. You can then interact with it between runs to see your total kill count. Once you've killed 10,000 enemies, you again need to accept Ares' boons until he remarks on how much blood you've shed, at which point this prophecy will be fulfilled. Turn it in to unlock this achievement.
  • Fulfill the 'End to Torment' Prophecy

    This prophecy involves freeing Sisyphus from his eternal torture. You will almost assuredly come across him in Tartarus during one of your early playthroughs, finding him and his boulder. For this prophecy, you'll need to give Nectar to Sisyphus to raise his bond until the locked heart, and you will also need to raise your bond with Nyx (which you need to do for multiple other prophecies and achievements anyway) and Megaera until the locked heart. Nyx is often outside your bedroom, and Megaera can often be found in the Lounge, but unfortunately, finding Sisyphus is entirely random during each run. Look for a door with an '!' above it in Tartarus, as this will always take you to Sisyphus. You will need to give him Nectar and talk to him to progress through all of his dialogue options.

    Once you've maxed him out on Nectar and progressed his dialogue enough, he'll eventually mention how he likes spending time with Bouldy, his boulder, and encourages you to also talk to Bouldy. At this point you will be able to talk to Bouldy and give Bouldy Nectar. I gave Bouldy only one or two Nectars before the remaining events triggered. You can give Bouldy a seemingly infinite amount of Nectar, but only one or two is necessary. You'll eventually be able to have a conversation with Megaera in the Lounge between runs then, where you talk about Sisyphus not deserving this punishment and wanting Meg to go easy on him. Some time after that, you'll be able to have a conversation with Nyx where she tells you where to find Sisyphus's pact in the Administrative Chamber. Head there and look for an interact icon near the scrolls on the shelves to find his pact. That will add a new Work Order with the Contractor. Head to the Contractor and there will be a Work Order called 'Knave-King's Sentence' that costs 4 Diamonds. Pay for this to free Sisyphus.

    Once you've paid for the Work Order, you now need to find Sisyphus on another run, where you can talk to him to tell him he's free. This fulfills the prophecy, and when you turn it in, this achievement will unlock.

    Note that when you find Sisyphus at the end to tell him he's free, you'll open up his locked heart and be able to gift him Ambrosia. Do so to earn his Companion, which is needed for Complete Set (25G).
  • Fulfill the 'Musician and Muse' Prophecy

    This prophecy first requires you to pay for the Work Order 'Court Musician's Sentence,' which frees Orpheus from solitary confinement. After runs, he will often be sitting to the right of Hades' desk.

    You now need to maximize your bond (up until the locked heart) with both Orpheus and Eurydice. As mentioned, Orpheus is found sitting near Hades. Eurydice is found in Asphodel, behind a door with an '!' above it. This is completely random as to whether you'll get an option for this door during a run, so it may take multiple runs to encounter her at all. For both of these characters, you'll need to give them Nectar to maximize your bond until you reach the locked heart. You will also need to raise your bond with Nyx. Continue to have conversations with both Orpheus and Eurydice, and they will continually talk about each other, songs, etc. Eventually you will be able to convince them to reunite, if only they can figure out how, and then you'll actually receive this prophecy. 

    Now you need to talk to Nyx after runs, and eventually you'll bring this situation up with her, and she'll tell you where to find the pact keeping Orpheus here, in the Administrative Chamber. Head inside it and to the interaction point by the scrolls on the shelves. Interacting with it adds a new Work Order to the Contractor. Head there, and pay for 'Singer's Gamble' to set Orpheus free. Talk to him (will likely need to do so after another run) to tell him he is free to go see Eurydice. Now you need to play runs until you find the Eurydice door in Asphodel. Enter it, and you'll find the two of them together. Talk to them to fulfill this prophecy. Turn in the prophecy when you return to the House of Hades and this achievement will unlock.
  • Fulfill the 'Divided by Death' Prophecy

    This is the longest prophecy in the game and will likely be one of your last achievements. In order to finish this prophecy, you'll need to complete both End to Torment (10G) and Musician and Muse (10G), but the majority can be done concurrently. I mention below when these two prophecies need to be completed.

    This prophecy requires you to maximize your bond with Achilles, Patroclus, and Nyx. Achilles is found to the left in the hallway of the House of Hades, and Nyx is normally outside your bedroom. Patroclue is only found in Elysium, behind a door with an '!' above it. This spawns randomly during runs, so it may take multiple runs to encounter Patroclus. You will need to give Nectar to all three people to raise your bond up to the locked heart. You then need to continually talk to Achilles (after each run) and Patroclus (every time you randomly find his door during runs) many, many times. They will talk about each other many times, through many lines of dialogue, all of which is required to further this prophecy. They will eventually talk about being buried with each other's ashes. After more conversations with both, Patroclus will eventually tell you to pass on a message to Achilles, telling him to "risk it all." This is getting close to the end. Talk to Achilles to pass on this message, and he will tell you he needs to think on it.

    To get past this point, you must complete End to Torment (10G) and Musician and Muse (10G). Once they're both done, talk to Achilles and he will eventually tell you that, because of your successes with eliminating those pacts, he is willing to take a risk on his own, and would like you to do the same for his pact. You now need to talk to Nyx (may take another run or more) to get her to tell you where Achilles' pact is in the Administrative Chamber. Once she tells you, head there and interact with the interaction point near the scrolls on the shelves to add a new Work Order to the Contractor, called 'Hero's Sacrifice.' Once you pay for this, talk to Achilles (likely after another run) to tell him he's now free to go see Patroclus. Now you need to play through to Elysium and hope to find Patroclus again in his room, where Achilles will be with him. Talk to them to fulfill the prophecy. Turn it in when you return to the House of Hades to unlock this achievement.

    Note that after you find them both in Elysium, Achilles will then return to the House of Hades. You can now gift him Ambrosia to receive his Companion, which is required for Complete Set (25G).
  • Fulfill the 'Dark Reflections' Prophecy

    This prophecy requires you to successfully escape while using each of the 24 different Mirror talents. Refer to Nyx's Mirror (25G) for unlocking access to and ranking up all 24 Mirror talents - 12 on the dark side and 12 on the light side.

    For this achievement, you need to use all 24 of the talents during successful escapes. You will likely use all 12 dark side talents in an escape first, especially because almost every dark talents is better than its light counterpart. With only the 12 light side talents remaining, you do NOT need to use them all in a single run (although you definitely could to minimize the number of escapes required). You just eventually need to use them all, so if you find that you're not confident with the light side talents, feel free to use them one at a time, using one light side talent per escape, until you've escaped with each of the light side talents.

    Really, the only light side talent that is likely to make it more difficult for most people is losing out on Death Defiance for Stubborn Defiance, and the main impact will likely be on the fight with Hades, for people who are used to getting revived more than once while fighting him. Thankfully there is one thing you can do to make this much easier: after completing Elysium, when you're in the hall between regions and can change your Keepsake, switch to the Lucky Tooth from Skelly, which essentially grants you a use of Death Defiance. This allows you to get revived twice during the Hades fight (once from Stubborn Defiance and once from the Lucky Tooth), so by the time you've cleared the other Mirror talents you should have enough skill and experience to manage the Hades fight with two revives.

    Once you've used all 24 talents during successful escapes, the prophecy will be fulfilled. Turn it in to unlock this achievement.
  • Fulfill the 'Harsh Conditions' Prophecy

    After successfully escaping for the first time, you'll gain access to the Pact of Punishment. This allows you, before starting each run, to enable conditions that make each run more difficult for you. There are 15 different conditions you can enable. This achievement requires you to successfully escape with each of the 15 conditions enabled. You do NOT need to have all 15 enabled on a single escape; you can do a single condition per escape, over 15 different successful escapes, to still meet the criteria.

    Most of the conditions just add a (relatively) minor change that won't really impact how you play, how you fight during encounters, etc. They will only make you play more conversatively, or heal more, or be more careful during encounters. There are a couple worth pointing out though:
    • Underworld Customs - this requires you to purge one boon after leaving each region. During your run with this enabled, always prioritize boon doors during each region to maximize the number of boons you have, so that purging one won't drastically impact your strength during your playthrough
    • Heightened Security - this one doesn't have much impact in Tartarus, but the magma in Asphodel can become very dangerous if you aren't careful. The traps in Elysium will do significant damage too, but the main thing to be very, very cautious of are the saws and blades in Styx. These will now do 90-100 damage per hit, and can kill you instantly in your health is low. Be very careful in the small chambers in Styx during this run, and prioritize health boosts everywhere you can
    • Tight Deadline - this will likely be the toughest one for most people, as you now have a nine minute time limit per region. Thankfully, you conserve any time you save. For example, if you complete Tartarus in seven minute, your two minutes carries over, and you have eleven minutes for Asphodel. You will need to take advantage of this, clearing Tartarus and Asphodel as fast as possible (since they're both relatively easy), because you may need more time for the Elysium boss fight, Styx could hurt your time depending on how many chambers it takes to find the Satyr sack, and you will want as much time as possible for the Hades fight. This run should focus on maximizing your strength in every way possible, via Keepsake, getting Poms from doors as much as possible, buying Well items to improve your strength, etc.
    After clearing a run with each of the 15 conditions enabled, turn the prophecy in to unlock this achievement.
  • Fulfill the 'Master of Arms' Prophecy

    This prophecy simply requires you to successfully escape while using each of the six weapons. 

    I recommend saving this achievement until after you've mastered one weapon and have gotten many other achievements. By then, you'll likely have your Mirror talents maxed out, will have many Weapon Aspects unlocked (or hopefully all of them), and will be much more skilled at the game and have experience will all enemies and bosses. 

    The main difficulty will be switching between close range combat and long range combat. For example, if your weapon of choice is the Sword, you'll likely not have any problems with your escapes using the Fists and the Shield since the play style doesn't change much. However, you may struggle with the Spear, which is quite slow in comparison, and the Bow and Rail will also feel slow and like you aren't able to get in close to enemies. The flip side is also true for those used to ranged fighting who then need to switch to getting in close and aren't use to it.

    This is why I recommend focusing on a particular weapon for most of the game and its achievements. By the time you're ready to try for escapes with all other weapons, you should have complete confidence in what each of the rooms and bosses are going to throw at you, so you have no problems avoiding their attacks, and can therefore plan your boons and your attacks accordingly. Is There No Escape? (50G) has tips and guidance on completing an escape successfully, and its content will apply to each weapon used for this achievement.

    Once you've escaped with all six weapons, turn the prophecy in to unlock this achievement.
  • Fulfill the 'Slashed Benefits' Prophecy

    After successfully escaping for the first time, you'll have access to the Pact of Punishment, which lets you add conditions to your playthrough to make it more challenging. For this achievement, you need to enable at least one rank of the Benefits Package condition. This condition gives all armored enemies during your playthrough an added perk. There are eight different possible perks the various armored enemies can have. To unlock this achievement, you must encounter each type of perk at least once across all playthroughs. It doesn't matter if you successfully escape during those playthroughs, just as long as you encounter each type of perk eventually. As a result, you can simply up this condition to the max rank to give all armored enemies three perks each, greatly increasing your chances of encountering every type of perk. Even if you don't progress far, simply start a new run and the armored enemies will have different perks.

    After encountering a few different perks, this 'Slashed Benefits' prophecy will initiate, allowing you to track which ones you've seen. You have no control over them though, so it's really just a matter of playing with Benefits Package enabled until this prophecy gets fulfilled. You'll then need to return to the House of Hades and collect your reward for completing the prophecy, at which point this achievement will unlock. 
  • Earn access to and enter the Administrative Chamber

    After around 30 or so escape attempts (this number is very approximate and can vary greatly, so don't assume it'll take exactly 30 since this is randomized), you will eventually get an objective upon entering your bedroom to go to bed. Doing so results in a dream where you are late for work and go to work in the Administrative Chamber. Complete the short dream sequence, and after it's over you'll have a job available from the Contractor to grant access to the Administrative Chamber for two Diamonds. Pay for this job, and then head inside to unlock this achievement. 
  • Complete the main quest in the story

    This achievement is unlocked by successfully escaping ten times. They don't need to be consecutive.

    Due to story reasons, your tenth escape (the one that unlocks this achievement) is much easier than all others. As a result, you should absolutely pair your tenth escape with your Heat 16 run for Skelly's Last Lamentations (75G). Refer to that achievement for setting up your Heat 16 run, and refer to Is There No Escape? (50G) for general tips on escaping successfully. 
  • Reach the epilogue of the story

    This achievement requires quite a bit of work. 

    Step 1: Complete the story. This means successfully escaping ten times total. This will bring Persephone down into the House of Hades and allow you to start increasing your bond with her and progressing dialogue. Refer to The Family Secret (100G) for completing the story. 

    Step 2A: Continue talking to Persephone after each run, as well as Hades, to progress the story more, discussing the Olympian gods and what will happen if they find out everything that happened. Eventually you will get the prophecy 'The Queen's Plan,' which requires you to get closer with the Olympian gods. 

    Step 2B: Start maxing your bond with all of the Olympian gods. Whenever you get a boon from one, gift that God Nectar before collecting the boon. You need to max out your bond with at least five Olympian gods, and you can work on this while doing the above steps. Once you've given a God enough Nectar such that their hearts are full and the next heart has a lock on it, you now need to meet a specific criteria to be able to progress that God's bond further. Once you fulfill the criteria, the lock heart will open, and you can then gift them Ambrosia to max their bond. The criteria for unlocking each God's heart is as follows:
    • Ares - with enough dialogue (meaning via picking up boons from him) he'll give you a Prophecy to amasss 10,000 cumulative kills. This is required for War-God's Bloodlust (10G). Once that's completed, you need to talk to him a few more times and his remaining heart will open up. 
    • Aphrodite - max out your bond with Megaera, Dusa, and Thanatos all the way, then talk to her until the heart unlocks. 
    • Athena - cycle through enough dialogue from her boons. 
    • ​​​​​Artemis - cycle through enough dialogue about her and her hunting partner from her boons. 
    • Demeter - not possible to max out before the epilogue is complete. 
    • Dionysius - max your bond with any six other characters, and gift a cumulative total of 10 Ambrosia across them all. 
    • Hermes - talk to him while wearing the fully leveled Lambent Plume (his keepsake) on around four separate playthroughs. 
    • ​​​​Zeus - cycle through enough dialogue with him and his boons while you have another God's boon already equipped. Need to do this with each other God's boon. 
    • Poseidon - catch a fish, then get a boon from him in the same run. Must catch the fish before you receive a single boon from him. 
    So Demeter isn't possible, and Artemis takes forever, and then I'd recommend not doing either Diomysius or Aphrodite, take your pick. Once you have your bond maxed with five of these gods, talk to Persephone and she'll trigger the end of the Prophecy and start a new one. 

    Step 3: With 'The Queen's Plan' completed, you'll receive 'Family Reunion' from Persephone immediately after. This simple prophecy tasks you with inviting all of the Olympian gods to a feast. You can play runs and hope for them to show up, or the faster method is just to equip a God's keepsake, start a run, grab their boon to invite them, kill yourself in the first encounter, then repeat for the other eight gods. I wasn't able to get Hermes to show up without going to Asphodel. Once you've invited all nine gods, talk to Persephone and Hades back in the House of Hades, and it'll start the feast and trigger the epilogue of the game, unlocking this achievement. 
  • Buy 9 'Well of Charon' items in one escape attempt

    Note that the items that Charon sells at his shop, the three items floating next to him, do NOT count for this achievement. The purchases must be from the purple Wells of Charon that are found randomly in chambers (available after completing the encounter) and always between regions.

    Since every Well always sells three items, and since there is always a Well between each region, you are guaranteed to see three Wells with a total of nine items for this achievement on every playthrough. If you are concerned about having enough money, on that playthrough purposely pick doors with Obols as a reward so you ensure you can afford all three items per each Well you come across. You are actually likely to come across 5-7 Wells per playthrough, so save your money and you should easily be able to afford nine items in a single playthrough. 
  • Get 30% bonus damage with the Pierced Butterfly

    The Pierced Butterfly is Thanatos's keepsake. You won't be able to obtain it until you complete a few escapes, at which point Thanatos will randomly show up during an encounter to help you. After that, he has a chance of randomly showing up in the House of Hades. He'll be over to the left past Achilles (to the left if facing Achilles). You'll need to give him one Nectar to get his keepsake.

    The Pierced Butterfly gives you +1% damage for every encounter you complete without taking damage. Before attempting this achievement, I highly recommend you equip and level up this keepsake, because at its max level it gives +2% bonus damage, lowering the requirements for this achievement from 30 encounters to 15. 

    This can be one of the tougher achievements in the game. My personal recommendation is to use the bow for this achievement, to keep as much distance between you and the enemies as possible, minimizing the likelihood of them hitting you. The Chiron bow is great for this, since your attack and then special can do a ton of damage from a distance. Rather than be aggressive, stay on the move away from enemies and only take shots when safe. For boons, finding one that deflects will be ideal for later encounters, especially in Asphodel, where enemies start shooting projectiles at you. Regarding the encounters where you need to survive for 45 seconds, don't fret. These can actually be quite easy to complete without taking damage. Simply don't kill any enemies. Just do a slow lap around the perimeter of the area, dashing when needed. Only a set number of enemies will spawn in, and you can simply dodge them and their attacks until time runs out. 

    While 15 encounters doesn't seem like much, it's essentially two entire regions of a playthrough, which is a lot and doesn't leave much room for error (especially since the encounters in Elysium are the hardest to complete without taking damage). You pretty much need to complete every Tartarus encounter without taking damage (and by the time you try for this, you should have enough experience to do this with relative ease). Just don't panic if you get a "survive for 45 seconds" chamber, and always choose an encounter instead of a door that leads to a shop, since that's a waste of a chamber. Don't worry if you don't manage the boss fights without taking damage, but plan to not unlock this achievement until at least the first couple chambers of Elysium. 

    Note: The small encounters in the Styx Temple don't count for the encounters for the Butterfly bonus, unfortunately. So you'll need to finish the requirements for this achievement by the time you finish Elysium. 
  • Get 20% dodge chance with the Lambent Plume

    The Lambent Plume is Hermes' keepsake. To get it, you'll need to gift one Nectar to Hermes when one of his boons spawn. He's pretty much guaranteed to have one on Asphodel.

    The Lambent Plume gives you +1% dodge chance for every encounter you clear quickly (there is no definitive number for the time limit, unfortunately). I highly recommend equipping it and leveling it up first, because its highest rank gives you a +1.2% dodge chance instead. This drops this achievement's requirements from 20 encounters down to 17. 

    In terms of completing encounters fast enough, you'll just need to be very aggressive, dashing from enemy to enemy and never retreating or hiding. My personal preference was the shield, but the sword and fists should be good choices too. The time limit seems to vary depending on the size of the encounter and number of enemies. I was able to get the bonus from it during the Fury fight, which obviously takes way longer than some of the first Tartarus encounters. Prioritize boons that improve your damage output (attack, special, dashes that do Hangover or drop Blade Rifts, etc.), wait until you have a lot of Mirror boosts, and you can even upgrade your weapon aspect to give you more bonuses. If you're struggling, consider changing your weapon, or just start over and hope for better boons or a good hammer upgrade. With the shield, I was just using dash strike and attack on every enemy (no special or cast) and I flew through every encounter. I boosted only my attack strength and dash strike strength. Don't bother with slow attacks. 

    Note: The small encounters in the Styx Temple don't count for the encounters for the Plume bonus, unfortunately. So you'll need to finish the requirements for this achievement by the time you finish Elysium. 
  • Beat Thanatos by 15 kills or more

    After around five or so successful escapes, eventually Thanatos will appear at the start of a random encounter during your playthrough. Once he does the first time, there is a decent chance he will appear once per playthrough during a random encounter in any of the first three regions. When he does show up, he will help you by also killing enemies, but will compete against you to see who gets more kills. He has two attacks, and neither of them can hurt you, so just ignore them - he will either mark and enemy with a scythe above them and they'll die after around five seconds, or he'll spawn a large purple circle on the ground and after around five seconds it'll kill all enemies within its radius. During these encounters, in the upper left corner of the screen with be a tally of how many kills each of you has gotten, and for this achievement, you need to have at least 15 more than him.

    The main luck involved with this achievement is that he appears during an encounter than has 15 or more enemies. He can often appear in Asphodel encounters that don't have at least 15 enemies. Thankfully, most of the time he shows up, there are enough enemies for this achievement. You will naturally need to be quite aggressive to ensure you kill 15 more enemies than him, since all of his attacks are one hit kills (albeit very slow ones). So as long as you move from enemy to enemy and can kill them relatively quickly, you should be able to manage more kills than him. If you don't, don't worry. You will have many opportunities to compete against Thanatos during the many playthroughs you'll be doing. 
  • Use Greater Call to invoke an Olympian's aid

    Refer to Bad Call (15G) for more information. This achievement will unlock while fulfilling its requirements. 
  • Use an Olympian's Greater Call against them in a Trial

    There is quite a bit of luck needed for this achievement. Here are the steps:
    1. Pick up boons as you progress through the game, and hope that one is an option for a God's Aid, where you can call for that God with rt.png during an encounter. Pick one as soon as you find one, and remember which God's Aid you have. 
    2. Continue to progress through the game, keeping an eye out for a chamber where the symbol above the door is two God symbols side by side. This indicates it's a chamber with a God Trial inside. Of the two God symbols pictured, one of them needs to be the God whose Aid you already have. Enter that chamber. 
    3. Start the trial by picking the boon of the God whose Aid you don't have. For example, if you have Zeus's Aid, and the two boons are Zeus and Athena, pick the Athena boon. You want to fight against the God whose Aid you have. 
    4. Now, during the ensuing encounter, you need to build up your God Gauge (yellow bar below your health) to its maximum. Once it's full, press rt.png to call for that God's Aid against that God, which will unlock this achievement. 
    Personally, I came across multiple instances where I had a God's Aid and then found a God Trial with that same God. The real problem is maxing out your God Gauge during the encounter. The problem is that the God Gauge only fills when either you take damage or you receive damage. There are a finite number of enemies per encounter, so you'll normally find that you'll kill all enemies and end the God Trial before you inflict enough total damage to fill your God Gauge. This happened to me at least five times. As far as I know, there are only three potential solutions:
    1. Let enemies damage you, and if you have enough uses of Death Defiance and enough total health, maybe you'll fill your God Gauge during the encounter. You may need to die a couple times for this to work. 
    2. Get lucky enough to also find a boon before the Trial that fills your God Gauge automatically. This adds another layer of luck that needs to be on your side, so it isn't too likely for this to happen to you. If you do get this boon too, simply dodge enemies while your God Gauge fills. 
    3. Get lucky enough that the applicable God Trial takes place in Elysium (rather than Tartarus or Asphodel). Reason being that the foot soldier enemies, which you kill and they turn into floating orbs, will eventually respawn if you don't destroy the orbs. You can therefore farm damage endlessly to fill your God Gauge. Kill a foot solider (sword, shield, or archer), then ignore the orb until he respawns, and repeat over and over until your God Gauge is full. 
    Each method relies on luck. The third method is the one I ended up having fall into place on a playthrough, but take advantage of whichever option presents itself to you first.
  • Slay Skelly 15 times

    Skelly is the skeleton training dummy in the Courtyard where your weapons and keepsakes are. Simply kill him with any weapon a cumulative total of 15 times across all visits to unlock this achievement. 
  • Pet Cerberus 10 times

    Cerberus is almost always located right next to Hades' desk in the House of Hades. Simply go up to him and press lt.png to pet him. Do this a cumulative total of 10 times across all visits to unlock this achievement. You can do them all in a row if you'd like.

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